Competition of macro photography by nikon


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Competition of macro photography by nikon

  1. 1. International Competition Of Macro Photography By Nikon
  2. 2. International Competition Of Macro Photography By Nikon Small World is regarded as the leading forum for showcasing the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light microscope. For over 30 years, Nikon has rewarded the world's best photomicrographers who make critically important scientific contributions to life sciences, bio-research and materials science. Photomicrography is to showcase the beauty of small things with a microscope. This competition is held by Nikon. Recently the International Competition micrographs of Nikon’s announced its winners of 2010. Looking into the world of animals, plants and minerals with new technologies and different tools, the contestants this year are offering us pictures of crystal formations, the fluorescent body parts, network structures and much more of value because of its beauty and inner peace.
  3. 3. 1st Place, 2010 - Jonas King, Anopheles gambiae (mosquito) heart (100X)
  4. 4. 2nd Place, 2010 - Hideo Otsuna, 5-day old zebrafish head (20X) Zebrafish olfactory bulbs (250X)
  5. 5. 3rd Place, 2010 - Oliver Braubach, Zebrafish olfactory bulbs (250X)
  6. 6. 4th Place, 2010 - Riccardo Taiariol, Wasp nest (10X)
  7. 7. 5th Place, 2010 - Viktor Sykora, Strelitzia reginae (bird of paradise) seed (10X)
  8. 8. 6th Place, 2010 - John Huisman, Martensia sp. (red seaweed), living specimen (40X)
  9. 9. 7th Place, 2010 Yongli Shan, Endothelial cell attached to synthetic microfibers, stained with microtubules, F-actin and nuclei (2500X)
  10. 10. 8th Place, 2010 - Honorio Cocera-La Parra, Cacoxenite (mineral) (18X)
  11. 11. 9th Place, 2010 - Duane Harland, Ctenocephalides canis (flea) (20X)
  12. 12. 10th Place, 2010 - Yanping Wang, Crystallized soy sauce (16X)
  13. 13. 11th Place, 2010 - Paul D. Andrews, Telophase HeLa (cancer) cells expressing Aurora B-EGFP (green) (100X)
  14. 14. 12 th Place, 2010 - Gregory Rouse, Juvenile bivalve mollusc, Lima sp. (10X)
  15. 15. 13th Place, 2010 - James Nicholson, Orange Fungia (mushroom coral), live specimen (6X)
  16. 16. 14th Place, 2010 - Stephen Lowry, Spiral vessels from banana plant stem (32X)
  17. 17. 15th Place, 2010 - Ralf Wagner, Divaricatic acid from Evernia divaricata (lichen), recrystallized from acetone (10X)
  18. 18. 16th Place, 2010 - Robert Markus, Mirabilis jalapa (four o’clock flower) stigma with pollen (100X)
  19. 19. 17th Place, 2010 - Charles Krebs, Ichneumon wasp compound eye and antenna base (40X)
  20. 20. 18th Place, 2010 - Gerd Guenther, Soap film (150X)
  21. 21. 19th Place, 2010 - Cameron Johnson, Wistar rat retina outlining the retinal vessel network and associated communication channels (100X)
  22. 22. 20th Place, 2010 - John Hart, Crystallized melt of sulfur and acetanilide (10X)
  23. 23. Honorable Mention : Robert Berdan, Trout alevin (larva) (10X)
  24. 24. Honorable Mention : Edward Leighman Gafford, Recrystallized sulfur (63X)
  25. 25. Honorable Mention : Marie Andersson, Anopheles (mosquito) eye (20X)
  26. 26. Honorable Mention : Gerd Guenther, Paramecium caudatum fed with Congo red-stained yeast, living specimen (600X)
  27. 27. Honorable Mention : Darryl Hover, Sodium saccharin crystals (100X)
  28. 28. Honorable Mention : J. Claire Hoving, Anisakis pegreffi (parasitic worm) (40X)
  29. 29. Honorable Mention : Laurie Knight, Turbinate eyes of male mayfly (10X)
  30. 30. Honorable Mention : Charles Krebs, Crab larva, living specimen (6.68X)
  31. 31. Honorable Mention : Alvaro Migotto, Echinaster brasiliensis (starfish) embryo, four cell stage (60X)
  32. 32. Honorable Mention : Fabrice Parais, Trichoptera Hydropsyche angustipennis (caddisfly) larva, posterior claws (30X)
  33. 33. Honorable Mention : Antonio G. Valdecasas, Jose M. Becerra, Female Axonopsis (water mite), ventral side (200X)
  34. 34. Image of Distinction : Marie Andersson, Drosophila sp. (fruit fly) eye, direct mount (20X)
  35. 35. Image of Distinction : Jocelyn Cheng, Bryozoa (20X)
  36. 36. Image of Distinction : Thomas Deerinck, Penicillin (sodium salt) recrystallized from mixed solvents (60X)
  37. 37. Image of Distinction : Thomas Deerinck, 2-Photon fluorescence image of glial cells in the cerebellum (400X)
  38. 38. Image of Distinction : Laurence Dubreil, Cryosection of rat skeletal muscle (20X)
  39. 39. Image of Distinction : Stefan Eberhard, Potassium ferricyanide (40X)
  40. 40. Image of Distinction : Stefanie Eisenbach, 72 hour chick embryo, dissected from the yolk (40X)
  41. 41. Image of Distinction : Christian Gautier, Tortula papillosa (moss) (20X)
  42. 42. Image of Distinction : Christian Gautier, Porpita porpita (blue button) tentacle (50X)
  43. 43. Image of Distinction : Christian Gautier, Toad ova injected, mounted in lacto-phenol (50X)
  44. 44. Image of Distinction : Marta Guervos, Prunus cerasifera (‘Pissardii’ purple-leaved plum) stamen (40X)
  45. 45. Image of Distinction : John Hart, Crystallized melt of resorcinal and carbon tetrabromide (33X)
  46. 46. Image of Distinction : John Hart, Crystallized melt mixture of sulfur, resorcinal, dibenzofuran (33X)
  47. 47. Image of Distinction : Pekka Honkakoski, Snowcrystal (snowflake) (40X)
  48. 48. Image of Distinction : Juan Carlos Izpisúa, Mouse embryo stem cells surrounded by trophectoderm cells (63X)
  49. 49. Image of Distinction : Mike Klymkowsky, Developing Eleutherodactylus coqui (frog), whole mount (20X)
  50. 50. Image of Distinction : Laurie Knight, Dolichopodid sp. (fly) eyes (10X)
  51. 51. Image of Distinction : Robert Markus, Bee abdomen with pollen (40X)
  52. 52. Image of Distinction : Jan Michels, Protzia eximia (water mite), ventral view (10X)
  53. 53. Image of Distinction : David Millard, Hemiargus isola (Reakirt’s blue butterfly) egg on Mimosa strigillosa (pink powderpuff) bud (6X)
  54. 54. Image of Distinction : Fabrice Parais, Hydropsyche angustipennis (caddisfly) larva head (30X)
  55. 55. Image of Distinction : Rafael Pennese, Rat subcutaneous fibroblasts on silicon microactuator (20X)
  56. 56. Image of Distinction : Thomas Shearer, Polished Mexican fire agate (4X)
  57. 57. Image of Distinction : Raymond Sloss, Radiolarian (250X)
  58. 58. Image of Distinction : Arlene Wechezak, Scagelia sp. (red algae) (250X)
  59. 59. 18th place in Nikon Small World contest 2008 By Tamily Weissman “Brainbow” transgenic mouse hippocampus (40X)
  60. 60. 3rd place in Nikon Small World contest 2008 By Albert Tousson Convallaria majalis (Lily of the Valley)
  61. 61. 8th place in Nikon Small World contest 2009 By Lloyd Donaldson Cotton fibers stained with berberine sulphate and color depth shaded
  62. 62. 12th place in Nikon Small World contest 2009 - By Tsutomu Seimiya Flow pattern in draining soap film
  63. 63. 7th place in Nikon Small World contest 2009 By Shirley Owens Hair-like trichomes on Thunbergia alata (Black-eyed Susan vine)
  64. 64. 14th place in Nikon Small World contest 2007 By Christian Gautier Cedrus Atlantica (cedar) leaf crosscut
  65. 65. 2nd place in Nikon Small World contest 2007 By Michael Hendricks Zebrafish embryo midbrain and diencephalon (20X)
  66. 66. 20th place in Nikon Small World contest 2007 By Matthew Hooge Clione sp. (planktonic mollusk) larva (40X)
  67. 67. 4th place in Nikon Small World contest 2007 By Charles Krebs Marine diatoms attached to Polysiphonia (red algae) (100X)
  68. 68. 1st place in Nikon Small World contest 2007 By Gloria Kwon Double transgenic mouse embryo, 18.5 days (17X)
  69. 69. 11th place in Nikon Small World contest 2007 By Robert Markus Opening stamen of Mirabilis jalapa (flower) (125X)
  70. 70. 9th place in Nikon Small World contest 2007 by Shamuel Silberman - Papaver subpiriforme (corn poppies) flower bud (20X)
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