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HR ForStartups from Amiya Pathak COO of Zipdial

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HR ForStartups_zipdial

  1. 1. HR-4-StartupsSharing the ZipDial Hiring Story
  2. 2. What’s the ZipDial Hiring Story ?2 member Founders Team in Dec to 16 in July
  3. 3. Whom To Hire …• Hire a Team and not an individual• Do not offer designations ahead of Time• Plan your hiring – whom to hire and when to hire
  4. 4. When to HireFactor in “Ability to Hire” Branding Investment Org StructureYour Potential Hires look for security – No matterhow well you sell your vision
  5. 5. Post Hiring…• Hiring does not end at making an offer• Define an org structure and process to absorb new hires• Infuse “Ownership” and drive down the Vision
  6. 6. Challenges• Market Salaries TOO HIGH!• Interview – NO SHOWS.• Attrition within 1-2 months
  7. 7. Key Takeaways• Define Hiring Strategy and Plan• Invest in Branding and Marketing• Consultants – get profiles of different background• Get Personally Involved – its your BABY