Emerging Ad Platforms in Digital Publishing


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Emerging Ad Platforms in Digital Publishing

  1. 1. Emerging Ad Platforms Native ads, immersive ads, web-in-page and more. Digital publishers have dreamed up some amazing ways to generate revenue. We'll look at the best examples here.
  2. 2. The Facts • You’re more likely to survive a plane crash than click a banner ad.- Solve Media • 60% of consumers do not remember the last display ad they saw, according to Online Media Daily • 50% of clicks on mobile ads are accidental. – GoldSpot Media
  3. 3. Native Ads • According to Marketing Week - Native advertising is tipped to become one of the most widely used ad formats within the next 12 years and magazine publishers are increasingly jumping on the native ad trend, offering advertisers new products and services that let them serve online ads that fit better with editorial content. • The lack of inventory has forced publishers to sell mobile advertising directly through ad networks in the past, but publishers are now pushing to work more closely with advertisers and open up new revenue channels from mobile.
  4. 4. • Publishers are now starting to understand the value of their inventory in forming more strategic relationships with advertisers. • “The longer we talk about magazine circulation. The more we will not be able to move on and turn that page. It’s just not relevant anymore. Publishers are in a position where they have got a lot of data and access to their subscribers and are starting to experiment more with how they use that insight. Its an area they can win [over other media channels].” Eve SamuelCamps, business director at Universal McCann
  5. 5. - Some display ads will run at launch due to demand from brands. According to Publishing director Lauren Holleyoake , Bauer will offer “innovative” native ad solutions across the site, offering readers “relevant content in the right place at the right time”. - Barcardi and H&M flagship sponsors
  6. 6. • Hearst’s native advertising products: – Video Playgroup - a platform which aggregates short form, themed video content into a single page that can then be served across multiple sites. – Social Live Stream - a rolling scroll that integrates live tweets, Pinterest pins and other social media posts onto a sponsored page around a theme. – Mobile Flipbook - an image-based mobile ad unit that highlights the top content on a site. Marketers receive placement in this unit, which drives traffic to a sponsored flipbook.
  7. 7. Trend Collage - a brand-specific Pinterest-style photo grid that allows brands to offer click-to-buy transactions
  8. 8. • Developing Story - a page which pairs content from an advertiser with a specific developing story.
  9. 9. • Formed an in-house agency dubbed Ngin to gain greater editorial insight of sponsored content. It also recently bought a stake in blogger network Handpicked Media that will see it increase its focus on content marketing as it looks to exploit the content produced by the network.
  10. 10. Web in Page(ClickSkip)
  11. 11. • The Premium Content Suite pairs the publisher’s editorial content with brands’ marketing messages in an ad unit optimised for mobile devices. It means those advertisers yet to optimise their inventory for smartphones can use IPC’s platform to create standalone mobile ads featuring videos, galleries, offers or a social feed. • Content in the suite can be accessed through QR codes on print ads, on-pack, point-of sale and banners.
  12. 12. IPC’s Inspired Conversations advertising proposition includes the following: • Amplify - a digital ad product that combines IPC’s editorial content with advertiser creative and “amplifies” it to a targeted audience of up to 40m consumers. • Catalyst - a marketing product developed in partnership with PeerIndex to let brands capitalise on the reach of IPC Media’s social channels. • Research - the publishing is conducting three research programs looking into how consumers are engaging with its brands across all channels
  13. 13. Caution • However, there are mounting concerns over a lack of standards and definitions. The Committee of Advertising Practice advisory panel has warned brands not to “camouflage” ads, while the UK Internet Advertising Bureau has formed a working group to look at selfregulation and guidelines.
  14. 14. http://nativeadvertising.com/#/leaderboard
  15. 15. Relevant Ads • Ad Choices • Will the right ads find your readers?
  16. 16. Niche Verticals • On developing niche verticals: The FT's regional intelligence vertical for China, for example, is marketed to people spending a lot of time on FT.com's unpaid China pages. – Digital supplement on subject with mutliple sponsors or one branded supplement