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Nyby at Xynteo conference 2017 Tomorrow's Welfare Society


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Can we solve large societal challenges by organizing ourselves differently? Welcome to Nyby.
Nyby is a digital tool that matches resources and needs in our society. Nyby makes it easy to ask for help, and easy to contribute. For everybody. Nyby connects people.
Nyby is an app, but we like to think of it as a new way of organizing the welfare society. Contact us at

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Nyby at Xynteo conference 2017 Tomorrow's Welfare Society

  1. 1. Welfare Model out of Balance
  2. 2. People are Resources
  3. 3. VS
  4. 4. Platforms Enable
 Tomorrow’s Welfare Society
  5. 5. We Work Together with Public, Private and Ideal Sector
  6. 6. What we Accomplish Together Sømløst samarbeid Welfare as public good Regulate public, private and ideal players Regulated labour life, in line with union preferences Increased user control and more resources available Reduced cost Same security and qualification Collaboration across silos Integration machine and citizenship
  7. 7. @yournyby Get started with Nyby in only 30 minutes