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Strategic innovation


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What is Strategic Innovation?
Is it different from Strategic Planning?
Why it is important?

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Strategic innovation

  1. 1. Strategic InnovationNuttaputch Wongreanthong@nuttaputch
  2. 2. Agenda• What is Strategic Innovation• Strategic Innovation as a new game strategy
  3. 3. Strategy
  4. 4. Strategy isabout winningStrategy Is A Companys Game Plan For Winning, Either ByCompeting On Scale, Speed or Special Relationships.
  5. 5. Game changing ofProduct /Services Strategic Innovation Is A Company’s Game Plan To Win By Changing The Game.
  6. 6. ‘studying historical data and makingextrapolations for the future’ it relies on the assumption that the future will follow like the past
  7. 7. That’s why it’s so important to find someone who...
  8. 8. Strategic Planning Strategy Innovation Analytical Creative Numbers-driven Insights-driven Company-centric Market-centric Logic/Linear Heuristic/Iterative Today to tomorrow Tomorrow to todayExtend current values Create new valuesFit the business model Create a new business model
  9. 9. Component of Strategic Innovation• Develop Industry (and Technology) Foresight: Which changes happen in the Industry, are the value chains being reorganized (vertical or horizontal), should the business concept needed to be redefine.• Develop Deep Customer Insight: Which values, feelings and attitudes amongst end users are important?• Develop New Value Propositions: A Unique Value Proposition (UVP), which is one of the most essential elements of a business strategy. A UVP is a succinct statement of the uniqueness of a business that sets it apart from all competitors. Without a UVP, a company risks becoming lost in a sea of similar businesses.• Develop New Capabilities: These are the new skills and knowledge enables a company to deliver unique value to customers. It embodies an organizations collective strengths, particularly of how to coordinate activities and integrate multiple technologies.• Refine or Develop New Business Model: 
  10. 10. Strategic Innovation =New Game Strategy
  11. 11. New Game Strategy is ...
  12. 12. set of activities that creates and/or appropriates value in new ways
  13. 13. New Ways? New Game? New Value?•Product Innovation•Delivering existing product in new ways•Better positioning firm
  14. 14. It’s about something....
  15. 15. Follow the rulesor set the rule?
  16. 16. It can be done in ...
  17. 17. •Patents Technology •Product/process choices •sources •AestheticsProduct Design •Function •Quality •AssemblyManufacturing •Capacity •Location •Advertising Marketing •Brand •Price •Channels Distribution •Integration •Inventory •Prices Service •Speed •Warranty
  18. 18. 5 Questions to be answered
  19. 19. •Which activity to perform?•When to perform?•How to perform?•Where to perform?•What to expect as output?
  20. 20. Activities•Firm performing the right activities?•Does it have what it takes (resource / capabilities) to activities?
  21. 21. Value•Is the value created by the strategy unique, as perceived by customers, compare to that from competitors?
  22. 22. Appropriability•Does the firm make money from the value created?
  23. 23. Changes•Does the strategy take advantage of change (present or future) to create unique value and/or position itself to appropriate the value?
  24. 24. Strategy Activity Value Appropirability Change Consequence Sustainable 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes competitive advantage Temporary 2 Yes Yes Yes No competitive advantage Temporary 3 Yes Yes Yes/No Yes competitive advantage Competitive 4 Yes Yes No No parity Competitive 5 No/Yes No Yes No parity Competitive 6 No No No No disadvantage
  25. 25. Case Study