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Mindful Eating book by Natasa Pantovic nuit quotes inspirations


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Mindful eating book by Natasa Pantovic Nnuit quotes inspirations. Mindful Eating with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes is an Alchemy of love mindfulness training book with mindful & conscious eating exercises

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Mindful Eating book by Natasa Pantovic nuit quotes inspirations

  1. 1. Mindful Being by Nuit ‘It is not natural to challenge the existing beliefs breaking patterns, and yet once you manage, you create a space for the new patterns to form, the ones that are filled with Love, Acceptance, Knowledge, and you give yourself a chance to Spiritually Grow.’
  2. 2. Mindful Being by Nuit ‘Our mind is constantly busy with thoughts and feelings about our past, present or future. To stop it from useless chat, we must learn how to hear this noise, become aware of it, and transform it through concentration into mindfulness.’
  3. 3. Mindful Being by Nuit ‘Learning the Art of Self Development we learn about power of Mind, Consciousness, Mindfulness, True Love, we become aware of the possibility to Live Life in Harmony with ourselves, neighbours, relatives, parents, animals, plants, and the planet Earth.’
  4. 4. Mindful Eating by Nuit ‘We do food every single day. Conscious Eating is a big step toward Conscious Living. Quality and Quantity of Food is directly related to our Health and State of Mind. We can use food to help us recover from Stress and Disease. Not taking food seriously will eventually lead to Stress or Disease’ With Delicious RAW VEGAN RECIPES
  5. 5. Mindful Eating by Nuit Empower your Physical Body, helping your Mind and Soul: 1. Chose Healthy Food 2. Create Daily Routine with Nutritional Habits 3. Eat Mindfully practicing Mindfulness & Willpower Exercises with Delicious RAW VEGAN RECIPES
  6. 6. Mindful Eating by Nuit ‘Lot of us have Problems with over-eating, eating too often, too little, eating junk food, food allergies… Mindfulness of our relationship to food gives us an Awareness of the Body Mind Soul re-action & connection to food.’ with Delicious RAW VEGAN RECIPES
  7. 7. Mindful Eating by Nuit ‘We are all children that need nurturing, love and care. So give your inner child that nurturing and love, give yourself back the joy of preparing healthy and nutritious meals, joy of experiencing food without TV, reading, working, rush.’ with Delicious RAW VEGAN RECIPES
  8. 8. Mindful Eating by Nuit ‘Become Mindful of your food. Your enjoyment will multiply. The quality will replace the quantity, Awareness will become your guide and protector. With the awareness you will start respecting yourself.’ with Delicious RAW VEGAN RECIPES
  9. 9. Mindful Eating by Nuit ‘CHOOSE YOUR FOOD PROPERLY! Let it be organic, fresh, seasonal, healthy, without preservatives, suitable for you. Let it be tasty and looking wonderful. Preparing food could be an art form - a very beautiful one.’ with Delicious RAW VEGAN RECIPES
  10. 10. Mindful Eating by Nuit ‘Real Food is not GMO modified, has no poisons, no preservatives, no colourings. Real Food is Fruit and Veggies that are seasonal & local. Real Food is not processed, frozen, or pre-packaged. Whole, unprocessed foods are much healthier.’ with Delicious RAW VEGAN RECIPES
  11. 11. Mindfulness Training Your Highest Potential is Waiting Start Your ‘Hope you discover Your Self Get Inspired to Live more Passionate & Sensitive Life Learn how to Listen to Your Soul Finding your-own space in this Matrix of Life. Making a genuine contribution to Gaia and Humanity.’ Nuit
  12. 12. Mindfulness Training Mindful Eating Mindful Living
  13. 13. Mindfulness Training Free Your Mind Exercise Your Willpower
  14. 14. Mindfulness Training Stop in Wonder! Your Life is Passing Un-noticed
  15. 15. Mindfulness Training Stay Attentive to Your Soul’s Whispers
  16. 16. Mindfulness Training Create Reality of Your Dreams Awareness Consciousness Alchemy of Soul Self Improvement Tools