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Human computer interaction - assignment presentation


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This is assignment for HCI project, under Lincoln University College.

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Human computer interaction - assignment presentation

  1. 1. Assignment DCM 214HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION Semester: 4Deadline: - Thursday (Week 11) Weight: 20%Task:Individual assignment: 1. Investigate and try to solve the problem with principle of human computer interaction. 2. How to applying relevant principles appropriately to particular situations. 3. How to design to match human perception, attention, memory and thinking processes. 4. How to carry out a task analysis. 5. How to specify a GOMS model, & use it to estimate interaction. 6. How to describe an interaction in the form of an STN. 7. How to choose appropriate evaluation methods and analysis. 8. Relevant interaction issues in some specific areas: e.g. agents; websites; ubiquitous computing.Objective: 1. Demonstrate in writing, knowledge of issue and problems in HCI; 2. Demonstrate understanding of human perception and behavior by diagnosing problem in relation between work and technology; 3. Use establish design principle and methodologies to solve HCI problems; 4. The ability to devise, plan and execute task analysis and system evaluation studies from an HCI perceptive, and present finding in a clear and effective manner; 5. Gain an understanding of Human Computer Interaction theory and research; 6. Acquire confidence in handling different disciplinary perspective on HCI and the ability to apply them design problem; 7. Recognize the impact of system design on user’s attitudes and behavior; 8. Become familiar with user-centered design and evaluation process; 9. Be able to employ user centered design process in designing and building system.Submission: 1. Cover Page with (College Name, Name, Student ID, and Presentation No). 2. Answers Assignment – Answer the all question. 3. Presentation Slide – Put your slide presentation, 2slide/pages.
  2. 2. Assignment Presentation 1. You are designing the interface for an automated room booking system. List some general principles for HCI that are relevant to this situation, with a brief indication of how they would apply. 2. Explain, with explicit reference to attention mechanisms and Fitt’s law, the size and screen position you would choose for the most frequently used button in an interface. 3. You have been asked to program a software agent that hotel patrons can phone to order sandwiches: –Provide a scenario describing an interaction with the system –Provide a hierarchical task analysis of the sandwich ordering process 4. Using a Keystroke Level Model (KLM), estimate the relative time to type in postcode vs selecting it from a drop down menu. If each postcode has at most seven characters, how long would the list of choices on the menu need to be to make menu selection the slower method? 5. Sketch an STN for interaction with an ATM (cash dispenser). Use this to comment on what gaps in a user’s conceptual model could cause critical problems in their interaction with the machine 6. How would you evaluate whether a small change in web-page layout is likely to improve sales of a particular item? Specify both the data collection method and how you would assess if any difference was just due to chance, or other factors. 7. Agency: The head of a rail company wants to replace automatic ticket machines with android ticket-seller. What are the pros and cons of this idea? Is it advisable, given the current state of technology? Websites & Ubiquitous: How would you optimize a website for use on small portable devices? Page | 2