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Nvisage Company Profile


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Nvisage Company Profile

  1. 1.   An Introd Nv “ duction visage An “All our dream Trans ISO 9001 : 2 ms can come tr If we have lation 2008 Certifie rue – the courage to n (India ed Compan o pursue them. - Walt Disne     a) ny ” ey
  2. 2.           NNvisage Transl Com lation ( mpany P India) Profile
  3. 3. CCertificaations  An “ISO Member “DUNS N 9001 : 2 UD “Indian T & Brads Nvisage 2008” Ce DEM Germ Translat treet” Re Transl ertified Co any. tors Asso egistered C lation ( ompany by ociation” Company India) y ”. y.
  4. 4.     A         in e t s e e t le in O u About US Nvisa ntegrated an enables clien echnology, la ervices in al exhibitions, se each and eve • W • W • W • W Today, tr he global scen eader in the tra The Com ncluding Englis Our qualified a uses the approp S age Trans d the best tra ts to get spe anguages an l the langua minars, sympo ery client. We are an “ISO We are an “UDE We are an “Indi We are a “DUNS ranslation and nario. Keeping anslation and c mpany works w sh, Spanish, Fre nd friendly tea priate terminol slation (In anslation & int eedy, accura d e-business ages for all k osia, presenta O 9001: 2008” EM (Germany)” an Translators A S & BRADSTREET interpreting se this in mind, th content localiz with different l nch, German, am of translato ogy, carefully ndia) hereina terpreting serv ate and nativ collaboration kinds of tech ations, produc Certified Com ” Certified Com Association (I.T T” Registered C ervices are all th he Company w ation services. anguage pair Italian, Arabic ors, proofreade renders all the N after called vices at one p ve translation n. The Compa hnical and s ct launches, e mpany. mpany T.A.)” Certified Company with D he more essen was founded in rs and provide , Russian, Polish ers and style ed e nuances and visage the Compan place with a g n through a any also provi cientific con etc. etc. The C member D-U-N-S No. - tial for success n the year 201 e translation in h and Swedish ditors ensures t style, reads we Transl ny. The Com global service combination ides a transla gresses, even Company pay - 650604635 sful operation o 1 which is now to the most w as well as India hat your transl ell and is accur lation ( mpany offers e model. The C of process s ation and inte nts, conventi ys personal at of business of e w becoming an widely spoken an languages ation is of a hi rate. India) the fully Company strategies, rpretation ions, fairs, ttention to every size in n emerging languages and so on. igh quality,
  5. 5. N O O t c tr G S T T T Nvisage Our Miss Our mission is o our clients The Com certified transla ranslation, me Gas, Power Pla School Certifica Translation, Ma Thesis Translati Translation or a e Trans sion s to provide . mpany is capab ation in all of m dical translatio ant, Cement Pl ate Translation, arriage Card Tr ion, Tourism tr nything else. lation ( the industry’ ble of providin major world la on, technical t ant, Machines , Passport Trans ranslation, Dea ranslations, Tra (India) s highest qu g document tr nguages is ca translation, scie Installation, B slation, Marriag ath Certificate aining & E-lea uality translat ranslation of an apable of doin entific translati usiness Meetin ge Certificate T Translation, So arning Translat tion and loca ny size within th g the work on ion, manual, p ng, Conference Translation, Driv oftware Transla tion, Website alization serv he given time. n time of the d projects relating es, e-learning; ver Licenses Tra ation, Telecom Translation, Te vices at chea The profession documents suc g to: Steel Pla VISA Papers T anslation, Divo mmunications tr ender Translat aper cost nal team of ch as legal nt, Oil and Translation, orce Papers ranslations, tion, MSDS
  6. 6.             We consist senior very w help e maxim e believe th tently maint consultants ell. We com enterprises mize revenue       hat our clie tain high sta to bear on mprehend t explore ex e. nts' success andards for n every singl heir busines xtraordinary Nv s is our succ service to le project. ss specific re opportuni visage T cess. We b be always a We underst equirements ties, mana Transla believe in p able to brin tand our cli s. We live th ge and su ation (I professionali ng the best ents busine he way they ustain grow India) ism. We team of ss needs y live. We wth, and
  7. 7. • Translati • Interpre • Translite • Reverse • Voice – • Script Tr • Transcrip • Website • Localiza • Writing, • Desk To • Conten ion etation eration e Translation/ B Over anslation ption e Translation ation Editing & Prin p Publishing ( t Writing Back Translati ting D.T.P.) on NNvisage Transllation (India)
  8. 8. W A We Trans Almost all na slate ational, regiional and innternational N languages Nvisage of the glob Transl be. lation (India)
  9. 9. Nvisage Translation (India) List of Languages Afrikaans Bosnian Dutch Guarani Inuktitut Khmer (Cambodian) Kpelle Macedonian Albanian Bulgarian Esperanto Haitian Inupiak Khosian Kurdish Madurese Amharic Catalan Estonian Hakka Irish/ Irish(Gaelic) Khotanese Kurukh Makaton Arabic Cebuano Farsi/ Persian Hausa Israeli Kikuyu Kusaie Makasar Armenian Chechen Finnish Hebrew Italian Kinyarwanda Kutena Malagasy Azerbaijani Chewa Flemish Hmong Japanese Khirgiz Kyrgyz Malay Bahasa Chinese (Simplified/Traditional) French Hungarian Javanese Kirundi Lao Maltese Balochi Chuvash Fula Iban Kashubian Kiswahili Latin (Classic/Medival/ Neo) Mandingo Bangladeshi Creole Galican Icelandic Kawi Klington Latvian Mando Basque Croatian Georgian Igbo Kayah Komi Lettish Maninka Belarusian Czech German Ilocano Kazakh Kongo Lingala Mando – Malay Bemba Danish Greek Indonesian Khasi Korean Lithuanian Manx/ Manx Gaelic Ber Ber Dari Greenlandic Interlingua Khirghiz Kosraean Luxembourgish Marshallese
  10. 10. Nvisage Translation (India) Moldovan Polish Sorani Ukranian Malayalam Maithili Mongolian Portuguese/ Portuguese (Brazilian) Spanish Uzbek Marathi Manipuri/ Meitei/ Meithei Montenegrin Romanian Sudanese Valencian Nepali Santhali Naga Russian Swahili Vietnamese Oriya Sindhi Nvajo Sango Swedish Welsh Punjabi/ Gurumukhi Bengali Nepalese Sepedi Tagalog (Filipino) Wolof Rajasthani Bhojpuri Nigerian Serbian Tajik Xhosa Sanskrit Dogri Norwegian Serbo – Croatian Thai Yoruba Tamang Konkoni Oromiffa Sesotho Tibetan Zulu Tamil Kashmiri Oromo Sinhalese Tigrinia Assamese Telugu Pali Slovak Turkish Gujarati Urdu Persian Slovenian Turkmen Hindi Awadhi Philipino/ Filipino (Common) Somali Twi Kannada Dakhani
  11. 11. N R           Nvisage Regd. Office (+91 (+9 clien info e Trans e: Block R   1) – (11) – 22 91) – 989 nts@nvisagetr o@nvisagetra www lation ( R – 57 – C, D 58 4395 & (+ 9 998 24 w.Nvisag Nvisag Nvisag (India) ( Dilshad Ga 91) – (11) - 4 472 (Whats sales@nv careers@n getrans getrans getrans N NTI) rden, New 304 1761(Tel sapp/ Hike/ nvisagetrans.c s s visage Delhi – 110      efax) Viber) om com Transl 0095. India lation (India)