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  1. 1. PDHPE is essential for developing children inprimary schools, as it teaches them theimportance of physical activity, health andsafety.
  2. 2. Active Lifestyle• PDHPE encourages children to be physically active in order to live a healthy life. It teaches children the benefits of physical activity and different ways they can be physically active.
  3. 3. Nutrition• PDHPE teaches students about the importance of healthy eating. It encourages them to make healthy food choices Children who eat a variety of healthy foods feel better and are able to enjoy a better quality of life; eating a balanced diet also can prevent serious health problems as children grow into adulthood.
  4. 4. Safe Living• Feeling safe is essential to our lives. Students learn what it means to be safe and how to be safe. They learn about road safety, personal safety, swim safety, fire safety, school and play safety.
  5. 5. Relationships• Throughout our lives we will form different types of relationships with different people. PDHPE teaches students about the different types of relationships and the importance of having relationships.