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2016 cloudnine iimb startup 7


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4Startups:7Ways of Startups

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2016 cloudnine iimb startup 7

  1. 1. Start up… Kick Start…. Boot Start…. Up Start… Start Smart… Just START !!!
  2. 2. “ We are in the practice of producing results of someone else’s hard work ! ” - As quoted by an Anonymous Doctor What do we do ? What do we actually do ? “We actually help bring wonderful bundles of joy into this world, a.k.a nurturing healthy mothers and delivering happy babies”
  3. 3. Are there Important things to consider ? Passion Conviction Potential Risk Appetite Team Capital Network Family 24 X 7 Tools & Tech
  4. 4. Forget about a normal life !!!
  5. 5. Start-ing UP !! Strong Density of Doctors in the family This has not been done before !! Research, Common Knowledge and Personal experience Social Network Pool Resources
  6. 6. Vitamin M, Strongest medicine known to man ! Friends, Family, Fools Payor Network Creditors and cash cycles Forever grateful Asset Light Model Stagger Costs Debt – Banks, Others
  7. 7. Eye in the Sky !! 400 deliveries a day ( 2005 data ) Large set of unhappy High Potential Clinicians What is the customer set ? 1% of the potential would set us sailing Market Survey, Muncipal Registrars, Corporate claims ratio Very poor Clinical Outcomes and low customer expectation / experience
  8. 8. Known unknowns Its ok to not have the full plan in place Disruption is all around, watch for the gaps Marketing Spend to payor networks to banks Adaptive Business Model Composition Know your strengths, create a barrier Collaborate and Co-create, than having to run alone
  9. 9. Here and There Most awarded and leading Mother and Child Care Service Provider Continue to deliver more than world standard clinical outcomes Largest network of dedicated skilled clinicians Presence in 5 cities across 12 units growing to 5 more cities this year Successfully attracted the highest private equity investment in single speciality healthcare We Celebrate about 900 birthdays every month and we continue to add more to the family.
  10. 10. “Doctor, you are great, you are a savior, you are a God, God !” Everyday I hear this and Start thinking, wow !! I must actually be God !! and the very next second, a baby pees all over me and my Godforsaken attire and I realize, I am a mere human being and a wet one at that !!! And go about my duties as a human being…. One More Anonymous Doctor
  11. 11. Thank You BANGLORE CHENNAI MUMBAI PUNE GURGAON Website Rohit on Cloudnine