E headline2010 - Presentation Seminar


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E headline2010 - Presentation Seminar

  1. 1. Animation Walle-HEAD LINES 2010Name :Nuraini Mohd Ghani Id Student : 1071120119
  2. 2. This is a new interactive for newspaper. I got this idea  when i working as partime at KLCC. Actually my ideas  is i want to create some make the people interested  not just only stand at the interactive. So my focused is  i try to choose the politic cover by 2010 year then i  put some animation to make the user interact this  interactive . For my first idea is i just put the zone trigger for the  medium of project, but when i research the internet , i  think kinect can replace the zone trigger. This medium  is quite easy when you start the installation. i choose  to use the half body such as the  right hand only. So  this is animation wall you can attract and feel the  some animation. 
  3. 3. PROJECT PROPOSALA newspaper is a regularly scheduled publicationcontaining new, information, and advertising, usuallyprinted on relatively inexpensive, low-grade paper suchas newsprintA wide variety of material has been published innewspapers, including editorial opinions, criticism,persuasion and op-eds obituaries; entertainmentfeatures.And for this project I choose to make the Head Line 2010by Politic cover. 1
  4. 4. Aim and Objective To attract people to touch the wall not just by standing and look only. To make people be more interested on animation wallpaper. This is the animation wallpaper that means this is not static wallpaper. The user can touch to feel what the function of wallpaper.Target User = Open to all people.My idea and concept is animation wall with information the HeadLines I choose with the some personal detail the politic person. 2
  5. 5. Why I choose this project? (1)PERSONAL CONTEXT Love wall Draw the Character in wall - Hate to thinking Love Flash Love Newspaper(2)SOCIAL CONTEXTPeople can touch the wall.Can attract the people. (3)CULTURE CONTEXT Static wall(4)PAINTING / INSTALLATIONMake the application for the wallCan use some new technology in my project.
  6. 6. WHAT I GONNA MAKE ISI doing this because to people attract and alert thepast preview newspaper happen and remind tothe people about the main cases.Then this is the interactive wall. The wall can pop outa lot information with the selected highlight with somenew information detail.Animation wall can make the people love the wall withthe touch and moving. 10
  7. 7. Research And AnalysisNot at all the people hard to try find the informationthrough the internet.Not all the information about politic have in the internet. 5
  8. 8. IDEA DEVELOPMENT  My idea is from the some headlines title. I choose the  headlines covers the Politic issue. This I issue is to very sensitive issue for me. This is sample of the issue is “Zeti the first women win Maal Hijrah” This headlines regarding the woman winner the 1st Maal hijrah and also the governor of Bank of Malaysia. “So women can win as a men win.. rite?” 7
  9. 9. Different perception people; Perception when you as voters. Perception when you reading the article. Why the issue must be head lines the Front Page. Reality the politic in Malaysia. 8
  10. 10. METHOD / TECHNIQUEMy method for this interactive is I use the kinect as a sensor to move myanimation. I bough my kinect and plug to pc to connect. Here the technique Imake the interactive wall.Adobe Flash CS5.Adobe Illustrator CS5Adobe Photoshop CS5Faast
  11. 11. PROCESSThe process I make the interactive wall is, I use the Adobe flash formake this installation. Then combine with the kinect for my sensor.Here the process… for interactive application. This is loading scene for 1st time open this application. Only have 1 coding for full screen. fscommand("fullscreen", "true"); Continue…..
  12. 12. Here is the 2ndscene, This is ainstruction scene.thisscene have 1 codingfor button.var t, u;b1.onRollOver = function(){ t = setInterval(menu,3000); u = setInterval(anim,100);}b1.onRollOut = function(){ clearInterval(t); clearInterval(u); b1._alpha = 100;}function anim(){ b1._alpha -= 5;}function menu(){ clearInterval(t); clearInterval(u); b1._alpha = 100; gotoAndPlay("one");} Continue…..
  13. 13. This is last scene, this scenepreview the design, and alsoinformation. This scene have a lotcoding : this is the example.var t6, u6;kelantan.onRollOver = function(){ t6 = setInterval(menu6, 3000); u6 = setInterval(anim6, 100);}kelantan.onRollOut = function(){ clearInterval(t6); clearInterval(u6); kelantan._alpha = 100;}function anim6(){ kelantan._alpha -= 5;}function menu6(){ clearInterval(t6); clearInterval(u6); kelantan._alpha = 100; _root.gotoAndPlay("six");}This coding for move the “PERJELAS KOS RAWATANSULTAN KELANTAN”. Continue…..
  14. 14. When the users move the handand put in at the design button,the arcticle showed and alsothe 2 button for “BACK” and alsoregarding the “DATUK NIKABDUL AZIZ”.Here coding forback :var t4, u4;bck1.onRollOver = function(){ t4 = setInterval(menu, 3000); u4 = setInterval(anim, 100);}bck1.onRollOut = function(){ clearInterval(t4); clearInterval(u4); bck1._alpha = 100;}function anim(){ bck1._alpha -= 5;}function menu(){ clearInterval(t4); clearInterval(u4); bck1._alpha = 100; _root.gotoAndPlay("one"); /*b1._x += 100;*/} Continue…..
  15. 15. Here for thispopup informationdetail regardingthe name ofpolitic, this codingis simple…stop();var t3, u3;closebtn.onRollOver =function(){ t3 = setInterval(menu,3000); u3 = setInterval(anim,100);}closebtn.onRollOut =function(){ clearInterval(t3); clearInterval(u3); closebtn._alpha = 100;}function anim(){ closebtn._alpha -= 5;}function menu(){ clearInterval(t3); clearInterval(u3); closebtn._alpha = 100; gotoAndPlay(80);} End Process…..
  16. 16. Here the process… for technical part. 1) Plug in the kinect 2) Install this software : 1 2 3
  17. 17. 2) Running the Faast software : Run this software with the application and try to test the sensor.
  18. 18. INTERFACE Here the main design to this project , The is the 3 scene after loading and also information. This scene have 6 headline animation : 1) Zahid says no intention to hurt feelings. 2) Perjelas isu kos rawatan sultan Kelantan. 3) Zeti first woman to get “Tokoh maal hijrah”. 4) Don’t destroy unity to please a few. 5) Bigger plan for Penang port. 6) Same treatment.
  19. 19. DIAGRAMFor the one headline title :   Start Introduction click Design close Article click close Information End
  20. 20. Start Introduction clickclick click Design Design Design close close close Article Article Article click closeclick close Information Information click close Information click click Design Design close close Article Article click close Information click close Information click Design close Article click close Information End
  21. 21. FLOOR PLAN For this floor plan, original plan is I choose the Zone Trigger for the medium of the project. But last I change to choose with my kinect because I think kinect can detect unlimited spot with my animation. For the projector, I only choose usually projector in classroom but with my computer’s to play the animation.
  22. 22. Left View A Projector ni m at io n w al Computer / Pc l USER STAND Kinect Speaker  13
  23. 23. PROBLEMSWhen I make this project, I have some problem like :Technical part :1) The kinect have some problem when the user out of range.2) I also have problem when install the faast software.Interactive part :1)Problem with some coding and also replacement a lot button.
  24. 24. FUTURE PLANNING I just imagine my artwork or my installation art showed at the walking area at KLCC, because there have a lot people everyday and I just want their try the output from MMU student and also FCM student. I want add my new latest politic issue like the 2011 issue, maybe I should make the database for this animation. I can add issue the user can read the issue in this animation.
  25. 25. GANTT CHART 18
  26. 26. CONCLUSION
  27. 27. The conclusion is :Animation wall is the something user like and wants to know if theanimation got a information.E-headlines is one interactive I can make people stop and understandwhat is the advantages in wall.