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Cell Protection & Weight Management


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g3, TeGreen 97, AC Complex, AC Shakes, Protein Boost, Metabotrim

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Cell Protection & Weight Management

  1. 1. • Cell Protection• Weight ManagementPharmanex offersnutritional supplementsformulated to nourishand protect your body.
  2. 2. • g3• Tegreen 97
  3. 3. A free radical is an atom or molecule that has one or more unpairedelectrons and is therefore unstable. Free radical reactions are constantlyoccurring in the body. Free radicals are produced naturally in the bodythrough common biochemical activities such as metabolism.Pollution, poor diet, exercise, and stress contribute to the production offree radicals. These free radicals disrupt the normal function of cells inthe body. Antioxidants are compounds that stabilize free radicalreactions.
  4. 4. g3 is a nutrient-rich juice from the prized gac ―superfruit‖ ofsouthern Asia, whose nutritional benefits have been scientificallydemonstrated to protect cells. Among gac’s potent phytonutrients area unique and highly bioavailable form of carotenoids calledlipocarotenes that provide powerful antioxidant protection whilesupporting healthy immune function. The g3 formula was developedwith three additional superfruits—Chinese lycium, Siberian pineapple,and cili fruit—that together provide a variety of benefits.• Helps support cellular rejuvenation.• Slows the common effects of aging through DNA protection.• Improves Skin Carotenoid Score (SCS), which is verified by thePharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner.• Fortifies antioxidant defenses against cellular free radical damage.• Supports healthy immune function.• 2pk bottles - $71.55• 4pk bottles - $135• 15pk pouches - $47• Instructional video
  5. 5. • Supports the antioxidant defense system in thepresence of pollution, stress and toxins.• A proprietary green tea extract containing 97%polyphenols of which 65% are catechins.• Polyphenol content of approximately 7 cups oftraditionally brewed green tea per capsule.(Japanese cups - about 100 ml.)• 99.5% caffeine free.• In a comparative study, Tegreen 97 was shownto have better bioavailability and antioxidantcapacity than drinking green or black tea.• 30 count - $16.10• 120 count - $56.25• Halal 30 count - $17.70; 120 count - $59.85
  6. 6. • AC Complex• AC Shakes• Protein Boost• Metabotrim
  7. 7. • My Victory AC Complex contains key ingredientsthat may help promote healthy weight loss whencombined with a healthy diet and regularexercise.• My Victory AC Complex promotes healthy weightloss by supporting healthy metabolism and leanmuscle mass and by boosting energy levels withproprietary ginseng extract.• Helps control appetite.• Supports energy levels while dieting.• Supports a healthy metabolism.• Helps maintain healthy lean muscle mass.• $82.35
  8. 8. • Contains 1,467 mg of powerful botanicals – morethan any other shake.• Includes a unique blend that helps you feel fullerlonger.• Contains a low glycemic formula.• Supports a healthy metabolism.• Helps maintain healthy lean muscle mass.• Provides the TrueDose Guarantee: 100% of theclinically effect doses of garcinia, gymnema, andforshohlii extracts when used with My Victory ACComplex.• Vanilla or Chocolate - $89
  9. 9. • Boost your protein intake with this premium-quality, healthy, plant based protein powder.• Contains all natural pea, rice, and chia proteins in adelicious, lactose, soy, and wheat gluten freevanilla powder.• It’s a healthy way to get extra protein and maintainlean muscle mass.• My Victory Protein Boost does not containyeast, soy, wheat gluten, milk, egg, whey, artificialsweetener, or preservatives and is suitable forvegetarians.• $37.85
  10. 10. • Includes essential vitamins and minerals topromote normal function of bodily processes.• Contains L-carnitine, which plays an importantrole in fat metabolism, thereby promoting energyproduction.• Contains the B-vitamins (B3, B6, and B12) that areinvolved in fat and carbohydrate metabolism.• $21.75