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  1. 1. 25/09/2015 1 Date: Speaker: Place: 24.08.2015 Welcome to Viking EMEA Viking EMEA‘ya Hoşgeldiniz Your Fire Protection Partner in Europe, Middle East, Africa Avrupa, Orta Doğu ve Kuzey Afrika’daki Yangından Korunma Partneriniz Numan Sahin Viking Turkey © Viking S.A. © Viking Page 2 1. History | Roots (Geriye Bakış| Köklerimiz) 2. Minimax Viking Group (Minimax Viking Grubu) 3. Viking EMEA - Europe, Middle East and Africa (Viking EMEA – Avrupa, Orta Doğu ve Afrika) 4. Product Range (Ürün yelpazesi) 5. Technical Support (Teknik Destek) İçerik: Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014
  2. 2. 25/09/2015 2 © Viking Page 3 Looking back | Our roots Minimax and Viking firmalarının tarihi (1) Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014 1890 1900 1920 1930 1950 1960 1970 Emil Tyden tarafından kurulur International Seal & Lock in Hastings, MI (USA) Minimax kurucusu Wilhelm Graaff efsane olan konik söndürücüyü geliştirir (1902) The Viking Corp. doğdu Orjinal ürün Tyden kuru alarm vanası Viking Baskın (deluge) vana Minimax Bad Urach tesisi açılır Viking yangın müteahhitliğin e başlar.... Minimax yangın test merkezini Bad Oldesloe’da açar... Viking Uluslararası satışlara başlar Preussag AG Minimax’ı satın alır. © Viking Page 4 Looking back | Our roots The history of Minimax and Viking (2) Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014 1980 1990 2000 2009 2014 Viking sprinkler model M introduced Viking divests itself from all contracting and design interests  focus on R&D, manufacturing and distribution Viking SupplyNet is created as sole distributor for Viking products and related fire protection components Viking International offices open in Europe and Asia Minimax enters private equity ownership Viking Fabrication Services (2002) & Viking Plastics (2007) are established Automated assembly & R&D expansion Minimax ve Viking birleşerek Minimax Viking Group (2009) oluşur Minimax Viking SupplyNet kurulur New warehouse in Lubeck opens (2013) Viking EMEA opens new office in Türkiye ofisini ve deposunu kurar
  3. 3. 25/09/2015 3 © Viking Page 5 The Minimax Viking Group at a glance Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014 Turnover > 1 billion EUR6,600 employees worldwide Worldwide presence (70 countries on all continents) Broad product and services offering More than 60 fire protection companies Own research centres Own production plants © Viking Page 6 Where does Viking EMEA fit into the organization? Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014  Develops, manufactures, and distributes fire sprinklers, valves, and devices; while focusing on products for water and foam applications mainly  From residential applications to commercial, industrial and storage to special solutions, Viking offers innovative products for any fire protection challenge  The broad product range is focused on serving the needs of fire contractors and end-users  Fire protection in all facets: – from fire extinguishers to complete extinguishing systems – from own research and manufacturingto service  Besides product development and production, focus on – contracting business (design, installationand maintenance of complete extinguishing systems) as well as – “MobileServices” (fire extinguishers)  Products for water, foam, gas and detection, for a wide range of industries and applications  Viking’s distribution business founded in the US in the early 1980s as sole distributor of Viking products (and related fire protection components). Since 2009 (merger), Minimax products complement the range.  Worldwide: represented by over thirty wholly owned locations and a large network of independent distributors.  Viking EMEA – Europa, Middle East and North Africa: – 8 dedicated distribution centres, and more than 150 employees – Your single source for the largest selection of fixed, automatic fire protection products and services The Viking group | Products and systemsThe Minimax group | Fire solutions provider Viking EMEA | Your fire protection partner
  4. 4. 25/09/2015 4 © Viking Page 7 Viking EMEA locations A wide distribution network Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014 Distribution centre & sales office Sales office © Viking Page 8 Water-based suppression systems  Storage (warehouses, cold storage)  Commercial (shopping centres, underground car parks, offices)  Industrial (manufacturing plants, cable channels, machine tools)  Residential (retirement homes, residential housing)  Etc. Foam-based suppression systems  Petrochem (e.g. tank farms)  Energy (e.g. power plants)  Waste incineration plants  Airplane hangars & helipads  Road and train tunnels  Etc. Viking offers the broadest product range on the market Components suitable for various applications Gas suppression systems  Data centres & server rooms  Power distribution and control cabinets  Cable ducts and cable cellars  Museums  Archives  Laboratories  Etc. Fire detection systems  Airplane & helicopter hangars  Exhaust gas ducts  Painting facilities  Engine test stands  Petrochem  Waste incineration plants  Etc. Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014
  5. 5. 25/09/2015 5 © Viking Page 9 Product range | Water systems Produced and distributed by Viking Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014 © Viking Page 10 Product range | Water systems Produced and distributed by Viking Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014
  6. 6. 25/09/2015 6 © Viking Page 11 Product range | Water systems – Related products Distributed by Viking Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014 © Viking Page 12 Product range | Water systems – Related products Distributed by Viking Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014
  7. 7. 25/09/2015 7 © Viking Page 13 EconAqua EconAqua ObjectProtect • Protection of buildings • Water mist sprinkler systems for certain risks according to VdS CEA 4001 • Machinery and specific application protection • Water mist systems (with open nozzles), e.g. machines & wire ducts Product range | Water mist systems | EconAqua Produced and distributed by Viking Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014 • Innovative low pressure water mist technology with high efficiency protection of buildings • Protects life, property and the environment • Fulfils official directives and requirements (planning and building permission) • Fire insurance premium reductions due to VdS approval © Viking Page 14 Product range | Foam systems Produced and/or distributed by Viking Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014  Foam storage tanks  Proportioning devices  Manual and remote control monitors  Foam concentrate (distribution only)  Discharge devices  Others
  8. 8. 25/09/2015 8 © Viking Page 15 Product range | Foam systems Produced and/or distributed by Viking Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014 © Viking Page 16 Fire suppression Reduction of oxygen Fire suppression Heat absorption (chemical/physical) Fire prevention Permanent reduction of oxygen “Oxeo” Inert gases / CO2 • Clean agents • Argon (Ar), • Nitrogen (N) • Carbon dioxide • CO2 “VSN 1230” and “VSN 200” Synthetic gases • FK-5-1-12 • known as NovecTM 1230 • HFC-227ea • known as FM200® “Oxeo Prevent” Inert gases (Nitrogen) • The level of oxygen in the ambient air of the protected volume is permanently kept at a level that prevents the outbreak of fire • “Active protection against fire” Product range | Gas suppression systems Produced and distributed by Viking Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014
  9. 9. 25/09/2015 9 © Viking Page 17 Product range | Gas suppression systems Produced and distributed by Viking Willkommen bei Viking EMEA | Mai 2014 Oxeo VSN1230 Multi-Zone © Viking Page 18 Product range | Fire detection systems FMZ 5000 - Control panels Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014
  10. 10. 25/09/2015 10 © Viking Page 19 Product range | Fire detection systems UniVario detectors Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014 Flame detector IR (triple view) Flame detector UV Heat detectors Heat detectors for high temperature ranges Bases Interfaces / Modules Accessories Maintenance accessories © Viking Page 20 Viking EMEA provides outstanding technical support Local resources, product seminars, technical expertise Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014 Dedicated technical support team  More than 270 years of collective experience in fire protection  > 10% of Viking EMEA personnel are dedicated to help solve your technical support requests  Product seminars and trainings are organized in many regions and in local languages on a regular basis – In-house training on customer premises is offered on request  We encourage the wider use of fixed fire protection installations in order to protect lives, businesses and properties
  11. 11. 25/09/2015 11 © Viking Page 21 How can we support your business? Welcome to Viking EMEA | May 2014 Temas bilgileri Numan Şahin Bölge Müdürü / Regional Manager Viking S.A. Merkezi Lüksemburg İstanbul Merkezi Şubesi İnönü Cad. Sümer Sok. Zitaş İş Merkezi D2 Blok K:5, D:12 34742 Kozyatağı, Kadıköy, İstanbul Türkiye Tel.: +90 216 403 1800 Fax: +90 216 403 1803 GSM: +90 541 211 6297