Nomads of Tibet


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Nomads of Tibet
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Nomads of Tibet

  1. 1. Nomads of Tibet Presented by Nubia
  2. 2. Fotoputeshestvie a freelance photographer for National Geographic Alison Wright to the nomads of Tibet . Alison is currently in Tibet and working on his project on the indigenous populations. The project lasts for five years now , and only Alison Tibet devoted twenty years of his life . Alison said that admires people who live far away from civilization and very self-sufficient . 'The nomads have a real visual beauty. " - says Alison . " I say this not to romanticize the nomads , but this beauty is visible , for example, women walking down the street in the necklace of amber and turquoise , and carrying a sack of cement. "For Alison question is how the nomads have survived, not so much in the wild, and how they survived after the Chinese came to Tibet , and said how and where they live. Land they have selected and Aborigines have to find other ways of production daily bread. They cease to be nomadic and move to the cities .. From the perspective of Nature on Earth is only a few such places as Tibet . Popular in recent issues of climate change , global warming, melting glaciers, the lack of food and water , reduction of biological diversity can not be attributed to Tibet . Neglecting these important global issues , special attention should be paid to people living in the open spaces of Tibet , namely - Nomad . It's no secret that the nomads survive mainly due to traditional products produced on the pastures of Tibet . More than a thousand years, the nomads adapted to their environment , learned to live with what nature gives them , instead of changing the area for their needs, as is often done by farmers. That is why we should learn how to live in harmony with nature among Tibetan nomads . Photo ( C ) ALISON WRIGHT / NYT
  3. 4. In the monastery.
  4. 5. Pilgrims
  5. 6. Nomad
  6. 7. Mechanic replaced the horse.
  7. 8. Making a mandala
  8. 9. Girl dressed for the holiday , where will the competition on horseback .
  9. 10. . Cooking
  10. 11. Express to Lhasa .
  11. 12. yak herder
  12. 14. Offering oil lamps deceased lama
  13. 15. The Chinese couple in costumes Tibetan nomads photographed for memory
  14. 16. Pilgrims on Mount Kailash.
  15. 17. Eastern Tibet.
  16. 18. Nomad on horseback .
  17. 19. Monk set up the oil lamps . Table lamps are not common.
  18. 20. After returning from holiday .
  19. 21. The settlement of nomads in the province Golok .
  20. 22. Women nomads from Kukunor that lies on the eastern shore of Lake Qinghai.
  21. 23. Settlement in the province Golok .
  22. 24. A herd of sheep in the Tibetan Autonomous Region.
  23. 25. A herd of yaks .
  24. 26. Dwellings of nomads in the pasture near the eastern shore of Lake Qinghai.
  25. 27. Woman with children from the settlements of Aba , Sichuan Province .
  26. 28. Riders on the northern plains, not far from the mountains Tangla in south -western province of Qinghai .
  27. 29. Nomads in the pasture near Hunyuan Sichuan .
  28. 30. The family of nomads with their dogs .
  29. 31. Nomads unload yaks in the upper Yangtze River.
  30. 32. Nomadic woman in Appaloosa horses .
  31. 34. Women from the province of Kham with the horse .
  32. 35. A woman milks " Drey "- a female yak .
  33. 36. The settlements of nomads near Nima .
  34. 37. Green pastures in the province of Sichuan.
  35. 38. Residence nomads , Qinghai Province.
  36. 39. An elderly nomad with a pitchfork .
  37. 40. Nomad near the Labrang Monastery in Gansu Province . A woman hides her face nomad from the wind.
  38. 41. Women Travellers decorate hair amber beads .
  39. 42. Women from the settlement Kukunor , which is located on the eastern shore of Lake Qinghai.
  40. 43. Nomads were going wool market .
  41. 44. Little girls on horseback .
  42. 45. A herd of yaks is sent out to pasture .
  43. 46. Milk collection yaks to send to the factory .
  44. 47. The fence near the settlements Dansyun .
  45. 48. Nomads play in billiards .
  46. 49. House of nomads and a shed for cattle .
  47. 50. Motorcycle near housing nomads .
  48. 51. The boy brought the yak 's milk , in order to sell the factory .
  49. 52. Empty pasture near Nakchu , Tibet.
  50. 54. Nomad under the roof of the world " , it is so different is called Tibet.
  51. 55. A presentation by Nubia Nubia _group@ yahoo . fr http://groups. yahoo . com /group/ Nubia _group/ http:// www . slideshare .net/ Nubiagroup http:// www . facebook . com / NubiaGroup You can keep listening to the music or press « ESC » to exit