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4 presentation biobriquette-sri_i_endahagustina

  1. 1. BIO BRIQUETTE By S. Endah Agustina -lab.energy & rural electrification,Faculty of Agricultural Technology – Bogor Agricultural Univ. - Indonesian renewable energy society
  2. 2. Oil resources depletion environmentIncreasing Demand Energy security + 5% RE in 2020 High oil price Role of Biomass asNo subsidy Renewable Energy resources
  3. 3. Biomass WHY BIO-BRIQUETTE ??
  4. 4. Current situation subst.priority Energy for transportation (petroleum oil, diesel oil, gas) bio-diesel, gasohol (methanol), liquid coal Electricity (hydro, geothermal, coal, gas/LNG, diesel oil) hydro, geothermal, solar, coal, hybrid Energy for thermal process (industries & households) (kerosene, LPG, fuel wood, coal, biomass waste ) biomass waste, fuel wood, solar, LPG, bio-oil, coal
  5. 5. Biomass Waste Potency
  7. 7. Biomass energy conversion technology oil extraction (bio-oil, bio-diesel) hydrolysis & fermentation (ethanol) an aerobic digestion (biogas/methane)Biomass &Biomass waste pyrolysis & gasification (combust.gas) slow pyrolysis (charcoal, solid fuel) briquetting (solid fuel) direct combustion
  8. 8. Biomass & Biomass Waste Utilization in IndonesiaBiomass type Current usages Promoting as energyRice husk (w) Stove/furnace fuel, briquette, gas Solid fuel (briquette), producer feedstock, charcoal, gas producer feedstock cult.media, packaging materialsRice straw (w) Cult.media, art/paper/packaging materials, animal feed, soil impr.Bagasse (w) Boiler’s fuel (Cogen system), Boiler’s fuel, solid fuel briquette, fertilizer (briquette)Corn Food, animal feed, cooking oil EthanolCorn cobs (w) Stove fuel Solid fuelCoconut shell (w) Stove/furnace fuel, charcoal, Solid fuel,Gas producer activated carbon, art materials, feedstock home appliancesCoconut fiber (w) Furniture & packaging materialsTapioca waste ---- Solid fuel (briquette)(w)
  9. 9. Biomass & Biomass Waste Utilization in Indonesia (cont.)Biomass type Current usages Promoting as energyCrude Palm Oil /CPO Cooking oil, food & cosmetic, Bio-diesel chemical productCPO sludge (w) Animal feed Solid fuel (briquette)Palm fiber (w) Boiler’s fuel (Co-gen system) Boiler’s fuelPalm shells (w) odor agent (chemical prod), Gas producer feedstock vinegar, road hardenerWood waste (w) Stove fuel, charcoal, gas Charcoal, gas producer producer feedstock, particle feedstock, briquette board.Saw dust (w) Stove fuel Solid fuel (charcoal bri- quette), gas producer feedstockRubber wood Furnace fuel (Rubber smoked Furnace fuel process), furnitureWaste of food/agric Animal feedstock. Bio gas, briquetteprocessing (w)Municipal waste (w) --- Power plant feedstock,
  10. 10. SOME OF POTENTIAL BIOMASS WASTENo Products or Type of biomass Potency commodities waste1 paddy straw 5000 ton/ton paddy2 Rice Rice husk 280 kg/ton paddy3 cassava stalks 800 kg/ton cassava4 corn Corn cobs NA5 coconut Fiber/husk 280 kg/ton coconut6 coconut Coconut shell 150 kg/ton coconut7 rubber Wood (replanting) 1500 m3/Ha replant8 cacao Cacao shells NA9 Palm oil Wood (replanting) 74.5 ton/Ha replant10 Palm oil Fronds 24.84 ton/Ha11 Palm oil FEB 200 kg/ton FFB12 Palm oil Fiber and shell 420 kg/ton CPO13 Processed wood Saw dust 203 041.6 m3/year14 Processed wood Other wood wastes 1 827 373.7 m3/year15 Sugar cane Bagasse 280 kg/ton sugar
  11. 11. Several kinds of bio-briquette Bagasse briquette
  12. 12. Rice husk briquette
  13. 13. Briquette made fromCPO & PKO productionwaste
  14. 14. How to make bio-briquette? Raw material Drying, sortation, grinding,mixing preparation Raw material Pyrolysis(charcoal) Densification process Briquettes
  15. 15. Simple manualbriquettemachine
  16. 16. Studentsinnovation
  17. 17. Semi-mechanic briquette machineRicehuskcharcoalbriquette
  18. 18. Briquette machine,Developed by AIT
  19. 19. Comparation of bio-briquettes with other biomass wastesNo Kind of fuel Heating value (KJ/kg)1 Sugarcane waste (sludge) 17638 briquette2 Rice husk charcoal briquette 132903 CPO waste (sludge/mud) briquette 108964 Saw dust briquette 187095 Grass briquette 162476 Coconut shell charcoal 184287 Corn cobs 154558 Corn cobs charcoal briquette 201749 Wood fuel (acasia) 1727010 Bamboo 17503
  20. 20. Bio-briquette as kerosene & LPG substitutionDisadvantages: 1. change stove 2. adaptation 3. inconvenienceAdvantages: 1. cheaper (or free) 2. Stove can be use with many kinds of bio-briquette 3. Green energy 4. Renewable energy 5. reducing environmental problem causing by unhandled wastes.
  21. 21. Thank you