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Ambient Intelligence for Cities - Adrian Blackwood - AMI Group - Tech & The City - Monday 3 April 2017 Amsterdam


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Tech & The City
Monday 3 April 2017

Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (OBA)
Oosterdokskade 143
1011 DL Amsterdam

09:30-10:00 // REGISTER + DEMO (30 min)
10:00-10:15 // Nuray Gokalp // Founder GlobalTech.City (15 min)
10:15-10:30 // Maarten Lammers // Program Director OBA (15 min)
10:30-10:45 // Adrian Blackwood // CIO AMI.Group (15 min)
10:45-11:00 // Dennis Mica // Business Developer 2getthere (15 min)
11:00-11:30 // BREAK + DEMO (30 min)
11:30-11:45 // Karen Dolva // Co-Founder No Isolation (15 min)
11:45-12:00 // Laurens Slats // Community Manager The Things Network (15 min)
12:00-12:15 // Marco Marechal // Strategic Advisor Connected (15 min)
12:15-12:30 // Ohyoon Kwon // Founder We-Qu (15 min)
12:30-13:00 // BREAK + DEMO (30 min)
13:00-14:00 // DEMO DEEP DIVES (60 min)

// Deloitte
// AMI.Group
// The Things Network
// No Isolation
// WeQu

"Think Global, Act Local & Think Local, Act Global"
"matching trending tech solutions with societal challenges around the world"

GlobalTech.City is founded in 2017 and is the global platform connecting AmsterdamTech.City and the other tech cities around the world.
AmsterdamTech.City started in 2016 with successful monthly "Tech & The City" events in Amsterdam.

The vision of GlobalTech.City is to combine city events, tech topics, societal challenges, tech solutions, and speakers for the city, communities, and citizens around the world.

The mission of GlobalTech.City is to facilitate the city, communities, and citizens in the engagement and transformation.

The target groups are public and private; governmental and non-governmental; educational institutions; corporates, scale ups and start ups; investors and programs, inventors and experts; visitors and citizens...

The technology trends are Big Data, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Ambient Intelligence (AmI), Robotics, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Realty...

 How to shape ambient intelligent cities @AdrianKyleBlack @amigroup  #amstechcity #smartcity #startups #amsterdam #ami #ai #iot #ambientintelligence #artificialintelligence #internetofthings

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Ambient Intelligence for Cities - Adrian Blackwood - AMI Group - Tech & The City - Monday 3 April 2017 Amsterdam

  1. 1. Ambient Intelligence for Cities.
  2. 2. How to create ambient intelligent cities, and why smart citizens need social, sensitive & service cities.
  3. 3. Adrian Blackwood Chief Innovation Officer AMI.Group
  4. 4. HUMAN End-User INTERFACE Intelligent Interaction Intelligence Environments PLACE Pieces of the Connected Experience
  5. 5. IOT - THE HOW BIG DATA - THE WHAT BLOCK CHAIN - THE WHO A.I. - THE WHY Create a SMART Network by enabling digital interaction in a IPV6 network enabling IT to be available in situ. Creating and generating data is a result of digital systems. Intelligent systems generate more action, indexed, reference and LEAN data. The Brain to any intelligent system, Ai provides the digital brainpower to enable cognition, prediction, decision support, and is provided as a module service. Idenitiy, verified by the group, enabled shared rules, and stored history, all enabling verification and trust. IOT blockchains are unique; and while developing, are innovating. AMI Pieces of the Connected Experience
  6. 6. Ambient Intelligence is the combination of technologies; towards a seamless & personal, continuously available digital experience in the physical world.  Adrian Blackwood
  8. 8. Shaping ambient intelligence
  9. 9. Seeing Digital Movement
  10. 10. Reshape space intelligence
  11. 11. Building relationships
  12. 12. Relational Activity map of Amsterdam as a Smart City Research Fellow at Politecnico di Milano and Edinburgh Napier University Edinburgh Napier University Politecnico di Milano L u c a M o r a , P h D
  13. 13. Citieswantengagement|Citizenswantcommunity
  14. 14. Personal Needs = Customized Services. interaction, analysis and prediction drives an ambient interface.  Cities-as-a-Service
  15. 15.