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Nuke Suite Starter Guide 2015 English

Nuke Suite Starter Guide 2015 English: Discover Nuke Suite features

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Nuke Suite Starter Guide 2015 English

  1. 1. Starter Guide
  2. 2. A powerful platform to grow your online communities, build engagement, measure results and drive conversions Nuke Suite is an integrated social marketing for global brands. What is Nuke Suite?
  3. 3. One platform to get the best of social A comprehensive set of tools for social marketing Nuke Suite is an integrated social marketing for global brands. ENGAGE ANSWER ANALYSE ENRICH LISTEN CONVERT Manage conversations across all social accounts Turn social media into a true customer service channel Track and analyse all activities across your social pages Capture social audience & enrich fan experience with social apps Measure your online presence & eReputation across the entire web Transform collected data into actionable conversion
  4. 4. Let’s get started!
  5. 5. Add your Facebook pages, your Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts to manage them all through Nuke Suite Note you can only add the number of pages that the license you choose permits Twitter connect Instagram connect Facebook connect Adding pages and accounts
  6. 6. See your personal profile, modify your password and manage your users Manage your accounts and users
  7. 7. Select Engage, Answer, Analyse, Enrich and/or Convert for each account added. You can see the licences auto-updated with each selection. Manage your accounts
  8. 8. Engage Efficiently publish to your communities
  9. 9. Select networks, content and specify parameters Publish now, plan or send for validation Publish on multiple networks in one click Nuke Suite makes it easy to create and plan publications Soon to come Instagram & Pinterest APIs do not allow publication via platforms for the moment. Restrict publications or target users by country, language, etc. Automatically generate shortened URL
  10. 10. Use the calendar to overview and plan your publications Get an overview & manage publications Filter by network, account, status or tag Create a planned publication in one click Have a quick overview of all publications status, author, comment & history etc.
  11. 11. Publication approval flow for team collaboration Comments, history and notifications Advanced post approval tools Publication validation made easy Tags for publication result measure
  12. 12. Upload any files and organise with folders Define sharing rights for each piece of content Up to 5GB of content storage for publications Upload & share contents with your team mates, agencies or clients Organise and share contents to be published
  13. 13. Create template for your community managers Save any publication as a template incl. text, visual, links Create a new publication from a shared template Create publication template and share with team
  14. 14. Answer Get the best report to analyse and communicate results
  15. 15. Closely follow user actions in a universal feed Directly manage users’ publications: comments, likes, replies, hide, delete etc. Personalise your feed - filter by network, account and content type Get user feedback as soon as it’s posted to reply faster Manage user feedbacks effortlessly
  16. 16. Access users’ profile on Facebook and Twitter See user influence with number of followers/friends Get user bio and details and profile link See user profile and understand his proximity with the brand Get to know your users and clients
  17. 17. Easily share user feedback with colleagues (e.g. customer care) Assign any users’ content from newsfeed to a colleague Define answer deadline and priority Follow all assigned tasks and their resolution status and get notification for each change Be sure the right person gives the right answer to client Archive task when done
  18. 18. Create personalised alerts from keywords or by user- defined timescales Get alerts whenever a comment requires moderation Realise user content moderation with alerting Never miss any comments about your brand
  19. 19. Analyse The best report to analyse and communicate results
  20. 20. Create reports for one or more accounts with one click Select a suggested period or choose a custom one Export data into excel files Generate a complete report in one click Analyse community insights in detail
  21. 21. Track all your community evolution over a period Follow your community size Track community evolution over time Identify best publications & ambassadors You can select several accounts here Soon to come Get exhaustive insights for your social accounts
  22. 22. Follow account reach & impressions Follow account publications & interactions Get an analysis of account engagement Get exhaustive insights for your social accounts Follow account interactions in detail (likes, comments, shares, RT etc.) Get best publications & ambassadors
  23. 23. Get community size predictions Get best time for users’ presence Smart insights: how to get the most interactions with your community Get exhaustive insights for your social accounts See when account is publishing See what account is publishing and what should be publishing
  24. 24. Easily compare you and your competitors’ results Save your comparison to get regular reports and export data Create comparisons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest Compare your social network accounts with your competitors’ Watch competition and adapt your strategy
  25. 25. Compare your number of fans/followers and its evolution See the activity rate for your page, compare it and its evolution against your competition See and compare your posting activity and how engaging your posts are vs your competitors Compare Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest presences for you & your competitors Data Monitoring
  26. 26. Follow organic, paid and viral reach Get all interactions: likes, comments, shares, clicks Analyse & compare engagement rate Get exhaustive insights for each publications with detailed stats for reach, interactions and engagement Improve your community management
  27. 27. Enrich Create stunning social experiences and collect user data
  28. 28. Select a template, create the app and customise visuals and text Create and customise apps for your Facebook pages using any of the 15 available templates Launch applications Set data you want to collect via the form Get insights and export data when application is done Application guide and PSD are provided in Help section for each application template
  29. 29. 15 app templates to recruit, animate and qualify users Enrich Create applications Social Content apps Social Contest apps Social Quiz apps The instant win app lets fans try their luck for prizes, and find out immediately whether they have won. 13. Instant Win Quiz lets you ask your fans questions and hold a prize draw for participants. 12. Quiz Increase fans, enhance your brand voice, and capture usable data with engaging personality tests. 14. Personality test Entertain your fans through a fun, speed-based contest. 15. Photo Match Grow and engage your fan base with a viral sweepstakes on Facebook. 16. Sweepstakes Insert any piece of your web content into a Facebook application. 3. Landing Page Recreate a web page on a Facebook app by pasting HTML content. 1. Web Page Enter fans into any contest and capture user data with a user form app. 2. Entry Form Create a Facebook app showcasing your brand’s Spotify playlist. 4. Spotify Playlist Publish several apps within the same portal on Facebook. 5. Portal Push content and product on a Facebook to generate traffic to your website. 6. Social Commerce Invite your fans to publish their own pictures and get them to invite their friends to vote. 7. Photo Contest Launch your own Instagram contest and get your community to vote for the best photo. 8. Instagram contest Create a song or playlist contest app for your fans with Soundcloud. 9. Music Contest Give the power to your fans by letting them vote for their favorite videos. 10. Video Voting Publish content and invite fans to re- tweet. The more they re-tweet the better the prizes they can win. 11. Twitter Contest
  30. 30. Use Nuke Suite’s innovative Smart Data Capture tool to collect user information with a dynamic form system Define data you want to collect and set up operations all along the year which will consolidate users according to what information you have already Ongoing collection of valuable user data Smart Data Capture
  31. 31. Increase user loyalty with Facebook notification campaign Use segmentation created in Nuke Suite to target specific users Manage campaign according to click-through- rate. Nuke Suite alerts you when CTR is too low Create and manage targeted notifications for a Facebook application Activate fans with targeted notification campaigns
  32. 32. Convert Feed your CRM existing tool with social data
  33. 33. Access user public information: name, profile image and language Get activity on a page: posts, likes, comments, shares Check user engagement rates Access data for your fans and followers Fans & followers consolidation All information given by the user to qualify to participate
  34. 34. Create a segment from fan or follower list Create a custom audience from an external file (client,prospects) Create and use user-based segments Fans & followers segments Use segment for notifications campaigns or application personalised experience
  35. 35. Create segments for your fan base Add your product catalogue and define segments for each product The application dynamically displays products based on social profile data Target fan segments with a personalised Facebook application Personalise user experience & improve conversions
  36. 36. Support Nuke Suite gives you human support
  37. 37. Nuke Suite offers best-in-class support, including: Exhaustive Frequently Asked Questions User guides & PSD templates for each application Video demonstration Nuke Suite Support by email & phone
  38. 38. Email Call us +33 (0)1 40 26 23 07 We provide best-in-class support