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Self awareness


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Self awareness

  1. 1. Presented by:ERIC F. PAZZIUAGAN, RN, MAN
  2. 2. SELF-AWARENESS Key component of the psychiatric nursing experience. Goal: to achieve authentic, open, and personal communication. The nurse must be able to examine personal feelings, actions, and reactions as
  3. 3.  A firm understanding and acceptance of self allows the nurse to acknowledge a patient’s differences and uniqueness.
  4. 4. HOLISTIC NURSING MODEL OF SELF- AWARENESS (Campbell) Psychological component: knowledge of emotions, motivations, self-concept, and personality. Being psychologically aware means being sensitive to feelings and to external elements that affect those feelings. Physical component: knowledge of personal and general physiology, as well as of bodily sensations, body image, and physical potential.
  5. 5.  Environmental component: socio-cultural environment, relationships with others, and knowledge of the relationships between humans and nature. Philosophical component: refers to the sense of life having meaning; may or may not include a superior being, but it does take into account responsibility to the world and ethics of behavior.
  7. 7. Principles: A change in any one quadrant affects all the other quadrants. The smaller the first quadrant, the poorer the communication. Interpersonal learning means that a change has taken place, so quadrant 1 is larger and one or more of the other quadrants are smaller.
  8. 8. Goal: increase the area of quadrant 1 while reducing the size of the other quadrants.
  9. 9.  Listen to self  allow genuine emotions to be experienced  Identify and accept personal needs  Move the body in free, joyful and spontaneous ways. Listen to and learn from others  As we relate to others, we broaden our perceptions of self, but such learning requires active listening and openness to the feedback others provide.
  10. 10.  Reduce the size of quadrant 3 by self- disclosing.  Revealing to others important aspects of the personality.  Self- disclosure: symptom of personality health and a means of achieving healthy personality.