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Content Marketing Distribution Channels


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After your content marketing pieces have been created, you need a strong distribution strategy to make sure your content gets to your target audience.

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Content Marketing Distribution Channels

  1. 1. Content Marketing Channels Nxtbook Media
  2. 2. Digital Channels • Website – Your content house • Call to Action – Call, email, fill out a contact form • Additional calls to add – forms to access content • Goals met: inbound marketing, email marketing How to Play: Multiple types of content in an easy-to-navigate layout; blog; callout buttons for downloads
  3. 3. Digital Channels • Social Media – LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook • Call to action: click to website or place contact information at the bottom • Possible call to action: click to download full e-edition • Possible call to action: click through to dedicated landing page or form • Goals Met: Outbound marketing How to Play: Visual elements, keeping audience in mind, enticing and informative blurbs to drive engagement
  4. 4. A little more on social: – LinkedIn • Connect with target buyer personas via LinkedIn Groups – A gathering place for like-minded industry pros to come share and discuss industry topics – Also a great source for new content ideas How to Play: Check out groups your buyer personas have joined to find prospective buyers, buyers’ chief concerns, and to drop some expert advice No sales pitches!
  5. 5. A little more on social: – Google+ • Connect with target buyer personas via Google+ communities – Similar to a LinkedIn group in thought and strategy – Some say there’s a positive correlation between +1’s received in a community and being found on Google search How to Play: Comment on other people’s posts to show you’re more than a brand, and so people are more likely to trust you
  6. 6. Digital Channels • Email • Call to Action: reply to email, click to website, call • Additional call to action: click to download • Goals met: email marketing, outbound marketing How to Play: almost any kind of content plays well in email (be wary of video). Test with e-newsletters, full content pieces, and “thought of you” touches.
  7. 7. Digital Channels • Blog – This section would hold content meant to educate your audience • Searchable, uses categories or tags, has a way to jump to more content • Published regularly • Easily repurposed • Goals met: Inbound marketing, Email marketing (newsletter)
  8. 8. Print and Digital Channels • Trade Resources – Print: • Industry Magazine: guest publish an article, submit to an interview, advertise a rich piece of content – Goals met: Outbound Marketing – Digital: • Industry Sites: guest publish an article, write a blog piece for a key partner’s website, give a video response to another company’s post, post an article to an industry content aggregator – Goals met: Outbound Marketing
  9. 9. Face-to-Face Channels • Tradeshows/Live Events – overlooked resource – Sponsoring: bring content. Attending: bring quick access keys to content • Call to Action: take a print piece with you, go to our website • Additional Calls: give us your information • Goals met: outbound marketing How to Play: Promise you’ll deliver something for the small trade of their time and information. 2 page case study with eye-catching visuals, test your knowledge game with results online, etc
  10. 10. Print Channels • Print – Be very strategic and campaign-driven • Use print to promote an ongoing content campaign with strong calls to action. • Print can be anything: brochures, packaging, etc. – Requires website content to be up, pre-established visual theme, and strong call to action (as there are no metrics for print) – Requires active follow-up – Goals met: outbound marketing, keeping in front of current contacts