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Nu verus product line brochure


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Nu verus product line brochure

  1. 1. NuVerus Weight ManagementAt NuVerus, we have rediscovered the wisdom of the ancients andcombined it with modern science in order to unlock a state-of-the-art Weight Management System. The NuVerus Weight ManagementSystem utilizes Super Foods including Black Seed and Curcumin ina total approach to losing weight, and then maintaining the weightyou desire.• NuVerus Lean for Healthy Protein• NuVerus Pure for Healthy Fiber• NuVerus Trim for Health Water EnhancementNuVerus combines new advancements in liquid Protein (Lean) and liquid Fiber (Pure) to deliver aneffective Doctor Developed Weight Management System that gets results. When you add NuVerus Trimto your daily water intake, you have a complete system for managing your weight.Why Black Seed and Curcumin:Black Seed has the ability to supplement a weight control diet, and can add further success bystrengthening the immune system, and facilitating digestion and metabolism which will assist in theeffective Weight Management System from NuVerus. The anti-inflammatory properties of Curcumin werefound in studies to prevent the maturation of fat cells as well as reduce the inflammation associated withthe development of obesity. Adding Curcumin with Black Seed in the Weight Management System fromNuVerus, creates a unique and powerful approach to health and weight loss that is unique to NuVerus.NuVerus LeanProteins are amazing molecules. They spark the chemical reactions that formthe basis for life, transmit signals in the body, identify and kill foreign invaders,and form the engines that make us move. For every task in a living organism,there is a protein designed to carry it out. 75% of your body’s solid part isprotein. Protein is not just for muscle development and increased strength.Protein also affects your skin, hair, nails, organs, hormones, bones and a lotmore. Protein keeps your immune system functioning properly and helps yourbody produce enzymes.Most mainstream diets today focus on increased protein and decreasedcarbohydrates. Shakes and Powders have been the trend. But there areproblems with these shakes and powders. They can contain carbs, lactose, andeven fat. Shakes and Powders can also create digestive problems. NuVerusLean solves this problem. NuVerus Lean is pure protein in pure liquid form.Mix NuVerus Lean with NuVerus Pure in 8 ounces of pure water.Benefits:• 15 grams of Proprietary Protein Blend in every bottle• A Complete Source of Protein containing Amino Acids (Essential & Non- Essential)• An Easy to Digest Protein Source when taken with Pure• No Carbs, lactose, or fat• Black Seed and Curcumin, Super Nutrients to make your diet work better. 2
  2. 2. NuVerus Weight ManagementNuVerus PureAdding fiber to your diet has many health benefits. It adds bulk to your digestivesystem, supporting more effective and faster digestive elimination times. Betterdigestion and elimination leads to a more effective weight loss program. NuVerususes Soluble fiber. Soluble Fiber has the benefit of promoting more effectiveelimination, and is also absorbed by the body to provide additional health benefitsincluding assisting the body to maintain healthy glucose, serum cholesterol andtriglyceride levels.NuVerus uses Larch Arabinogalactan as the main dietary soluble fiber. LarchArabinogalactan is actively fermented by the microflora in the intestines. It is thisfermentation process that enables Larch Arabinogalactan to increase the amountof beneficial anaerobes and short-chain fatty acids in different locations along theintestinal tract. Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus are among the most critical andbeneficial of all the anaerobes produced.Mix NuVerus Pure with NuVerus Lean in 8 ounces of pure water.Benefits:• Liquid Soluble Fiber to assist in digestion and elimination• The Fiber in Pure also helps the body to maintain healthy glucose, serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels• Larch Arabinogalactan helps promote healthy intestinal bacteria.• Black Seed and Curcumin, Super Nutrients to make your diet work better.NuVerus TrimNuVerus Trim utilizes a new formulation of Super Foods to create a new approach to water. NuVerusTrim is simple to use, just add a few drops to your water for a delicious, refreshing, health benefitingbeverage.Trim contains Black Seed, Black Currant, Green Tea & Cayenne. These Super Foods will assist inappetite suppression, energy, and an overall boost to your weight managementprogram. Trim is the first water enhancement product to contain these beneficialSuperFoods.Water is essential to everyone . . . unfortunately very few of us drink enough of it.Lack of water in the diet can add to weight management problems. Compoundingthe problem is our over-consumption of high calorie or empty calorie beverages.The average individual drinks about 450 calories daily. When you add Trim to yourwater, with the natural sweetener (stevia), you get a delicious and refreshing, nocarbs, no calorie beverage.Using Trim to naturally flavor your water is a smart healthy choice:• When you enjoy drinking water with Trim, you will naturally consume more water, which will enhance your weight management program and your health.• No carbs and no calories means this beverage is great for reducing caloric intake.• Using natural stevia does not increase blood sugar levels and makes water with Trim taste great.• Black Seed, Black Currant, Green Tea & Cayenne - Super Nutrients to make your diet work better. The information contained herein has not, to NuVerus’ knowledge, been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. does not sell or market its products with intent to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any specific disease or class of diseases. 3
  3. 3. The NuVerus Plus™ StoryAncient civilizations were known for their wisdom and their ability to unlocknature’s secrets. They understood the intrinsic power of natural healerslike Nigella Sativa, Aloe Vera, Curcumin, Grape Seed Extract (Resveratrol),Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Noni, Acai, Green Tea, Blueberry, Goji, BlackCurrant, and Quercetin. At NuVerus, we have rediscovered the wisdom of theancients and combined it with modern science in order to unlock the secret tooptimal health and wellness. We call it NuVerus Plus™.A new kind of SuperFood geared toward today’s lifestyles.NuVerus Plus not only tastes great and provides pure energy, it also containspowerful antioxidants that help protect the body from harmful free radicals thatcan cause disease. The key ingredient is Nigella Sativa, more commonly knownas Black Seed. For centuries, the health benefits of Black Seed could only berealized through pill or oil form. Not anymore. Through advanced researchand technology, NuVerus has extracted the most important components ofBlack Seed and formulated it to work together with all of NuVerus Plus’s otheringredients to make it the most comprehensive and unique wellness drinkavailable today. It is the perfect blend of nature’s power, ancient wisdom, andmodern science.NuVerus Plus is delicious. Just ask the kids who drink it every day. Just ask theHollywood Celebrities and athletes around the world who are drinking it everyday as well as 1000’s of other satisfied people of all ages who have discoveredNuVerus Plus. What are people saying about NuVerus Plus? People arereporting improvements in: energy and focus, ability to sleep at night, reducedjoint pain and stiffness, reduced digestive disturbance, improved quality of hair-skin-nails, improvements in allergies-colds-flus, and much more!NuVerus Plus is Doctor Approved. The Medical Advisory Board of world renowned physicians atNuVerus not only recommends you drink NuVerus Plus, they developed and tested NuVerus Plus.NuVerus Plus is Certified Organic.NuVerus Plus contains no added sugar and no preservatives.NuVerus Plus is loaded with antioxidants. Certified Testing shows thateach ounce of NuVerus Plus, that you consume contains almost 9000units of antioxidants, or the equivalent of consuming 9 servings of fruits &vegetables. Certified Testing on live red blood cells, CAP-e Testing, showsthat NuVerus prevents Free Radical Damage at the cellular level . . . ithelps extend the life of your cells!Why should you drink NuVerus Plus? For daily antioxidantsupplementation to protect your cells. Unless you are consuming 6 ormore servings of organic fresh fruits and vegetables daily, you are notgetting the daily supply of vital nutrients and antioxidants that Doctorsrecommend. 4
  4. 4. The NuVerus Life™ Story NuVerus Life is the first product of its kind to provide your daily DHA Omega needs as well as you daily Anti-oxidant needs. DHA omega-3 is naturally found throughout the body and is most abundant in the brain, eyes and heart. DHA is critical for healthy brain and eye development and has been shown to support heart health from infancy through adulthood. DHA serves as a primary building block for the brain and the eye. Just as calcium is essential for building strong bones, DHA ensures that the cells in the brain, eye, heart, and other parts of the nervous system develop and function properly. In order to ensure optimal development and function, we must continuously replenish the DHA in our bodies by getting enough of this important fatty acid in our diets. DHA is necessary for: • For mothers-to-be, DHA can help support a healthy pregnancy. • For infants, DHA is important for brain and eye development. • For children, DHA is important for ongoing brain and eye development. • For adults, DHA supports brain, eye & heart health. DHA in the Diet Numerous scientific studies confirm that everyone, from infants to adults, benefits from an adequate supply of DHA in the diet. Yet, despite its importance, most Americans seldom get enough DHA from the foods they eat. Although the human body can convert a limited amount of DHA, from alpha-linolenic acid in our body, this process is inefficient. As awareness of the importance of DHA grows, more attention is being paid to the fact that the average American diet does not contain healthy levels of DHA. In fact, the typical American diet contains less than 100mg DHA/day. This is well below what experts recommend that adults consume, which is 220mg DHA per day. NuVerus Life provides the daily Omega DHA that you need utilizing Life’s DHA™. Life’s DHA™ is a pure vegetarian source of DHA from Algae. It’s produced, from start to finish, in an FDA-inspected facility with controls in place to ensure the highest quality. And because it is not from fish, there is no risk of ocean-borne pollutants. Life’s DHA™ comes from a source that has not been genetically modified and is both Kosher and Halal. Rich in Anti-Oxidants NuVerus Life also contains anti-oxidants from Organic Super Juices to provide additional nutrition that is needed on a daily basis. Antioxidants are substances that may protect your cells against the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules produced when your body breaks down food, or by environmental exposures like tobacco, smoke and radiation. Free radicals can damage cells, and may play a role in heart disease, cancer and other a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases. The information contained herein has not, to NuVerus’ knowledge, been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. does not sell or market its products with intent to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any specific disease or class of diseases. 5
  5. 5. NuVerus Skin Care SystemAncient civilizations were known for theirwisdom and their ability to unlock nature’ssecrets. They understood the intrinsic powerof natural healers like Black Seed (NigellaSativa) and Curcumin. At NuVerus, we haverediscovered the wisdom of the ancients andcombined it with modern science in orderto unlock the secret to beautiful skin. TheNuVerus Skin Care System is a total approachto beautiful skin.NuVerus Ageless SerumA breakthrough repair product that helpsskin look younger and act younger. UtilizesNuVerus specialized formula of Black Seed andCurcumin. Dramatically restores mature skin bygiving it back what it’s lost over time.NuVerus LiftTriple-action peptide complex that tightens skin by providing the optimal environment for the epidermisto reinforce the cohesion of the dermal-epidermal junction. Utilizes NuVerus specialized formula of BlackSeed and Curcumin.NuVerus BrightInfuses skin with a scientifically advanced blend of ingredientsto visibly tighten and firm skin, improve skin tone and clarity andadd density to fragile skin. Utilizes NuVerus specialized formulaof Black Seed and Curcumin. This advanced protective daytimemoisturizer ensures bright, comfortable skin with a beautifulluminous finish all day.NuVerus Moisturizer SPF-30Protect skin against UV damage (SPF 30) with a comfortingmoisturizing cream for your daily skin hydration needs. UtilizesNuVerus specialized formula of Black Seed and Curcumin.NuVerus EyesA refreshing eye cream to address dark circles and/or the firstsigns of lines. Utilizes NuVerus specialized formula of BlackSeed, Curcumin, and Blue Ginger PFA. These three powerfulingredients, combined with vitamins and minerals, deliver anongoing boost of energy to help counteract signs of fatigue inthe vulnerable eye area.NuVerus Cleanse / DetoxAdvanced Cleansing Formula that removes dirt andenvironmental toxins from the skin. Utilizes NuVerus specializedformula of Black Seed and Curcumin. 6
  6. 6. The NuVerus energy™ StoryNuVerus energy combines ancient wisdom with modern science for a new kindof Antioxidant SuperFood Energy Drink. NuVerus energy will give you theenergy you are used to from other energy products or your morning coffee.But that is where the similarities end.The Power of Green Tea Caffeine in NuVerus energyThere are many fortified energy drink products on the market today. Manyof us, including our youth, spend hours surfing the net or watching TV whileconsuming several energy drinks per day. Why should we be concernedabout this new variety of mental stimulant? A cup or two of coffee everyday has never caused serious health effects. The big difference relates towhere the buzz comes from: natural coffee caffeine vs. laboratory producedsynthetic caffeine.This new market of energy drinks is made with synthetic caffeine. Syntheticcaffeine is much more potent. All of the natural and organic substances thatcome with the natural caffeine sources do not exist with factory producedsynthetic caffeine. Synthetic caffeine is absorbed quickly by the body.Natural products like Green Tea caffeine, on the other hand, are absorbedmore slowly by the body. They are also less concentrated and therefore lesstoxic than synthetic caffeine. There are many advantages with the naturalversion of caffeine in Green Tea. The duration of the increased mental clarity willbe longer. Instead of the instant buzz you get from most energy drinks and then the inevitable crash,you get a prolonged feeling of alertness for many hours, and the effect eventually wears off gradually.Another benefit occurs over the medium and long term. Continuous usage of synthetic caffeine tendsto over saturate the nervous system which can lead to bigger problems. With Green Tea caffeineour circulatory and elimination systems can easily eliminate this natural caffeine without taxing thenervous system.Energy OverviewNuVerus energy contains SuperFoods for optimal health including: Black Seed Oil, Grape Skin Extract,and Quercetin. For centuries, the health benefits of Black Seed could only be realized through pill oroil form. Not anymore. Through advanced research and technology, NuVerus has extracted the mostimportant components of Black Seed and formulated it to work together with all of NuVerus energy’sother ingredients.NuVerus energy is made with Organic Juices including: Blueberry, Pomegranate, Noni, Apple, Pear,Grape and Cherry.NuVerus energy uses a base of Aloe Vera for advanced absorption. Aloe Vera hydrates your body,reduces inflammation, and helps eliminate soreness after athletic performance. By using Aloe Vera, thenutrients in NuVerus energy are absorbed at up to a 300% higher rate.NuVerus energy is certified USDA Organic and contains no Preservatives or Artificial Sweeteners.NuVerus energy tastes delicious. Add to your morning dose of NuVerus Plus to start your dayenergized. Also mix NuVerus energy with your favorite beverage or blend into a smoothie for adelicious and refreshing functional beverage. The information contained herein has not, to NuVerus’ knowledge, been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. does not sell or market its products with intent to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any specific disease or class of diseases. 7
  7. 7. NuVerus • Dallas, Texas • USA Website: www.NuVerus.comE-mail: Phone: 817.849.8897 Fax: 817.796.1405