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Nu verusnew life-journal

  1. 1. Has the economy got you down? Areyou unemployed or underemployed?Or are you trading time for money byslaving away at a dead-end job that is robbingyou of your energy, self-confidence andtime freedom?A man named Michael Jareou wants tochange that. Jareou is living the Americandream, and he wants to offer you theopportunity to do so, too.Escape to AmericaJareou spent his youth in Al Nasiryah, Iraq.For years he endured the bitter hardships ofdaily life in Iraq while dreaming of a better lifein America. At age 17, Jareou left his familybehind and fled to America.Jareou faced many challenges with hisnew life in the United States as he struggledto learn English and assimilate into Americanculture. He enrolled at a prestigious universityand graduated at the top of his class with abachelor’s degree in electronics engineering.He later earned his master’s degree in projectmanagement.After completing his college education,Jareou started his own company, DigitalSecurity Network, which became one of thelargest electronic security companies in theUnited States.“My philosophy was that I left Iraq to escapea dictatorship, so I didn’t want to work a jobbecause I felt corporate America was like adictatorship, too,” says Jareou, who todayis Founder and CEO of NuVerus, a dynamic,young network marketing company.A Millionaire at Age 26In three and a half years, Jareou’sbusiness grew into one of the largest andmost successful security companies in theUnited States. He then sold his company toAmeritech, a Fortune 100 company. At theage of 26, Jareou was now a multimillionaire.Jareou then joined the network marketingindustry and within three short years heAre You Living YourDream Life?Continued on page 2Although most of us strive to eatwell, get enough sleep and exerciseregularly, the fact is we lead hectic,fast-paced lives. Not only are we starved fortime, our bodies are starved of the nutritionthey need for optimal wellness.The food we consume has an increasinglylower nutrient profile. If you’ve ever eatenin a fast-food restaurant, snacked on chips,purchased processed foods or eaten ready-made meals, you’ve consumed food thatcontains poor-quality ingredients, artificialadditives and preservatives, and unhealthyamounts of fats, sugars and salt.It’s not just what’s in our food that’salarming. What processed foods leave outhas just as much impact on your health.These foods do not contain the necessaryantioxidants we need in our daily diets.Vital NutritionThe amount of antioxidants in your bodyon a daily basis is directly proportional tohow long you live. People who get enough ofthese vital nutrients may be able to preventcommon illnesses such as cancer, heartdisease and osteoporosis.The need for antioxidants in today’s worldis a reality. Science now tells us that we need3,000 units of antioxidants on a daily basis tomaintain balance and health.These vital antioxidants come from wholefruits and vegetables. But if you’relike most of the population, yourarely consume five or moreservings of fruits and vegetablesevery day. How can we behealthy if we don’t consumethese vital nutrients from nature?Convenient SolutionIf you can’t seem to find thetime to purchase and preparehealthy meals, the next best thingis to drink them. Some of themost effective nutritional drinkson themarket containpurees ofwhole fruitsand vegetables. Suchwhole-food blends are brimming withantioxidants in aconvenient form.We need asolution to ourpoor diet and ourfailed system ofsupplementation.To obtain goodhealth and optimalnutrition, weneed a simplifiedapproach to our dietthat matches ourbusy lifestyle.Getting the NutrientsYou NeedNew LifeJournalVOL. 1 • ISSUE 1New Life Journal 1
  2. 2. became a multimillion-dollarearner with an organization ofthousands of people.“Once I got involved in networkmarketing, I made $40,000 myfirst month doing it in my sparetime,” Jareou says. “That was a bigbreakthrough for me. That got myattention. Then I realized this is agreat business and wondered howcome everybody wasn’t doing it.”In 2009, Jareou foundedNuVerus, an ambitious youngcompany enjoying tremendousgrowth and expansion. NuVerusstands for “new life” in Latin. It’sa fitting name for a company thatseeks to offer new beginningsand unlimited possibilities topeople from all walks of life.“I realized I needed to starta network marketing companymyself because I needed to sharemy story with the world,” Jareousays. “ I came to a country where Ididn’t know the language, I didn’tknow the culture and I was fromIraq—it doesn’t get any worse thanthat. If I can reach the Americandream, then why can’t you?”Achieving the DreamThrough NuVerus, Jareouteaches associates the same skills,life-lessons and know-how heused to achieve his own success.He is helping people realize theirdreams, accomplish goals and livea life far better than the one theyhad envisioned.“Michael [Jareou] believesif you help people fulfill theirdreams, in return they willhelp you achieve your own,”says NuVerus Chief OperatingOfficer Dr. Mike DeBord, “Ican tell you with 100 percentconviction that this man is goingto build NuVerus into a vastlysuccessful company.”Like Jareou, DeBord wasalso a successful networkmarketing distributor who mademore money in his part-timenetworking business than as achiropractor treating 50 patientsa day. “I think it’s vital for thecompany’s executives to havebeen on the distributor side tounderstand what associates gothrough,” DeBord says.Jareou knew he neededto build a solid corporatemanagement team that had bothpractical experience and a boldvision of the future. “With thepast success, experience andexpertise of the corporate team,NuVerus is now a successfulcompany with a bright future,”DeBord says.Above all else, Jareou wantsto accomplish NuVerus’s missionof offering health, prosperity andfreedom to associates. “The onlything between you and successis your mind and what you think,”he says. “If you change thatand believe in yourself, you canachieve your dreams.”Michael JareouFounder, Presidentand CEOAt age 17, Michael Jareouescaped the war in Iraq andcame to the US to buildhis entrepreneurial career.Michael started DigitalSecurity Network (DSN)in Chicago, and at the ageof 26, sold DSN to Ameritech. Soon afterward,Michael joined with Dr. Andrew Georgeson tofound the Physicians Wellness Group, which grewinto a multimillion-dollar marketing business thatsupplies physicians with natural preventativeproducts.Michael has been selected to the IllinoisEntrepreneur Hall of Fame and has been featuredon Fox News and CNN, and in Fortune magazine,the Chicago Tribune, The Dallas Morning News,the Daily Herald, the Los Angeles Times and manyother publications and news shows.Dr. Mike DeBordChief Operating Officer“Dr. Mike” was a successfulphysician for 10 years, havingone of the largest practicesin Ohio. Certified in SportsChiropractic and Nutrition,he treated many college andprofessional athletes. Dr.Mike joined his first network marketing companyin the early ’90s and quickly became a top-10distributor. His success allowed him to retire frommedicine. His Internet technology systems andtraining have helped thousands of networkersbecome successful.Scott BaustDirector of ITScott has worked formore than 22 years in theIT industry specializingin Web development,database management,distributed systemsand WAN (Wide AreaNetwork) network design/ management.Scott is an award-winning artist in 2D digitalanimation and traditional media. Scott wasthe lead technologist at United InteractiveTechnologies (UIT), a publicly tradedcompany in Delray Beach, Florida, where heoversaw a team of 13 developers and IT staffwho built one of the first online MLM/benefitsand services distribution companies.“Michael [Jareou] believes if you help peoplefulfill their dreams, in return they will helpyou achieve your own.” ­ —Dr. Mike DeBord,NuVerus Chief Operating OfficerContinued from page 1Meet THE NuVerus Executive teamAkram AlaniPresident of InternationalDevelopmentWith an advancededucational backgroundand more than 20 yearsof sales and marketingexperience with Fortune500 and internationalfashion companies, Akram Alani adds depth to anoutstanding team of dynamic business executivesat NuVerus. With an eye for design, distributionand branding, he has years of experience withnational and international brand launches fromconcept to completion. Alani is an award-winningsales leader with a unique understanding of andsense for customer demands and market trends.Peter KiepeSenior VP of Europeand EurasiaPeter Kiepe brings morethan 25 years of internationalbusiness development andprogressive managementexperience to NuVerus. Peterhas extensive experiencein the network marketingindustry. He has a proven track record for buildingnew organizations in global markets, and hasadditional valuable experience in establishing andmanaging operations and distribution. Peter will usehis deep practical understanding of internationaldirect sales to facilitate a successful launch ofNuVerus in Germany and Europe.RaymondCampbellSenior VP of NuVerusSouth AmericaRaymond Campbellcomes to NuVerus with over30 plus years of businessexperience in finance,mergers, acquisition, realestate and sales. During the past six years, hehas been involved in corporate management ofvarious network marketing companies. WhenMichael Jareou and Dr. Mike DeBord told himabout NuVerus and their plans for South America,he was definitely interested. After researchingthe company and their products, he was veryimpressed with the Medical Advisory Board, aswell as the science and research that goes intothe organizations unique products. He is now100 percent committed to heading up furtherexpansion into South America.Dr. Andrew GeorgesonVP of Product Researchand DevelopmentDr. Georgeson is certified by theAmerican Board of Surgery and is amember of the American College ofSurgeons. More recently, he helped pioneerthe development and use of minimallyinvasive vascular surgery. Dr. Georgeson hasbeen practicing general surgery for morethan 20 years and has been featured in national and internationalmedia. He is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and has incorporated Anti-Aging Medicine andRegenerative Medicine into his practice. He was also selected toserve as doctor at the 1994 FIFA World Cup.Dr. Julian E. BailesChairman of Medical Advisory BoardDr. Bailes is currently professorand chairman of the Department ofNeurological Surgery at the Universityof Chicago School of Medicine. For nineyears, he was a team physician for thePittsburgh Steelers and has been theneurological consultant for the NationalFootball League Players’ Association since 1993. He also iscurrently the medical director of the Center for Study of RetiredAthletes, in conjunction with WVU, the University of NorthCarolina, and the NFLPA. He has published more than 100scientific articles and has been featured on CNN, NBC, ABC,MSNBC and in many major national and international magazinesand newspapers.Paul StewartNational Director ofNuVerus CaribbeanWith many years in the networkmarketing industry, Paul Stewart is layingthe groundwork for the launching ofNuVerus in his native Trinidad and Tobagoand the Caribbean. Paul will not onlyachieve great success with NuVerus, hewill help thousands of people in the Caribbean to be part ofwhat he says will be “the greatest network marketing companyTrinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean has ever seen.”Patrick McGovernVP of NuVerus AsiaPatrick McGovern ("McGovern")has endeavored to foster cultural andeconomic goodwill between Asia and theUnited States for the past 20 years withmore than 150 trips to Asia for numeroustop tier clientele. He understandsthe individual tendencies and offerscompatible strategies to foreign enterprises wishing to conductaffairs within Asia. Mr. McGovern brings the experience and skillsnecessary to facilitate a successful launch of NuVerus into Asia.2 New Life Journal
  3. 3. The problem: Sciencenow tells us that weneed 3,000 units ofantioxidants on a daily basis tomaintain health and prevent thecell damage that leads to diseaseand aging.NuVerus created a solutionto this problem by developingits flagship nutritional product,NuVerus PLUS. This breakthroughnutritional drink contains powerfulantioxidants that help protectthe body from harmfulfree radicals that cancause disease. NuVerusPLUS has no chemicals,preservatives or addedsugar, and it is certifiedUSDA organic.Best of all, 2ounces of NuVerusPLUS provides 10,000 unitsof antioxidants (the amountof antioxidants found in morethan five servings of fruitsand vegetables) for premiumnutritional supplementation in aconvenient and delicious formula.Better Ingredients“NuVerus PLUS was created byblending black seed oil—Nigellasativa—with 19 other powerfulnutrients loaded with antioxidants,”says NuVerus Vice President ofResearch and Development DrewGeorgeson, M.D., whowas a surgeon for morethan 20 years and hasan extensive backgroundin medicine. “Theseadditional ingredientsinclude aloe vera, resveratrol,curcumin, açai berry, blueberry,pomegranate, green tea, noni,mangosteen, goji and more. Theseare phenomenal nutrients thatare backed by years of scientificresearch and data.”Ancient Wisdom,Modern ScienceToday, more and more medicalscientists and professionals arerecognizing the power of Nigellasativa, or black seed. Researchshows that black seed can bothstrengthen and stabilize theimmune system, and its potentialhealing and prevention power iscausing excitement throughoutthe medical industry. NuVerusalso offers a healthy alternativeto caffeine-laden energy drinks.NuVerus Energy will give youthe energy you are used to fromother energy products or yourmorning coffee—with a powerfulantioxidant boost but withoutthe jitters.DiscoveringBreakthroughNutritionWhile many nutritional products containonly one key ingredient, such as noni,mangosteen, etc., NuVerus PLUS includesmultiple organic superfoods, making it abreakthrough nutritional discovery.NuVerus has truly amazingproducts that have givenme great results. TheNuVerus Lift works so fastand effectively and lasts fora long time. NuVerus Energyis pure, natural and realenergy without the crash.I love NuVerus PLUS withall the superfood organicingredients from aroundthe world—all in one bottle.I always make sure I haveNuVerus products with mewherever I go, especiallyon the set. I stronglyrecommend NuVerusproducts as well as thebusiness opportunity!—Leilani SarelleHollywood ActressI call NuVerus PLUS “Thenectar of the gods!” Thecertified organic ingredientscombined in just one bottleare far superior to anythingelse available today. I’veexperienced a multitude ofbenefits: better digestion,improved focus, moreenergy and better sleep. Asan actress, appearance iseverything. I’m hooked forlife! Try NuVerus Skin Caretoo. They are truly amazing.Make all the NuVerusproducts part of yourdaily ritual!—Meilani Paul-HewettHollywood ActressNuVerus LifeThis great and uniqueproduct is the onlysuperfood with DHA™ fromalgae. NuVerus Life hasQ10 and many other greatingredients plus manybenefits for the brain, heartand eyes.NuVerus WeightManagementExtremely simple, powerful,yet convenient approachfor long-term weightmanagement and generalwell being. Each product inthe System is designed to:• Work in synergy to helpyou lose weight quicklyand effectively• Assist you in losing weightand help you maintain itfor life• Lose weight while stillenjoying the foods you loveNuVerus LeanUnlike traditional proteinpowders that are slower toabsorb into your system,Nuverus Lean is fast-actingand gives you the proteinyou need.NuVerus PureAn excellent source of fiber,NuVerus Pure helps youmaintain your digestivesystem naturally. Also helpsrestore digestive regularityand promotes normalfunction of the bowel.NuVerus TrimPowerful water-enhancingconcentrate that turns yourwater into a fat-burning tool24 hours a day! Helps burnfat more efficiently whileincreasing your metabolism.NuVerus Skin Care SystemA superior concept in skinrestoration that combinesancient wisdom with modernscience. Includes anti-agingpeptides to reduce the look offine lines and wrinkles, diminishage spots, even skin tone andincrease the elasticity anddensity of skin.NuVerus Skin Care System includes:NuVerus LiftNuVerus AgelessNuVerus BrightNuVerus EyesNuVerus Moisturizer SPF 30Cell Detox CleanserTurmeric ComplexBoosts skin’s defenses byminimizing damage from freeradicals to protect skin’s barrierand hydrating for a measurableimprovement in fine lines,wrinkles and firmness.Black Seed OilBlack seed oil (scientificname: Nigella sativa)is known aroundthe world andthroughout historyfor its restorative andmedicinal qualities.Even today black seedis commonly used infood, taken internally andused in high-quality skincare products.New Life Journal 3
  4. 4. Scientific StudiesNuVerus developed its line of breakthroughnutritional products through extensive research anddevelopment. Multiple clinical studies have beenconducted on the ingredients found in NuVerus’sproducts as well as on the products themselvesto ensure they are formulated with the highestindustry standards and cutting-edge science.“Clinical studies have been conducted on a lot ofthe ingredients in NuVerus PLUS,” says NuVerusVice President of Research and Development DrewGeorgeson, M.D. “For instance, there have beenmore than 200 published studies on black seedsince 1959. Also, there are multiple clinical studieson aloe vera and the science behind that.”NuVerus differentiates itself by the uniquequality and scientific foundation that supportsits products. At NuVerus, extensive testing isconducted to ensure that what the company putson its label is actually in the bottle.“We just had CAP-e testing completed on NuVerusPLUS,” Georgeson says. “CAP-e stands for Cell-based Antioxidant Protection in Erythrocytes.This test measures the ability of a product’santioxidants to protect cells in the body. Theresult of the CAP-e test for NuVerus PLUS was ascore of 48. That’s one of the highest results theindependent lab has ever measured.”World-Renowned Medicaladvisory boardOne of the first things Michael Jareou didwhen he founded NuVerus was to createa medical advisory board to ensure hiscompany’s products were formulated underthe direction of medical doctors.“It’s unique for a company to have suchqualified physicians like Dr. Julian Bailes aspart of their team of professionals,” saysNuVerus Vice President of Research andDevelopment Drew Georgeson, M.D., whoheads the medical advisory board. “Having amedical advisory board with doctors of thiscaliber is rare. You can have confidence thatour products are physician-developed and doctor approved.”NuVerus also works closely with doctors and healthcare professionals throughits doctor program. “Our doctor program is a way for doctors to learn fromour medical advisory board on the science and research of our nutritionalproducts and how they can implement them in their practice,” says NuVerusFounder and CEO Michael Jareou.The NuVerus medical advisory board is committed to helping people achieveoptimal health. “As physicians, we recognize that the biggest impact we canhave is by concentrating on prevention through proper nutrition,” Georgesonsays. “That’s why our medical advisory board is a big proponent of NuVerusproducts—because they deliver good nutrition.”Soaring ScoringHow does NuVerus know that NuVerus PLUScontains a high level of antioxidants? The companydetermined the nutritional drink’s “antioxidantquotient” by having it tested at an independent lab.“This test is called an ORAC score,” says NuVerusVice President of Research and Development DrewGeorgeson, M.D. “ORAC stands for Oxygen RadicalAbsorption Capacity, and it’s a method of measuringa product’s ability to neutralize free radicals.”The ORAC score in NuVerus PLUS is one of thehighest ever tested. “Thanks to black seed, NuVerusPLUS contains almost 8,500 units of antioxidantsper ounce,” Georgeson says. “This is more thantriple the ORAC score of many similar products onthe market.”Additionally, NuVerus PLUS is certified USDAorganic. “There are very strict criteria that needto be met in order to have that USDA organiccertification,” Georgeson says.NuVerus PLUSbenefits include:• Improved energy and focus• Ability to sleep at night• Reduced joint painand stiffness• Reduced appetite• Reduced digestivedisturbance• Improved quality of hair, skinand nails• Reduction in allergies, colds,and fluNuVerus Energybenefits include:• Delicious taste• Great energy that lastsmany  hours• No jitters• No caffeine crash• No problems sleepingDr. Drew Georgeson, M.D.NuVerus Vice President of Researchand Development4 New Life Journal
  5. 5. Looking for a way to boost your bottomline? Need some extra income? You’renot alone. In fact, today’s economy isforcing many Americans to devise a “Plan B,” oralternate source of income. No longer can theycount on employers to provide a steady anddependable source of income. Instead, they aretaking charge of their futures by becoming self-employed business owners.Starting Your Own BusinessIf you want to join the ranks of the self-employed, consider the NuVerus businessopportunity. Through this powerfulopportunity, you can earn residual income whilebuilding your own business in your spare time.The NuVerus business opportunity offersresidual income—money earned even whenyou’re not working—and requires a verymodest startupinvestment. YourNuVerus home-basedbusiness has a lowoverhead and doesn’trequire any specializedknowledge or training. In fact, NuVerus providesall the tools, systems and training needed to earnmoney immediately.As a NuVerus associate, you make your ownschedule and decide when and how you willwork. You earn money by referring NuVerus’sproducts to your friends, family membersand acquaintances.NuVerus pays commissions weekly, so youcan start earning money immediately. You caneven choose to apply your commissions towarda NuVerus MasterCard, which works like a debitcard, for convenient access to cash.The Time Is RightWhen it comes to network marketingcompanies, NuVerus is special. Founded in2009, the company is young and establishedbut only a small percentage of the populationknows about it. Thus,the timing is right to joinNuVerus, a company thatoffers a true ground-flooropportunity. How manytimes have you wishedyou were in the rightplace at the right time?The NuVeruscompensation plan—aptlynamed the prosperityplan—is unique. Althoughmany network marketingcompanies pay 35 to40 percent of their gross sales in commissionsto their associates, the NuVerus prosperity planpayout is a generous 50 percent.“With NuVerus, 50 percent of all sales areplaced in the compensation plan for theassociates,” says NuVerus Founder and CEOMichael Jareou. “This is one of those very bigfactors that set NuVerus apart. Many leaders inthis industry with experience and knowledgeof compensation plans have already joinedNuVerus for this reason.”There are 10 different commissions andbonuses available in the prosperity plan,including a fast start bonus. “When you refernew associatesyou make a faststart bonus whenthey place theirfirst order,” Jareousays. “This faststart bonus is paidweekly, so youdon’t have to waitlong for your firstcheck. Fast startbonuses enableyou to start yourbusiness andquickly becomeprofitable.”So, if theeconomy hastaught you that job security is a myth, nowis the time to take control of your financialdestiny by building your own business. Thanksto NuVerus, planning for prosperity is withinyour reach.Planning for Prosperity“This fast start bonus is paid weekly, so youdon’t have to wait long for your first check.”—Michael Jareou, NuVerus FounderFrom the very beginning,NuVerus has been attentive to myneeds, answered my questions andthey are very personable. Becauseof their support and a lot of hardwork, I was able to start climbingthe ladder of success very quickly,where I’m Enjoying, Sharing andProspering, and helping people todo the same.—Daniel BaptisteWe have always had a passionfor business and for people. WithNuVerus, we’re able to combine thetwo into a successful and fulfillingundertaking. Since we signed onwith NuVerus, we’re amazed at thecountless customer testimoniesof how the products are helpingimprove their health. And becauseof that our business is booming. Thebest thing to do when you get yourrecruits is to pour into them, buildthem up, and equip them to buildtheir own teams.—Tim Brenda JittuWhen I first started drinkingNuVerus PLUS a year and a halfago, I noticed a huge difference inmy sleep pattern within the firsttwo weeks. Then it dawned onme that the usual aches and painsI woke up with daily had startedto dissipate. I am very happy withthe results! Thank you NuVerus forcreating such an amazing product!—Richard PetrilloThe6Steps to Success1. Use all the products2. Share your products (sample)3. Share the opportunity tobuy wholesale4. Share the opportunity to buy retail5. Share the opportunity to prosper6. DuplicateNew Life Journal 5
  6. 6. When this opportunity was sharedwith me, I was ready to comeonboard immediately because ofthe ingredients in the product. Theproduct to me sells itself. I haveobserved higher energy levels, abetter sleep pattern and no more sickand tired feeling.Looking further into the company andthe marketing plan convinced me Ineeded to be a part of this company.As we Enjoy, Share and Prosper withNuVerus and its fabulous product line, I’m excited aboutthe possibility to receive the car bonus and all the otherbenefits of becoming a product of the product. —Noble JosephNuVerus has provided a wonderfulhealth benefit for me and my family.I am even more excited about thefinancial opportunity. NuVerus hasprovided a great extra income thathas helped me get out of debt. I amlooking forward to total financialfreedom and a luxury car bonus inthe near future. —Colson GilkesAfter speaking with Dr. DrewGeorgeson and Michael Jareou, Iwas convinced that NuVerus not onlyhad a great product but also wouldprovide me with the tools to start alucrative second business. In addition,my NuVerus business has providedme with a consistent four-figuremonthly income and new friendshipswith associates and customers fromaround the country. I am so glad tobe a part of a great company like NuVerus. It has genuinelychanged my life. —Craig KuhrThe moment I drank NuVerus Energy,I felt the energy instantly. Im a healthnut and dont consume energy drinks,but this is amazing because of allthe organic ingredients—it’s the onlyenergy drink I will take! Everythingabout this company and product isperfect, the NuVerus compensationplan, the people, and the healthbenefits. What more can I ask for?NuVerus is a blessing in my life andhope to change the lives of many people! This company isthe way to go! —Jeff ThomasI have been manufacturing nutritionalhealth and wellness products forover 30 years. I have made the bestproducts this industry has seen forsmall and large companies, but Ican say without any doubt that theNuVerus line of products are the best Ihave seen by far. I have NuVerus PLUSand NuVerus Energy in my refrigeratorand I use them every day. I see a greatfuture for NuVerus as an excitingbusiness opportunity! —Scott McKnight Co-Founder of the Alo Sciences FoundationI have been involved in networkmarketing for some time and in myopinion it is the vehicle to help youattain your dream life whatever thatmay be. In my many years in thisindustry, I have never seen a companylike NuVerus. Their unmatchedbusiness opportunity has changed mylife and I am finally achieving my goalsand dreams. I wake up every morningso excited to start my day knowing I’mnot only changing my life physically and financially, but I amalso changing the lives of others. This is all possible throughNuVerus. I am truly grateful to NuVerus and Michael Jareou! —Tracy RedmondI am very impressed with NuVerusand the unmatched superior productsthey have. As a doctor, I have beenintroduced to so many products,but nothing comes close to NuVerusproducts. Through sharing theseproducts with my friends and family, ithas allowed me to earn extra incomewith the opportunity that comesattached! With all the problems theeconomy is having on all industries,doctors included, NuVerus has been a godsend for me andother specialty doctors I know.It’s great to know that when I retire, I will be able toenjoy the residual income I earn with NuVerus. I stronglyrecommend NuVerus for their great products and wonderfulbusiness opportunity. —Dr. Leo LeinsI tried NuVerus PLUS andimmediately noticed differences inthe way I felt. For two years now,it has been a part of my daily lifeand an essential component of ahealthier way of living. NuVerusPLUS has allowed me to improve myoverall well-being and introduced anincreased vitality into my life. —Lisa McGovernWith over 20 years of experiencein the entertainment business Ihave produced, toured, created,merchandised, managed andtelevised some of the major talents ofthe decade. Since 2002, I have beenthe Director of Business Developmentand Creative Consultant forEddie Murphy Productions. Thisresponsibility requires me to be intune with the global entertainmentlandscape and thereby identifynew trends, opportunities, and the entertainment industrytransitional shifts. Given the current economic conditionsI believe that network marketing provides the bestopportunity for individuals to change their financial future.And I like what I see in NuVerus. It has a unique deliverysystem for its complete line of certified organic products,which harnesses the power of black seed. All of theproducts from skin care to liquid fiber, energy drinks, andweight loss are backed by third-party clinical studies. Iencourage others to try what I found to be potentially oneof the great trends for this upcoming decade. —Vernon LynchHear what other NuVerusdistributors are saying about thisamazing business opportunity.In their Own Words6 New Life Journal
  7. 7. NuVerus was launched in June of 2009, andthe first year was a huge success. Within afew months after the launch, people fromaround the world began contacting NuVerus. Theresponse has been so overwhelming that NuVerus hasbegun an aggressive international expansion.Soon there will be a NuVerus presence in Barbados,Colombia, Germany, Grenada, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia,Malaysia, the Philippines, Saint Lucia, Singapore, Thailand,Trinidad and Tobago, and the United Kingdom, in addition to theUnited States.NuVerus Founder and CEO Michael Jareou explains the company’sinternational expansion plan. “We are opening each continent from onecountry,” he says. “For example, in SouthAmerica, we are opening an office inColombia. We have a gentleman who’sin charge over there. For Europe, we arelaunching in Germany. In the Caribbean, wealready have an office established in Trinidadand Tobago. In Asia, we’re going to have officesin almost every country.”This exciting global expansion will enable NuVerus associates toembrace a true global opportunity with unlimited earning potential.“As we expand internationally, you will be able to earn a globalincome,” Jareou says. “The world has changed. Now, with theInternet, you could be sitting in your home in Akron, Ohio, and havean organization in Thailand or Malaysia. Whoever comes to join usnow could create a big organization worldwide.”Going for Global GrowthSuccessful NuVerus associates are paidhandsomely in both commissions and perks. Fromgenerous bonuses to expensive automobiles, NuVerusknows how to reward its associates generously.For instance, NuVerus has created an exclusiveautomobile incentive program to help motivateassociates to achieve success. The NuVerus carprogram enables associates to enjoy sheer drivingpleasure in a luxury-class car made with Europeanprecision and craftsmanship.Beemer BonusFrom the moment new associates sign on to build their home-basedbusiness, NuVerus incentivizes their success.“Once you reach $10,000 in sales, you qualifyfor a BMW allowance,” says NuVerus ChiefOperating Officer Dr. Mike DeBord, “NuVerus willpay you up to $1,200 for your monthly paymenton a BMW.”Whatever model you choose, you’ll love theone-of-a-kind luxury of driving a BMW. Justbe aware that once you experience the dailydelight in driving a car like this, you’ll be toospoiled to drive anything else!New Life Journal 7I wish to thank MichaelJareou and his greatNuVerus team foraffording me theopportunity of obtainingamazing health benefitsfrom the extraordinaryantioxidant superfoodsNuVerus PLUS andNuVerus ENERGY. Thankyou also for giving methe opportunity to owna super luxury car!—Stephen Isaac
  8. 8. Top Reasonsto Join NuVerusWhy should you start your own home-based business as a NuVerusindependent associate? Here are the top five reasons to join NuVerus:1. Your health: Achieve optimal health throughcutting-edge breakthrough nutritional products.2. Your money: Take advantage of a businessopportunity that requires very little startup capitaland has great potential for lucrative returns.3. Your security: Obtain financial security whilebeing your own boss.4. Your time: Develop timefreedom in your life to enjoy family,friends and travel on your terms.5. Your future: Take chargeof your tomorrows by joiningNuVerus today. You have littleto lose and everything to gain.No one is in control of yourhappiness but you. You are theonly person who has the powerto change your life for thebetter. You can do this!Come Join Us!The most powerful thing you can do is believe that your dreamsare within reach. The stronger your belief, the stronger your driveand determination are to get there.So what’s stopping you?In order to change your life for the better you must have aclear vision of what your dreams are. What matters to you? Beinghealthy? Enjoying your family and friends? Having the time and themoney to enjoy the finer things in life?NuVerus has created a system in which you can solve all theproblems of a traditional business. NuVerus is about helpingindividuals like you realize that your future lies in your own hands—you truly have the power to take control of your health and finances.NuVerus is the financial vehicle to achieve your dreams.So go ahead, make your dreams a reality. Don’t settle for surviving paycheck to paycheck while lifepasses you by. You have the power to change your life and the lives of others.This is an opportunity to help change your life. If you believe you can do it, you can do it. We havecreated the infrastructure and all of the resources you will need to help you to get to wherever you want.But it’s your choice. We hope you will join us!Sincerely,Michael JareouNuVerus Founder CEOFor more information about NuVerus, contact:GoingHollywoodNuVerus has partneredwith GMT Studios, one ofthe largest privately ownedmovie studios in Hollywood,to collaborate on futureprojects that will helpeducate the world on theneed for proper nutrition.To kick off theirrelationship, an event washeld at the GMT Studios inHollywood, where NuVerusleaders talked about theirproducts and the excitingbusiness opportunity.Footage of the event wasused to produce the DVDCritical Condition, which talksabout how people from allwalks of life are changingtheir fortunes with NuVerusHere are few photos fromthe event.8 New Life Journal“Mr. Jareou sees opportunity whereothers see anarchy.” —Chicago Tribune, 2003