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Curating Conditions for a More Thrivable Planet


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Planetary talk for #ISSS57 See #issss57 or visit

Published in: Technology, Design
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Curating Conditions for a More Thrivable Planet

  1. 1. Curating the Conditions For a More Thrivable Planet
  2. 2. Curating Curate: A person who is invested with the care or cure (cura) of souls of a parish (n) Select, organize, and look after the items in a collection or exhibition. (v) Not: Create, Design, Engineer, Manufacture. David Wojnarowicz Globle of the United States, 1990
  3. 3. Conditions Conditions: Have a significant influence on or determine the manner or outcome of something. Not: Controlling outcomes.
  4. 4. Thrivability • Generativity: Life gives rise to more life. • Prosper, Flourish,Thrive. • Anti-fragile.
  5. 5. Interventions • Donella Meadows, Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System (top 3 of 12) • #3 Goal of the system: Expand to Thriving Goals • #2 Mindset/Paradigm: Thrivability, Pragmatism • #1 Power to Transcend Paradigms:Thriving is a question not a stable or knowable state. • Keep asking the question: what can thriving be here?
  6. 6. Strategy Create a story of greatness that invites everyone to contribute their very best to making a world that not only works, it also produces joy, delight, and awe. Joy, delight, and awe are conditions that increase the probability of creativity and connection.
  7. 7. Practice An event is an easy way to think about curating conditions. Ouishare Ouishare Fest Photo by Stephano Borghi
  8. 8. Giving Rise • A clear WHY - attractor force • A clear HOW - visible process with accountability • A definite WHEN and WHERE: Paris May 2013 • An openWHAT - an invitation to create a “what” in shared space
  9. 9. Thrivable • “Yes and” culture • Attractor Force • Success: 2nd conference in Spain, now to LatAm.
  10. 10. Layers • Ouishare helps create the conditions for the field • The field creates the conditions for the players
  11. 11. Going Forward • Clear Process • Playfulness • Generative up one layer and down one
  12. 12. Gratitude • • •