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Improving Public Relations and Media Outreach for Small businesses & Non-Profits


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NuVisions is a Public Relations company using a state of the art media database to reach 1.4 million media contacts, media outlets, bloggers and analysts. We save you 65% on your advertising budgets and increase sales 45%

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Improving Public Relations and Media Outreach for Small businesses & Non-Profits

  1. 1. Improving Public Relations and Media Outreach for Small businesses & Non-Profits PR Services offered through Nuvisions 1
  2. 2. Complete Communications Integration  Media Contact and Collaboration Management  Distribution Capabilities  Activity Tracking and Full Reporting  News Management  Target Opportunities (Speaking Opportunities, Editorial Calendars)  Project Management and Campaign Tracking  Intranet and Online Pressroom Management  Analysis 2
  3. 3. Problems/Issues Faced by many Small Busineesses & Non-Profits Today  Uncoordinated media outreach and limited media contact and publication accessibility  Manual updating of Media Contacts  Limited and time-consuming news clipping/gathering  Slow and ineffective reporting-difficult to analyze & quantify impact  Departments working in “silos”-lack of integration/ efficiencies 3
  4. 4. Solutions  Comprehensive and up to date media lists saving organizations time and resources by getting rid of time consuming task of researching and locating media contacts that write about your issues or topics  Greater returns on media campaigns realized by expanding media outreach and gaining greater coverage in the press  Comprehensive news tracking saving organizations time and money by automating news clipping  Real time reporting and detailed analysis giving organizations insight into the effectiveness of media campaigns 4
  5. 5. Nuvisions Media Relations Wheel Media Contacts Measurement Nuvisions Consulting Distribution News 5
  6. 6. Media Contacts •Nuvsions delivers the most comprehensive database in the industry, filled with detailed information about more than 1.4 million global and nearly 1 million US journalists and bloggers, media outlets and publicity opportunities including editorial calendars, awards, conferences and tradeshows 6
  7. 7. Media Contacts Through it’s partners Nuvisions provides rich media profiles that go well beyond basic contact information and include the preferred method of contact, links to recent news written by the journalist and even podcast interviews with the journalists The result is a 360- degree view of each media contact and outlet. 7
  8. 8. Distribution Model  Nuvision’s delivers your press release directly to the inbox of influential reporters, journalist, bloggers, and analyst that write about your issues and topics  Nuvisions distribution model includes unlimited press release sends, online newswire sends, and anti-spam capabilities to ensure your messages get through to the intended recipients  Nuvisions analytic tools includes detailed reporting on number of press contacts your distribution was sent to, number of email opens, web statistics for online press release readership and interest levels, detailed profile on the publication in which your article appears including outlet circulation, and ad value calculations 8
  9. 9.  In today’s 24x7 media world, many News Monitoring organizations often struggle to stay on top of their news, dedicating precious resources to filtering through the noise to find what’s relevant for the organization.  Nuvisions will free up your valuable resources and monitors all your news whether it is from traditional news sources, online news sites, blogs or the new social media we electronically clip from over 50,000 publications, online news sites, and social media sites.  Nuvisions electronically receives and automatically stores all of the clippings you get from any source you choose. Your stored clippings are instantly available for viewing, printing, analyzing and sharing with others. 9
  10. 10. News Analysis and  Nuvisions measures the effectivenes s of your PR programs by analyzing your news coverage, PR activities, as well as issues and topics that are important to your organizatio n  These reports include charts and graphs breaking down your news by the top 10
  11. 11. Media Contacts Analysis and  Nuvsions produces dozens of easy-to- read charts and graphs that allow you to gain valuable and immediate insight into your selected media contacts allowing you to see which outlets, demograp hic areas, subject and beat codes are represente 11
  12. 12. Nuvisions Creating a New Vision for your Vision Thank You for Considering Nuvisions for you Public Relations and Media Outreach Efforts 12