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How to Make a Workshop - Zinga


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How to Make a Workshop which can be used to educate adults in your target market or community. Designed for small business owners interested in educating their community and expanding their reach through sharing their story and skills. Use this workshop to plan a workshop, which is crucial to making sure your meet your goals, connect to your audience's needs, and have a clear plan for reaching your outcomes and learning goals. Use the quiz to know your workshop style.

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How to Make a Workshop - Zinga

  1. 1. How to Make a Workshop NOW
  2. 2. Why this Workshop? the workshop is a true space for humans to create, connect, and add to our collective brainpower for bring great change into the world. - Zinga
  3. 3. What’s in it for me? You speak directly to the person you want to serve Help others uncover problems they didn’t know they had Hone in on your message Help others get a preview of the value, knowledge, and experience you have Opens up opportunities to follow up Create opportunities to repurpose your content
  4. 4. Know Your Style
  5. 5. Visit 329216/workshop-style For a workshop style quiz
  6. 6. ACTIVITY What lessons or tools would they take away? What methods would I use? What tools do I need to do that? How will I know I made a difference? How will I keep them engaged? If I could offer a workshop that would bring your participants value, what would it be?
  7. 7. ADULTS & OUTCOMES A short, short primer on learning theory application
  8. 8. What Will They Take Away?
  9. 9. When we create clear, digestible outcomes we can immediately create a value connection between us and those we teach.
  10. 10. A learning outcome is a measurable objective that you aim to achieve by the end of your workshop ★ Students will identify one workshop topic you could offer to your community ★ Students will discuss and apply the learning outcome concept ★ Students will demonstrate their initial workshop plan with their peers
  11. 11. Methods and Tools Methods: In-person E-learning Problem-based Learning Blended learning Nonformal Tools Case-studies, role playing, discussions Classrooms, lectures, Experiential Games and simulation Writing and projects Freeform
  12. 12. Your Turn Define Your Goal | Set Outcomes | Choose a Method | Create an Outline
  13. 13. Take Aways What is one thing worked? What is one concept you’ll use again?
  14. 14. ThanksEmail for a 15 minute follow up Join
  15. 15. References Effective Adult Learning Northwest Center for Public Health How to Run a Great Workshop, - Nikki Sims 2011 Planning a Workshop - Mindtools