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OAPEN-UK at UKSG Open Access Event May 2013


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This presentation provides an introduction to open access monographs, the issues and invites participants to join in an interactrive quiz to learn about the results from the OAPEN-UK project.

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OAPEN-UK at UKSG Open Access Event May 2013

  1. 1. Informed Decisions on the Future of OA Scholarly Monograph Publishing in HSS Caren Milloy , JISC Collections @oapenuk #oapenuk
  2. 2. 58 HSS titles: 2006 - 2011 Experimental Group (29 titles) OA with CC licence OAPEN Library Publishers website Institutional Repository Google Books (100%) Control Group (29 titles) Standard e-book agreements Publishers website E-book aggregators Google Books (10%) Print version available for sale E-book device friendly version available for sale Palgrave, T&F, UWP, LUP, Bloomsbury @oapenuk #oapenuk
  3. 3. The research programme 1.How policies, processes and mechanisms need to change in order to enable OA publication of monographs? 2.What are the measurable effects of a move to OA monographs? 3.How do perceptions of OA monograph publication change among participants during the project? @oapenuk #oapenuk
  4. 4. Research process Initiation OAPEN-UK Research Plan Year 1 11/12 Ellen Collins, Research Information Network Year 2 12/13 Year 3 13/14 project close 2015
  5. 5. WP1: Literature Review Literature Review V1 available and stay up to date with our Diigo Group: OAPEN-UK her-reading/
  6. 6. WP2. Annual Benchmarking Baseline survey will provide benchmark to measure how the perceptions and attitudes of project participants change over the course of the project Baseline results are available at: 2nd Benchmarking survey in progress now
  7. 7. WP3. Focus groups 1. Institutional representatives including librarians, institutional repository staff, research managers 2. Publishers 3. Learned Societies 4. Researchers (as both authors & readers) 5. E-book aggregators 6. Research Funders
  8. 8. WP4. In-depth surveys, interviews & case studies HSS Survey: 690 usable responses from HSS researchers ….quiz time
  9. 9. WP4. In-depth surveys, interviews & case studies Learned Society Case Studies 1. Royal Historical Society 2. Regional Studies Association Improve understanding of role of learned societies in monograph publishing and impact of OA on their business model and the service they provide to HSS
  10. 10. WP4. In-depth surveys, interviews & case studies Institutional Case Studies with 4 UK HEIs • Better understanding of the environment that researchers are operating within, policies and messages that they will be receiving from employers • Understanding challenges and potential blockages within institutions which may prevent successful implementation of OA monographs or policies about OA monographs
  11. 11. WP4. In-depth surveys, interviews & case studies Publisher Interviews with 8 – 10 publishers including OA and UPs • move beyond the publishers in the pilot to take account of the broader publishing environment • understanding the attitudes and processes that might prevent a viable open access monograph publishing route for researchers who want or need to take it • explore the possibility of Green OA for monographs
  12. 12. WP4. In-depth surveys, interviews & case studies Funder Interviews with HEFCE, AHRC, ESRC, Wellcome Trust, EU and NEH • ensure project remains agile in view of developing funder interest in this area • discuss and capture aspirations for OA monographs within policy developments • opportunity to reflect on processes for implementation
  13. 13. WP5. The Pilot • First year of data collected • Have some lessons learned to share: – Implementation issues re integrating OA into ‘traditional’ workflows – Discovery and transparency of OA content (metadata) – Supply chain issues (ONIX, Amazon)
  14. 14. WP10. Infographics Mapping the monograph publishing process from start to finish- a transparent view of activities of authors and publishers towards producing a monograph • address issues identified in WP3 about lack of clarity for different stakeholders about their relation to other stakeholders in the publishing process • identifies key differences between OA and traditional publishing processes • provides information for those considering setting up their own OA presses
  15. 15. WP11. A Guide to Creative Commons for HSS Authors An introductory guide for HSS researchers to creative commons, copyright and open access • Help increase awareness and understanding of CC • Help them make informed decisions • Based on the concerns raised in the HoL, BIS, LS letters, blogs and our research
  16. 16. Open Access Monographs in HSS Conference
  17. 17. Thank you & Further Info OAPEN-UK website: Caren Milloy Twitter: @oapenuk Twitter: @carenmilloy Diigo Group: OAPEN-UK @oapenuk #oapenuk