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Internet applications


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ICTL Form 2 - Notes from Pusat Perkembangan Kurikulum

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Internet applications

  2. 2. WORLD WIDE WEB (www)The World Wide Wen (commonly shortened to the Web) is asystem of interlinked , hypertext documents accessed via theinternet. With a web browses, a user views web pages thatmay contain text, images, videos and other multimedia andnavigates between them using hyperlinksThese pages are written in Hypertext Markup Language(HTML).Every website has an address or Uniform Resource Locater(URL). The URL is formed by the protocol, domain, directoryand document name.The World Wide Web was created in 1998 by Sir TimBerners-Lee, working at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland
  3. 3. BROWSING THE INTERNET USING MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORERa. Click Internet Browser icon located on the desktop.b. Your computer should soon display a window containing “Microsoft Internet Explorer” in title bar as figure 2.1c. Click the address box or URL and type Press Enter key.d. Your Internet Explorer displays Berita Harian home page. Figure 202
  4. 4. d. Click to the underline or links if you want more information as figure 2.3e. Click button to go to previous pages Figure 2.3 : Hyperlinks
  6. 6. USING SEARCH ENGINEa. Click Internet Browser icon located on the desktop.b. Click the Address box and type:c. Press the Enter key. Your browser displays the Web pages for the Google Search engine
  7. 7. d. Click the blank search box and then type Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia. Press Enter key.e. Click the underlined Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia. Your browser displays the Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia homepage
  8. 8. DOWNLOADING FILE FROM THE INTERNET EXPLORERa. Downloading images• Open your web browser• Right click on the images that you want to save
  9. 9. • Click save images as
  10. 10. • Choose My Pictures, click Open. Then type the file name and click save b. For more exercise you can downloading audio and video files from internet.