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Business management skills


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Business management skills

  1. 1. Business Management Skills Numrah Shekha 1B Professional Communications 11.17.12
  2. 2. The Conflict Our company’s biggest client, Froot Loops, the cereal company wants us to create an advertisement for them. Some of our employees feel that the ad should be more of a traditional campaign, devoted to the older fans of Froot Loops. Some of our other employees believe that we should create an ad that incorporates things like celebrity endorsements and social networking.
  3. 3. Different Solutions Traditional Approach (Billboard ads, radio ads) Modern Approach (Celebrity ads, social networking ads.) Incorporate both ideas to make one ad that everyone will be happy about. Celebrities like Justin Bieber endorse many different products.
  4. 4. Possible Outcomes Our company decides to goes with the traditional team (If we do this then on our next ad we choose to go with the other team’s ideas) Our company decides to go with the other team (If we do this then on our next ad we choose to go with the traditional team’s ideas) We use ideas from both teams to compromise
  5. 5. Solving the conflict as aTeam Member If I were a member of the traditional approach team then I would probably decide to go with TV ads and Billboard ads. If I were a member of the team that wants to use new ideas then I would probably decide to go with celebrity endorsements because that would get the word out about the product faster. SOLUTION: Use BOTH ideas to make both sides happy…therefore no more conflicts would occur.
  6. 6. Solving the conflict as theManager If I were the manager of the advertising firm, I would use ideas from both of the teams so that my employees could compromise and not have any conflicts anymore. I would strongly encourage the celebrity endorsements because kids are familiar with celebrities and would most- likely want to buy something promoted by one. I would also encourage the TV ads because kids watch TV all the time and would most-likely see an ad. SOLUTION: Use BOTH ideas so both of the teams will be happy.
  7. 7. Other Information To resolve a conflict you should compromise How To Compromise Listen to all ideas and merge them together Use one teams ideas and next time use the other team’s ideas
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