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PAO training tools for NRS's

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  1. 1. An Interview with Navy ________________________About SeabeesQ What is a Seabee?A Although it is commonly spelled Seabee, the word was actually derived from the letters Cand B, the shorthand for Construction Battalions. Those letters also capstone the organization’sLatin motto -- Constriumus, Batuimus – which translates to “We build, We fight.”Q When did the Navy first organize Seabees?A The first construction battalions were formed in 1942 and were made up mostly ofexperienced construction people to support the war effort in World War II. They would followMarines onto islands in the Pacific to build airstrips, bridges, roads, fuel storage units,warehouses and hospitals.Q Are Seabees still as active now?A The demand for construction crews is far less than it was during World War II or theVietnam War, but it still is a key job specialty. Seabees built camps, hospitals and expandedairbases during the Gulf War and similarly in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they are nowinstrumental in rebuilding infrastructure in those locations. They also play a key role in theNavy’s humanitarian efforts in Somalia, Philippines, Haiti and at home rebuilding areas affectedby hurricanes such as Katrina, for example.Q What kind of training is involved in becoming a Seabee?A Following boot camp or some fleet service, Seabees will train in schools for about threemonths. That schooling will include both classroom work and a lot of hands-on training. Most ofthat training is for work on land, but some will be on the water or under water. Of course acertain amount of weapons training will also be involved.Q Are there specialties within the Seabee ranks?A Of course there are. Some will be construction mechanics or equipment operators. Otherswill be utilitiesmen, responsible for mechanical and fluid systems. Still others will beelectricians, builders, steel workers or engineering support personnel.Q Does there have to be a war in order for Seabees to be needed?
  2. 2. A Wartime situations put the most pressure on Navy resources to build facilities in supportof that effort, not only to satisfy Navy and Marine requirements but also Army and Air Force tosome extent. When those forces stand down, there is still an enormous need to maintain our shipsand other facilities that have been built around the world. All of that falls under the domain ofthe Seabees.Q How does someone find out more about Seabee jobs that are available?A Actually, the best first step is to contact the local recruiting station to find out about anyand all of the jobs that we have available. To reach us, simply contact our station by calling______________, or stop in most afternoons at __________________________________. Ifyou or an out of-town friend want to locate another station near them, visit andclick on “find a recruiter” on the right side of the home page, then enter your zip code number. Acall to 800-4go –Navy will do the trick as well.Additional comment:To put the Navy’s role in perspective, you need to recognize that 70 percent of the world iscovered by ocean, 80 percent of the world’s population lives along coasts and 90 percent of theworld’s commerce travels by water. Protecting all of that is our job, and that makes America’sNavy a global force for good.Sailors serve on land and from the sea; from ships on the water, submarines under the water, andplanes and helicopters over the water – all to meet America’s threats far away so that thosethreats cannot harm us here. We welcome the best men and women to join us in accomplishingtoday’s missions and meeting tomorrow’s challenges. - 30 –