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HR ForStartups Check List


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The Checklist For Startup HR Department.

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HR ForStartups Check List

  1. 1. “ H R s h o u ld n o t b e d e f in e d b y w h a t itd o e s , b u t b y w h a t is d e liv e r s – r e s u lt st h a t e n r ic h t h e o r g a n iz a t io n ’ s v a lu e t oc u s t o m e r s , in v e s t o r s , a n d e m p lo y e e s” Dave Ulrich HR Guru
  2. 2. The Building Block Approach HR in Start upsDecember 2011 Confidential . Not for Circulation
  3. 3. The AgendaThe Startup ContextThe HR Game plan The Nitty Grittys
  4. 4. The Story…..
  5. 5. My Story Aurigene Employee No 3 EmployeeEmployee No 4 no 2 The HR Practice Employee No 1
  6. 6. Business Results & People Processes Purpose/Mission / GoalsB u s in e s s O r g a n iz a t io E f f e c t iv e n eE n v ir o n m e n t Reward Organization Systems Structure Company ss n In d u s t r y Processes/ Leadership Interactions Work S tru c tu re Mechanisms Culture
  7. 7. The HR Gameplan Long Term Strategic Partner Change Agent Management of Management of Strategic Human Change andProcesses Resources Transformation People Management of the Management Administration of the of Employee Organization Contributions Administrative Employee Short Expert Term Champion
  8. 8. The HR Work Family the Compensation ers Compensation, Benefits oth Benefits and Payroll & Benefits Administration Rewards Rewards , y1 d Budgeting & Expense Accounting a l D late Organizational Development a ion rticu Performacne Management rat e a Organizational & Training ope to b People Development Career Development y full eds Succession Planning e Data Records & Management o b ht ne d t ug Employee Data HRIT & HRIS nee tho Employee / Manager Self Service Management Workforce Analytics cts ing” Management Reporting spe und Employer Branding e a “ fo Workforce Planning & Recruiting / StaffingSom Deployment Immigration Services Resource Deployment HR Strategic Planning HR Plan and Program Design Human Capital Employee Relations Services Employee Communications Policy and Statutory Compliances
  9. 9. Start up HR PrioritiesSeed Values, Culture Setup Essential Anchors systemsGet the “right” team on Manage HR Board Operations Build with an eye on the future….
  10. 10. The Perfect WorldSeed Values, Culture Anchors Setup Essential systems Articulate Beliefs, Employee Information Values Capture & Verification Philosophy Articulate the People Compensation Structure, behind the Philosophy Share the Grade Ladder & Payroll Systems Vision and processing, Bank A/c should be Underline desired create evident; will Benefits Administration – behaviours “followership” be the Insurance, Sodexho foundation Create Folklore Attendance, Leave for future action Teaming Charter Compliances Required Founding Team Employment Agreements, Charter IP & Confidentiality Policy, Non Solicit, Non Compete
  11. 11. The Perfect WorldGet the “right” team on Board Manage HR Operations Reach out to “aligned” Induct new hires talent- hire for tomrrow Assess Joining Administration and RegularShare the Company Vision Fitment activation into all internal operationThe Compelling proposition into systems Business cards to al tasks Company Benefits for initial Share Ownership, , Vision, 6 to 9 Management & Employee Relations Team, months of Organization Structure Compete Internal Communication operationShare Result Expectation ncies, and teaming s Skills,Share Title, Compensation, Attitude HR Reporting Benefits Rules of Engagement and Share Onboarding details Issue Resolution
  12. 12. The “Dirty” ListGet the “right” team on Board Offer Letter, Organization Go Viral on requirements Appointment Letter, Structure, Key Role IP & Confidentiality Briefs, Deployment Share the Company Vision agreements Plans – the Compelling proposition Base HR Policies – Key Growth Share Equity & Working hours, Milestones, Short Holidays & Leave, Organization Design term Goals, Grade Ladder, Thoughts Priorities Reimbursements, Set Direction, Role will evolve Compensation Plan Online Presence – Fixed, Variable, Website Content toShare Title, Compensation, Equity, Fixed attract talent, Social Benefits Structure, Benefits Media Pages Share Onboarding details
  13. 13. The “Dirty” ListManage HR Operations Activations – Computer Induction Plan, allocation, Payroll, PF, Collateral, Team Induct new hires Insurance, Sodexho, anointment / HRIS, Email ID, Seating,Joining Administration and introduction Bank Account, ID Card, activation into all internal Business Car, Attendancesystems Business cards to Employee Benefits Information form, Rules of Engagement, Clearance Internal communications, Employee Relations documents earlier and teaming activities company, Education Internal Communication documents, and teaming Verification, Health Statutory – Shops & Est, Declaration, Exit & Contract labour, PF, HR Reporting Relieving Health & Safety, Issue Resolution documents, Performance Employment Management and certification Training
  14. 14. The “Dirty” List Values, Culture Anchors….. …… are established through decisions,communications, behaviours – choice is to let it happen or guide the process from day 1
  15. 15. The HR MissionT o d e v e lo p a n d m a n a g e t a le n t ; t o a p p ly t h a t t a le n t , t h r o u g h o u t t h e w o r ld , f o r t h e b e n e f it o f c lie n t s ;t o d o s o i n p a r t n e r s h i p ;P eters T om t o d o s o w it h p r o f it .
  16. 16. About Us E x p e r t i s eE x p e r i e n c e E m p a t h y E n t h u s i a s mT h e H R P r a c t ic e p a r t n e r s c lie n t s in e n h a n c in g e m p lo y e e e n g a g e m e n t le v e ls b y im p le m e n t in g , p r o a c t iv e a n d r e s p o n s iv e p e o p le p r a c t ic e s in t h e ir o r g a n iz a t io n s
  17. 17. Thank You“At the end of the day, we bet on people – not strategies Larry Bossidy, CEO , Allied Signals
  18. 18. The Operating Context
  19. 19. Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5Large Crisis of Growth Red Tape through collaboration Crisis of Control Growth through coordination Crisis of Autonomy Growth through Crisis of delegation Leadership Growth through directionSmall Growth through Looking ahead…. creativity Young Mature
  20. 20. The Start up Context How to build a Sales proposition that wows Manage the funding customers How Can I Maximise earnings How Can I Get My Company Into Profit Quickly What is my internet strategy ? What is the revenue pipeline Setting up Operations / How Should I manage spends / burn rate Production What Is The Right Price For My Product/Service Develop business strategyHow do I reach out to potential customers ? Manage operations Inspire people to join Do I get an Advisory Board ?