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Final Assignment (Video) - Presentation


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Social Psychology
FNBE Semester 2
Taylor's University

Published in: Education
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Final Assignment (Video) - Presentation

  1. 1. Social Psychology The Black Hole Terence Tan Peng Ong Sim Chia Ting Boon Yi Chung Chow Kah Yien Nur Azreen
  2. 2. PLOT ● Physics teacher, Ms. Azreen gave her students a group assignment, The Black Hole Theory. ● Boon, Chia Ting, Kah Yien and Terence were in the same group. ● Terence wanted to be the leader but Boon became the leader by voting. ● Terence refused to help Chia Ting in research for the assignment. ● Terence also refused to show his progress to Boon. ● They did well in their presentation. ● After the presentation, Boon, Chia Ting and Kah Yien celebrated together by shaking hands but they ignored Terence.
  3. 3. Dispositional Attribution ● a cause of an action is due to a person’s internal characteristics. E.g : All the members show their progresses except Terence. He does not want to show his progress to Boon because he thinks that he can handle the things by himself.
  4. 4. Unrealistic optimism ● tendency to imagine that our own outcomes are better than those of other people. E.g: Terence did not want to show his progress to Boon because he thought that he could handle it by himself.
  5. 5. Extrinsic Motivation - Extrinsic Motivation is an external pressure that forces you to take certain action. - It might be done to avoid punishment or to achieve specific reward. - In the video,Boon and his group members Chia ting,Chow and Terence are working hard on doing research about the assignment title Black hole Theory.After they done the research,they sit down and discuss about the work and find out the final answer.During the presentation,everyone are well prepared for it and got a good result for it.
  6. 6. Discrimination Discrimination is the behavior or actions, usually negative, towards an individual or group of people. E.G: After the presentation, Terence is ignored by his teammates due to his bad attitude.
  7. 7. Aggression ● Aggression is behavior ● that intends to harm another individual. It can be either verbal or physical actions ● E.g At the part of 5:03min to 5:05min which is also before the thug life scene, we can see that leader Boon is trying to beat Terrence by using high five but at the end Boon just leave him and turn his body and walk away. The reason Boon get aggressive is because that Boon do not like his attitude while Terence act his arrogant style.