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Esther Mboggo-PDU on Monitor and control phase2


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Esther Mboggo-PDU on Monitor and control phase2

  1. 1. Kaplan Students of Project Management Community of Practice, PMI Certificate of Completion is hereby granted to: to certify that they have completed to satisfaction EstherEstherEstherEsther MboggoMboggoMboggoMboggo, 2788848, 2788848, 2788848, 2788848 PMI Processes for the True Beginner: PM Basics - Monitor & Control Phase Part 2 by Dr. Vijay Kanabar, PMP Granted: July 24, 2014 (PDN: 140724) Conferred by M. Jeffery Tyler, PMP, Kaplan StuPM CoP Faculty Sponsor Name, PMI Number 1 PDU