Discover the difference a rich visual experience makes


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Discover the difference a rich visual experience makes

  1. 1. discover the difference a richvisual experience makes VFM Leonardo, Inc.YouTube is now the second-most popular search engine in the world1 for areason. Consumers are demanding richer visual experiences, online video inparticular. In fact, online video is believed to be one of the most effective onlineconversion tactics for hotels2. But more importantly, hotels that are providing richvisual experiences are getting results. web: | email: | phone: 1-877-593-6634
  2. 2. Which experience would you prefer as an online travel shopper? 1. A variety of media – still images, virtual tours, videos – presented in an easy-to- navigate format with enhanced viewing options (zoom, full-screen) for video and virtual tours combined with relevant supporting text available on all of the sites you visit when researching hotels online. “Tell your story in detail; a picture may be worth a thousand words while a video is worth a million words.” Alan BeaudinDirector of Sales & Marketing Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel 2. Still images embedded in a web page. web: | email: | phone: 1-877-593-6634
  3. 3. For many, the choice is clear. A variety of media is much more compelling. That’s why hotels that deliver rich visual experiences get more bookings. Online bookings up 30% and ADR up $20 for the Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel The Key West Marriott Hotel achieved a double digit increase in online bookings over last year by providing a visual travel shopping experience that puts their story front and center. From photos, to virtual tours, to video, the media allows shoppers to see and interpret the hotel’s story. The visual “You can have experience is brought full-circle by the best high- dynamic viewing tools like full-screendefinition videos, and zoom* to capture the imagination – but if they are and bookings – of travel shoppers. hidden on onlyone page of your Beaubien is a strong believer in video and its ability to help drive revenue through onlinewebsite, you are channels. “VFM Leonardo offered us the best way to display and syndicate our video tomissing a whole traditional and non-traditional travel channels,” says the property’s Director of Sales and universe of Marketing, Alan Beaubien, CHA. opportunity.” Bookings on all online channels are up double digits over last year and overall hotel Story Kirshman bookings are up 30% over 2009 and running 80%+ occupancy with a $20+ increase in Marketing Manager The BROADMOOR Hotel ADR. “Tell your story in detail, a picture may be worth a thousand words while a video is worth a million words,” recommends Beaubien. 25% increase in online bookings for The BROADMOOR Hotel The BROADMOOR targets leisure travelers by organizing their photos and videos in a way that makes it easy to find the content and information they’re looking for and really understand why The BROADMOOR is the best option for their trip. Since they started using VBrochure, they have experienced great results. “We have seen a 25% increase of online bookings this summer compared to last summer before we had VBrochure,” says Story Kirshman, Marketing Manager at the hotel. web: | email: | phone: 1-877-593-6634
  4. 4. Kirshman also offers a piece of advice: “It’s so important to provide rich online content, but it has to be easy to find and easy to navigate through. You can have the best high-definition videos, but if they are hidden on only one page of your website, you are missing a whole universe of opportunity.” Discover the difference a rich experience can make to your bookings. Sources: 1. TripTelevision, Video in Travel – “The Shop, EXPERIENCE, Buy” Phenomenon, PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit, 2009. 2. VFM Leonardo, Hotel E-Business Survey, 2010.web: | email: | phone: 1-877-593-6634