Breathtaking Beauty of Reed Flute Cave - China


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Reed Flute Cave - China
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Breathtaking Beauty of Reed Flute Cave - China

  1. 1. Reed flute cave - China Presented by Nubia
  2. 2. Reed flute cave Cane Flute Cave is the largest and most picturesque of karst caves in the Chinese tourist city of Guilin . But the colorful name of this ancient cave - nothing compared to the beauty of its halls. Guilin - ancient picturesque city, located in southern China . The Chinese themselves call Guilin , « the most beautiful city in the Middle Kingdom ." Once the site was the ocean. Natural disasters forced to leave the water , raising the surface of fantastic mountains with strange canyons, clefts, caves and caverns . On the north- west , seven miles from the center of town is Mount Guanminshan , on the southern side of which sits a rock ' reed flute . In this rock is unique cave, called the Cave of reed flutes (Reed flute cave).  Cave cane Flute  is a part of a system of caves and tunnels with lots of delicate stalactites and stalagmites , one of the most famous caves.  This karst cave goes to a depth of 240 meters and the first tourists visited it ... 1300 years ago . Cave is given a very apt name : hanging from the roof and hundreds of tiny stalactites, many of which resemble thin pipes . The cave got its name from the thickets of bamboo , covering the surrounding hills . Bamboo with this place the locals used for the production of a musical instrument - the flute .  The length of the route is almost 500 meters on the turns a spectacular picture bizarre formations of stalactites and stalagmites , rock formations and accumulations of stone pillars . During the tour , which lasts an hour movement inside the cave is on the U - shaped curve . Highlighted stalactites form a pattern , according to Chinese tradition poetically named in the spirit of ' Crystal Palace of the Dragon King ' . Due to the unique lighting and reflection in the underground lake - it seems stiff action that are on the Chinese tradition of poetic names: "Crystal Palace "," Dragon's Tower "," Pine in Snow " , "Dawn in the Lion Grove , Red threshold "and so on . The cave was formed due to destruction of quartz rocks with water. Figuratively cave called the Palace of nature , imagination dorisovyvaet pavilions , majestic palace chambers and paradise gardens with parks. Legend , that the cave was opened by the farmer , who wandered in these surroundings , and fell into a crevice. She was the entrance to the cave . Inside the cave is divided into several fabulous rooms . One of them is the lake , one of the finest ground in the world. Only in 1973 the city of Guilin has been opened to foreign tourists, and quickly became one of the most popular tourist destinations . Entrance to the cave is 60 yuan ( about 9 dollars ) . (translation made with an online translator can have some errors-sorry by advance)
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