Nurture Development ABCD Learning Sites


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Presentation by Cormac Russell exploring the ongoing development of Learning Sites in the UK and beyond.

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Nurture Development ABCD Learning Sites

  1. 1. “Making the invisible, visible” Cormac Russell
  2. 2. ©CopyrightNurtureDevelopment,2015 • Our Learning Sites in the UK include: Bristol, Croydon, Kirklees, Leeds, Gloucestershire, Thurrock, Lichfield, North West -Manchester, Wirral, South Ayrshire and Fife. • Outside of the UK we have a strong presence in East Africa: Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan. We have also worked in South Africa and many other countries around the world. Our Learning Sites 1. Ayrshire & Arran 2. Bristol 3. Fife 4. Gloucestershire 5. Kirklees 6. Leeds 7. Lichfield 8. North West (Trafford) 9. Thurrock 10.Torbay 11.West Croydon 12.Wirral Our UK Learning Sites
  3. 3. ©CopyrightNurtureDevelopment,2015 Impact • 77 Community Connectors discovered • 300 community members actively engaged in the process • 240 community and voluntary organisations actively connected to ABCD practices • 77 Community-led Projects initiated Paul Macey, Associate Jennine Bailey, Associate ABCD Guides West Croydon Our Learning Sites
  4. 4. ©CopyrightNurtureDevelopment,2015 West Croydon Our Learning Sites
  5. 5. ©CopyrightNurtureDevelopment,2015 Wirral Our Learning Sites Impact so far • 130 Local residents trained on ABCD • 20 Community Connectors trained and being mentored • 5 Neighbourhoods actively engaged in community building. ABCD Guide Chris Shaw, ABCD Guide & Partner Support
  6. 6. ©CopyrightNurtureDevelopment,2015 Wirral Our Learning Sites
  7. 7. 6 Top Tips From Our UK Experience
  8. 8. ©CopyrightNurtureDevelopment,2015 Emerging lessons Emerging lessons 1. A local association who is committed to community building is critical as a host
  9. 9. ©CopyrightNurtureDevelopment,2015 Emerging lessons Emerging lessons 2. Start by making the invisible visible
  10. 10. ©CopyrightNurtureDevelopment,2015 Emerging lessons Emerging lessons 3. Effective community building goes at the speed of trust
  11. 11. ©CopyrightNurtureDevelopment,2015 Emerging lessons Emerging lessons 4. Start with what’s strong to address what is wrong, and make what’s strong even stronger
  12. 12. ©CopyrightNurtureDevelopment,2015 Emerging lessons Emerging lessons 5. Community Connectors are a critical
  13. 13. ©CopyrightNurtureDevelopment,2015 Emerging lessons Emerging lessons 6. The optimum size of approx. 300-3,000
  14. 14. City of Karratha City of Launceston Dorset Council Shire of Kalamunda City of Stirling City of Wanneroo City of Onkaparinga City of Charles SturtShire of Murray Parramatta Gosford City Council City of Wyndham City of Whittlesea Sunbury Bass Coast Shire Council National Network of ABCD Community Building Learning Sites
  15. 15. Eight Touch Stones
  16. 16. We don’t mean this…
  17. 17. We mean this…
  18. 18. Which does your current community engagement efforts most resemble?
  19. 19. Communities are complex, they demand continuous learning
  20. 20. Touch Stone 1: Finding a Community Builder Team Start your Initiator group
  21. 21. The main protagonists: • Leader – someone that can bring people together to work on an issue • Gift Giver – a person that is willing to contribute their asset to work on an issue. • Invisible Person – a person that has not yet been “discovered” or been convinced to use their assets to help achieve their dreams or address their concerns in the neighborhood.
  22. 22. The unsung hero! • Community Builder – an individual that is good at discovering what people care about and where their assets can be used. Not a single issue person! • Gift centered • Well connected • Trusted • Believe they are welcome
  23. 23. Touch Stone 2: Recruiting a Community Builder
  24. 24. The Characteristics of Community Builder • A facilitator/includer • A line back/gapper • A community builder in their own life • A child-like curiosity/with an adult presence • Never does for others what they can do for themselves
  25. 25. Touch Stone 3 : Hosting Conversations to Discover Assets and What People Care About. Discovering, Mapping and Connecting What do people care about enough to work on? Appreciating what’s good about the community
  26. 26. Touch Stone 4 : Engaging Local Groups and Associations Ask what else they want to do, who else they know who might be interested in an ideas fair? e.g. Faith communities, sporting groups, environmental groups etc Informal social networks Do your map
  27. 27. Map Jam
  28. 28. ©CopyrightNurtureDevelopment,2015
  29. 29. Touch Stone 5 : Building Connections Through Social Interaction Activities and Shareable Community Opportunities
  30. 30. Skillshare/ Sharefest
  31. 31. Seed Swap Repair Cafe
  32. 32. A Really, Really Free Market Swap Meet
  33. 33. Touch Stone 6: Visioning and Planning 3 Key Questions: 1 What can we do? 2 What do we need outside help with? 3 What do we need outside agencies to do for us?
  34. 34. Touch Stone 7-Implementing Change (Doing & Reviewing)
  35. 35. Touch Stone 8: Fostering Celebration
  36. 36. Eight Touch Stones Finding a Community Builder Team Recruiting a Community Building Hosting community conversations to discover assets and what people care about Engaging community groups and associations Building connections through social interaction and sharable opportunities Visioning and planning Implementing change (doing and reviewing) Fostering celebration