Universiti teknologi mara kampus bandaraya melaka


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Universiti teknologi mara kampus bandaraya melaka

  1. 1. Name Student NumberNur Fatin Fatihah Binti Ahmad RuziNurhidayah Binti Abdul HalimZarindatul Arizah Binti ZahariHasya Nadhirah Binti Rosli
  2. 2. PlanningDevelopment Management
  3. 3. Development1.To determinetraining policy (INTAN) 2.To determine Career Development Policy
  4. 4. 3.To develop career 4.To develop succession planning path 5.To determine Organizational Development Policies
  5. 5. 2.To determine the1.To determine the organizational sizeroles of the public and structure of the sector public agencies
  6. 6. 3.To determine the requirement anddevelopment of human resource 4.To determine pension and retirement benefits
  7. 7. 5.To determine the implications ofprivatization/separation on the public sector human resource 6.To develop strategic alliances and networking
  8. 8. 1.To manage the appointment, emplacement, remuneration, 2.To formulate andpromotion, retirement clarify policies on the benefits, service mentioned matters toconditions, employer- implementer agencies employee relations, training and human resource database
  9. 9. 3.To managepolicies monitoring 4.To manage policies evaluation
  10. 10.  Provide professional services and advice on the formulation and implementation of policies and regulations pertaining to human resource management which includes: ◦ Prompt in all actions; ◦ Accurate in decision making; ◦ Friendly customer service; ◦ Timeliness in providing services; ◦ Fair and just in deliberation; ◦ Ensure that services and information are easily made available and reliable; and ◦ Compliance with laws, policies and regulations.
  11. 11.  Ensure that public agencies are equipped with suitable structures, establishment and schemes of service in accordance with their current responsibilities so as to function at an optimum level; Ensure the best human capital management to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of public personnel through the development of systems and best practices; Increase the productivity and efficiency of public service human capital through pre-service and in-service training with regards to the Public Service training policies; Attract, develop and retain potential workforce towards excellent performance through salary management, allowance and various benefits; Ensure a harmonious employer-employee relations through the widespread dissemination of information so as to improve understanding on issues of common interest; Enforce Public Service pension regulations and ensure that pension’s benefits are payable to qualified recipients; Develop public personnel using the psychological and counselling approach and to provide effective and efficient training in accordance with the principal, ethic and standard practices of the Public Service; and Ensure responses to clients’ enquiries and complaints are fast, accurate and courteous and adhere to the stipulated period as follows: ◦ Affirmation of acceptance of complaint within three days; ◦ Initial response within 14 days; and ◦ Status report on clients’ complaint within two months