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Habit 3 - First things first


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Habit 3 - First things first

  1. 1. BBA 2174 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR Nurhidayah Binti Lamantali 113401004
  2. 2. Outline Introduction of 7habits. Definition. How you have successfully applied the habit to become more effective. Demonstrate with real-life story and examples
  3. 3. The 7 habits of highly effective people
  4. 4. Habits 3 : Put First Things First
  5. 5. Put First Things First Personal management. Involve self-leadership and self-management. Leadership – decides what the “first things” are? Management – Puts them first on a daily basis. The discipline of carrying out your program. Helps you to prioritizes your activities and eliminate those that are urgent but not as important, using your mission statement as a guide.
  6. 6. Covey Has A 4-quadrant Model For Time Management. Not Important Important Urgent Not Urgent Quadrant I Time spent in: fire drills, crises, deadlines Results: stress, burnout Quadrant II Time spent in: growth, exercise, relationships Results: happiness :) Quadrant III Time spent in: pressing stuff, interruptions Results: short-term focus Quadrant IV: Time spent in: time wasters Results: you’re fired!
  7. 7. “What one thing could you do in your personal and professional life that, if you did on a regular basis, would make a tremendous positive difference in your life? Quadrant II activities have that kind of impact. Our effectiveness takes quantum leaps when we do them.” ~ Stephen R. Covey
  8. 8. How you have successfully applied the habit to become more effective? 1st Step - Set the goals 2nd Step -Set mission and vision inside my mind. 3rd Step – Get organized. 4th Step – Effort.
  9. 9. Demonstrate with real-life story and examples Family come first than job. 11 December 2013, Wednesday. My Sister was delivered her first baby. 2 choices, whether want to go to work or going to Hospital to accompany her. Work- public holiday, get double pay. Choose – Go to Hospital because Family come First RealLife Example
  10. 10. Second Real- Life example Buying laptop using own money 2 choices, Whether buy Laptop or Apple Tablet. Choose something that can give more benefit in the future. Choose Laptop because it is the most important than smartphone.
  11. 11. Question??