Creating an effective power point


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Creating an effective power point

  1. 1. Creating an Effective PowerPoint What to do when planning a presentation Ms. Slosser Post Secondary Prep
  2. 2. Your Thoughts Take a minute and answer the questions in your journals: 1. What goes through your mind when you are asked to give a presentation? 2. What are trademarks of good presenters? 3. Of bad presenters?
  3. 3. Different Styles of Presenting Speech without visual aides Acting out a situation Holding up a poster and talking (before technology allowed for better) PowerPoints!!! We will be focusing on how to improve your Presentation Skills while using PowerPoint.
  4. 4. Before… Have a plan of attack Organize your information Know the material2 Where do I begin?
  5. 5. What Not to Do The slides will show common mistakes
  6. 6. Parrot PowerPoint3 This is when you have too many words written on each slide, and you stand in front of your audience reading word-for- word from the slide. The audience will see more of your back then of your presentation. You cannot make any changes if you are simply reading word-for-word. What if someone has a question?
  7. 7. Can you read this?Can you read this?  Small fontSmall font  ColorColor  Script lettersScript letters
  8. 8. Spelling and Grammar3 Evey errer is distrakting U R a professional, use professional txt. Punctuation! It matters?
  9. 9. Animation3 Movable type that flies in Speed that goes with animation Images that move too much
  10. 10. CohesionCohesion22 o Everything must fit togetherEverything must fit together o Images,Images, texttext, and background, and background o Consistency mattersConsistency matters
  11. 11. Visual Aids are Good but… Must match topic2 Shouldn’t distract2 Be cohesive2 Enhance your presentation
  12. 12. If You Don’t Believe Me Watch this: How Not to Use PowerPoint1
  13. 13. What to Do Know the material3 Concise 5-7 word bullet points3 Make it readable3 Images that relate2 Include title and conclusion Present to audience EDIT!3
  14. 14. Present the Material Look at the audience Speak clearly Answer any questions Engage the audience2 Smile!
  15. 15. Things to Remember Any distraction hurts your presentation Practice with someone before Time yourself3 PowerPoint is a visual aide, you’re the presenter
  16. 16. To Recap What are some do’s and don'ts of PowerPoint Presentations?
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