How to Hook (and Keep!) Digital Readers


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See real examples of publishers using website, social media, and email campaigns to hook new readers and keep regular readers engaged with their content.

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  • I’d talk about using your website to push website visitors to your digital magazine, adding a link to your magazine on your business cards and email signatures, putting ads in your print version advertising your digital edition, etc.
  • I’d say the things you were intending to say, just presenting the text in a way that’s easier to skim so they’re paying attention to what you say. I might also emphasize that this works well for clients who have paid or subscription models. There are additional methods for hooking readers without paid models.
  • These are templates Nxtbook created for our clients and blast out to their email lists
  • After hooking new or regular readers with your content, you have to keep them engaged with your content. Readers are becoming more and more tech-savvy. They’re aware of what their computers, tablets and mobile phones can do. If the content you provide should be able to match the expectations of the device. For instance, when they click on a link, they expect it to work. If you’re talking about a video, they expect to be able to click and play the video. Not to mention, they have come to expect videos and digital extras as standard to the digital experience. When serving up content, keeping readers happy means recognizing the difference between reading on a desktop and an iPhone. You should take a look at your audience, see what devices they use, and consider making content to fit that device. Just as you’re more likely to return to a place or activity that is exciting, so readers will respond to your content. If it’s exciting and delights them, they’ll keep turning the pages to see what comes up next. A digital edition isn’t like a website: readers will read page by page, getting exposed to new content they may have ignored on your website and ads they wouldn’t have been exposed to. But only if you make it interesting enough for them to keep reading. We’ll talk a little about how to do that in just a moment. Even if readers have a fabulous experience with their content, unless they can find you again, it’s all for naught. Make it easy for them to return, and you might find yourself with lifelong fans.
  • Talk about whatever you wanted to say about the Annual Report here
  • Talk about whatever you wanted to say about the Annual Report here
  • Videos are perfect for publishers to capture readers’ attention, provide additional content beyond the written word, and to keep readers engaged with the page. In a survey we took among readers, it proved to be the most popular digital extra with readers. Some readers even reported watching the videos or other digital extras even when they had no initial interest in the material on the page. This piece, for example, was created for occupational therapists in the UK. It has instructional videos which help to explain information, tell a story, and give testimonials. But to do video right, it has to be engaging and interesting to the reader. Nxtbook’s Creative Services Team can help consult or provide video editing services, but more on that later.
  • Video is also great for breaking down a lot of information into more manageable pieces. World Wildlife Fund, for example, has to inspire a lot of people to action to achieve their goals. In their digital edition, they include tons of video and slideshows, believing a picture really is worth a thousand words. They use the videos to tell stories that readers might not have otherwise taken the time to read. They’re strategic with their videos, always placing them near some call to action so readers who are inspired to act can do so right away.
  • Highly interactive animations are best if blended with the content. AAA Living uses animation on each page to keep readers engaging with the copy. For instance, this article shown here is entirely about teenagers’ risky driving habits. Instead of writing a 1,000 word article on the topic, however, they hid content behind the pictures so the reader has to click on each sign to read more. The sign swivels and pivots, so it looks like you’re reading the rest of the copy on the back of the sign.
  • This gets readers to engage with their digital magazine. It’s also an effective tool for getting readers to sit up and pay attention to your message. Rather than sitting back and letting the words wash over you, you must look at each sign, look what the picture could indicate, then read what the sign has on the back.
  • If tons of animations isn’t your thing, simple or “light” animations also keep readers’ attention and engage them with your content. The Business Magazine, for example, animates their cover to show readers they plan on using the technology right from the start. Publishers also ad a light animation to their advertisements to draw readers’ eyes to the adverts. The benefit of partnering with a digital publisher such as Nxtbook is that we have a lot of examples of publishers who are doing animation and advertising right, so we are able to consult with you and show you how to use animations to impress your advertisers and your readers alike. Also, we have an in-house Creative Services team to tackle your design questions, either just in a consult or in laying out and designing everything for you. That is what they did for the Camden Report we showed you earlier, though for other clients they create a design guide and the client takes it from there. It’s all in house, so you never need to worry about too many different people handling your project, or whether everyone is catching the vision for your publication.
  • The Business magazine also does something else right: it keeps readers’ experience in mind! They have a beautiful desktop digital edition, but they also have a native app available for the iPhone and iPad. So they use a landscape layout, and create animations that also play on mobile devices.
  • While gathering subscriptions, creating digital-friendly content, and hooking new readers, it’s key to remember that if you don’t have a way to make it easy for readers to find your content again, you’ve won the battle but lost the war. Email remains one of the primary ways publishers reliably deliver their digital editions to their readers. With a good email campaign, you can not only track what readers are regularly opening your content, you can also respond to readers who haven’t interacted with you in a while. … segue into social media’s place in distribution…
  • I think I’d tie in if the publisher has done their job in creating original and exciting content, readers will be more likely to share their content.
  • People are more likely to share content not just links (So make it easy for them!)
  • People are more likely to share content not just links (So make it easy for them!)
  • Create a page for your publication Post regularly Readers share content that show them in a good light Interact with readers, ask for ideas, test content Post exclusive content Use a photo to make your content stand out
  • Explaining the service to your audience part: Readers have already demonstrated an interest in the topic your publication covers. Whether it’s hair products, boat supplies, or marketing information, readers are obviously coming to you as a resource. If you partner with the advertisers that fit with your niche, you’ll be providing your readers with products they’ve already shown interest in. Interested readers make for happy advertisers. Consider that in a recent study of digital magazines on tablets, 59% of readers said they wanted to buy directly from the adverts, with 79% of readers saying they wanted to purchase products and services directly from editorial features. That’s a lot of opportunity for selling!
  • Business Plan on how to get the most from your Nxbook Support from UK based account manager Circulation Marketing Plan Multi-device Strategy Revenue Generation Ideas Nxt Steps
  • Business Plan on how to get the most from your Nxbook Support from UK based account manager Circulation Marketing Plan Multi-device Strategy Revenue Generation Ideas Nxt Steps
  • How to Hook (and Keep!) Digital Readers

    1. 1. From Start to Finish: How to Hook (and Keep!) Digital Readers Darren Fowler, Gavin Stark Nxtbook Media, EU Office
    2. 2. Introduction1. Protecting your content & restricting access2. Handling subscriptions3. Making use of apps, in-app purchasing and Newsstand4. Tips on Keeping Readers – including how to optimise your publications for the screen5. Hooking readers with social media posts6. How to get readers to share you content7. Your next steps – developing a digital business plan, circulation marketing, sponsorship & advertising options
    3. 3. The Start: Finding New Readers Promote! Promote! Promote!
    4. 4. The HookAllow your audience to preview some content for free• Establishes trust• Proves the quality of your content• Allows google to link to it• Enables readers to share articles with others
    5. 5. The Hook: How to offer a preview & hookreaders with some free contentTease new readers!Once new readers find you, give themjust enough content so they wantmore.Use a “preview” optionUse the content to build trust andconvince them to subscribe
    6. 6. Limited Access
    7. 7. Hook Current ReadersKeep readers returning by sending emails with teaser content linked to your digital edition
    8. 8. Keeping Readers• Readers expect the content to fit the medium (digital extras to match digital technology)• Keep reader experience in mind (screen sizes being the largest offender)• Content excites and delights• Making it easy to find your content again
    9. 9. Respect the Medium
    10. 10. Creative Layout
    11. 11. Video
    12. 12. Video
    13. 13. Animations
    14. 14. Animations
    15. 15. Animations
    16. 16. Reader Experience
    17. 17. Native App and Web AppThe strong emergence oftablets and smartphones,plus the acceleration of newapps being launched iscausing a revolution inpublishing companies, whichhave become multi-deviceinformation providers
    18. 18. Getting App ReadersIt might sound familiar, but… Promote! Promote! Promote!
    19. 19. Subscription Available Subscription Options visible after clicking Subscription bar
    20. 20. Reader confirms purchase, Readers who have purchased access outside of iTunes can login, those that want to purchase through iTunes, click on the Purchase button, then enter iTunes password
    21. 21. Reader will either clickon the Read button(online reading)or the Downloadbutton (offline reading)
    22. 22. Deliver your content reliably
    23. 23. Using Social Media for your Magazine•Treat social media as a news stand-another outlet for your content•Look at specialist blogs and forums thatcover your area•Announce new content with each newissue of your magazine•Post content regularly•Mix up your post titles on social mediasites•Get your whole team involved•Monitor where your readers are comingfrom (Adobe Omniture)
    24. 24. How to Get Your Audience to Share Your Content
    25. 25. How to Get Your Audience to Share Your Content Every Nxtbook page has a permalink and has a unique URLUse the Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest,Google+, LinkedIn toolbar buttonsBuild social media buttons at the end ofyour articles
    26. 26. Using Facebook Create a page for your publication Interact with your readers Post exclusive content
    27. 27. Using Pinterest•Fast growing social mediasite ideal for magazinepublishers•Create an account thenadd your links•Create a board for yourmagazine•Use screen shots of yourpages to create an imagefor your content•Upload pins of your contentregularly
    28. 28. Using Twitter•Always include a directlink back to your content•Use a shortener ( measure effectiveness•Post breaking news toencourage your followersto spread the word•Link directly to content inyour magazine•Mix in links to yourmagazine with otheritems
    29. 29. Using LinkedIn•Especially good for business andB2B titles•Find groups of users thatappreciate your content•Post relevant articles regularly•Seed your content usingpermalinks to individual articles•Readers will share cutting-edgecontent that makes them look likea thought leader
    30. 30. Monetising Your Audience• Having readers is important to keep your publication going: new readers = a stronger brand• Once you’ve established an audience that wants to interact with you, it’s time to make some money!• If done correctly, it’s a service to your audience as well as advertisers
    31. 31. Explore Sponsorship Opportunities
    32. 32. Sample sponsor
    33. 33. New positions to sell – inserts, gatefolds and bellybands
    34. 34. Extra options to offer advertisers
    35. 35. New levels of interactivity
    36. 36. Where to go next?We covered: • promoting free content to attract readers • creating content that utilizes the digital platform and excites readers •designing for the best reader experience •using social media •generating revenue with your digital edition
    37. 37. Where to go next?We can help: • email campaign • video creation and editing • custom design or design guide • social media campaign • revenue generation consultation • sales consultation with your sales or advertising staff • circulation strategy
    38. 38. Question Time Additional questions?Darren Fowler Gavin gstark@nxtbookmedia.com0161 839 1909 0161 839 1908