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Specialized Needs & Mood Health


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Vein Formula, Detox Formula, Eye Formula, Image HNS, BioGinkgo, Cortitrol, NightTime Formula,

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Specialized Needs & Mood Health

  1. 1. • Vein Formula• Detox Formula• Eye Formula• Image HNS• BioGinkgo
  2. 2. • Promotes leg vein circulatory health.• Helps maintain normal water balance inthe legs.• Contains a synergistic balance ofpatented grape seed extract andvitamin C—two proven antioxidants.• $33.65
  3. 3. • Powerful blend of liver-protective antioxidants protectsand maintains healthy liver cells and stimulates thenormal growth of healthy liver cells.• Offers a special blend of ingredients that help promotethe stimulation of normal bile flow—the livers secondline of defense against toxic chemicals.• Contains D-glucarate, a patented compound that hasbeen scientifically validated to protect the body fromharmful toxic metabolites. D-glucarate is a compoundproduced endogenously in humans and is also found ingrapefruit, apples, brussels sprouts, and other plantsources.• Provides vitamin C and N-acetyl-L-cysteine as dietaryprecursors to glutathione, the livers most importantantioxidant for both phase I and II detoxificationpathways.• $25.05
  4. 4. • Clinically-supported levels of lutein and zeaxanthinin a synergistic combination• Provides total protection of the macula - luteinprotects the outer portion while zeaxanthinprotects the central portion of the macula.• May help to reduce glare sensitivity in youngeradults.• Provides alpha-lipoic acid to help maintainantioxidant levels in the lens.• Unique combination of complementary nutrients forproprietary eye health and protection.• Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner SCS Certified: Youcan measure how Eye Formula is improving yourantioxidant protection.• $32.50
  5. 5. • Image HNS is a proprietary blend ofnutrients, including horsetail extract, a richsource of silica, necessary to promotehealthy hair, nails, and skin.• Provides antioxidants to protect our bodysdelicate tissues from free radical damage.• Contains important antioxidants includingvitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene.• Provides B vitamins.• $14
  6. 6. • Stimulates memory and concentration.• Promotes circulation to the brain, arms, andlegs.• Natural antioxidant that may help supportthe antioxidant defense system in fightingfree radicals.• Highest potency ginkgo biloba extractavailable.• $26
  7. 7. • Cortitrol• NightTime Formula
  8. 8. • Cortitrol is a unique dietary supplement that helpsyou stay calm and relaxed with a proprietaryblend of ingredients shown to promote healthycortisol levels.• Contains TheaPure, an all-natural theanineextract made from green tea leaves. TheaPuresupports your ability to respond to situations morecalmly. Also contains magnolia extract.• Improved performance and increased vigorthroughout the day.• Better mental concentration and focus.• Supports weight maintenance efforts.• $32.15
  9. 9. • Includes L-theanine, an amino acid naturallyfound in green tea leaves, known to enhance theproduction of alpha brain waves, which isindicative of a calm and relaxed mind.• Provides support without making you feel tired orrundown in the morning.• Formulated in optimum potency for safety andeffectiveness.• Free of chemicals and drugs.• $18.65