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TED Evaluation


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An Evaluation on Jamie Oliver's TEDTalks presentation on Teaching Every Child About Food.

Published in: Education
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TED Evaluation

  1. 1. Thesis: Teaching children abouthealthier eating to better future generations.
  2. 2. Jamie Oliver captures the attention of his audience withhis true passion and knowledge on the topic at hand.
  3. 3. Jamie Oliver keeps his audience interestedwith his passion in his speeches andknowledge on thus topics. Showing lesshumor and more emotion.
  4. 4.  Jamie Oliver best follows commandment III.
  5. 5. Jamie Oliver andSir Ken Robinsonhad a verysimilarpresentationstyle when itcame toshowingemotion andthought.Although Jamiedid not use asmuch humor asKen did in thecomparedpresentations.
  6. 6. Compared to Sir Ken Robinson’s second video, Jamie Oliver used props such as awheelbarrow full of sugar cubes. While Sir Ken Robinson used colorful illustration thatsynced up with what he was saying. Comparing the two, they are similar in the attemptto use a visual representation to give better example of their topic and presentation.
  7. 7. A hint for future presentations would be toconvey feeling and emotion into your work.Have a good sense of feel towards yourtopic. You do not need humor to keep anaudience enthralled. If you feel stronglyabout something, people will respect thatand provide you with their undividedattention.
  8. 8.  talk.html textures-az/ view.htm?eventId=7C5CC8C2-A01B-C0D0- B6B3C9AE221EDF5C 10.htm oliver-ministry-food-rotherham oliver-ministry-food-rotherham rally-the-team-3404.htm