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NPlus_Service_Features_v3 12032014

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NPlus_Service_Features_v3 12032014

  1. 1. NPlus Networks has leveraged the dynamic Waterloo region community and its World class institutions to create the most leading edge data centre campus infrastructure. Facilities NPlus developed a purpose engineered and fully integrated intelligent ‘machine’ for speed, security, reliability and efficiency providing unparalleled performance and price metrics, featuring:  Waterloo region’s largest co-location facility with over 80,000 square feet of engineered performance, reliability, security and convenience  Redundant highest speed fiber connections  Scalability to virtually unlimited bandwidths  24/7/365 security utilizing biometrics, mantraps, surveillance, and on site personnel  Redundancy on every system Network The network is what matters. To provide high availability for all data center clients, NPlus has constructed a multiply redundant, highly scalable, robust IPv4/IPv6 data network providing:  Customized leading edge ‘N+many’ network configuration  Self-healing BGP routed networks  Multi-homed and peered network connections for speed and redundancy Cabinets As a standard, NPlus provides the industry's most advanced, totally client controllable, large size SMART Networked Cabinets, including:  Dual redundant power and networks  42U extra-wide cabinets as standard (accommodates standard and most non-standard equipment)  1200mm (﴾48”)﴿ deep racks to accommodate any server configuration  800mm (﴾31.5”)﴿ wide cabinets available for best cable, power and cooling management  Each Cabinet Door has an Independent Biometric Controller and Digilock with complete logging, user level access and client control via a web interface  Client controllable power outlets via a web interface  Key environmental metrics monitoring including, temperature, humidity and power with emailed customer notifications based on thresholds  Cabinet to cabinet cross connects
  2. 2. Security NPlus has emphasized security in its facility providing ‘better-than- required’ security features and protocols to ensure that all client equipment and data is restricted to authorized personnel only. The facility boasts:  Military grade security, including: o Trained security personnel with layered physical security zones o Face biometrics o Fingerprint readers o Swipe cards o Digilocks o Tailgate-preventing turnstile doors  Video surveillance of all exterior areas, interior areas and roof with archiving o 3D – 360 Degree, no blind spot, IP66 vandal proof cameras o Complete archiving of all recordings  Independent power  Multi-biometric access control systems regulate all entrances and area access Power High availability requires constant, conditioned, uninterrupted power. NPlus had engineered a power infrastructure to eliminate outages due to power.  Megawatts of redundant backup power through custom engineered systems with multiple parallel generators and UPS systems  Leading edge engineered conditioned and monitored dual independent power feeds to each cabinet  Independent power circuits to each outlet  Each outlet is network monitored and controllable by the customer via a web interface  Weeks of fuel on site and contracts for uninterrupted continuous fuel supply Support To assist its clients 24/7/365 on demand NPlus maintains competent network and hardware experts on standby, ready to operate as smart hands for any client needs. Additionally, NPlus offers:  Onsite security and technical personnel to deliver professional support  Engineered high availability cooling for maximum effectiveness  Advanced fire monitoring and protection systems
  3. 3. Miscellaneous Business Services NPlus prides itself on its ability to understand business needs in addition to technical requirements. To that end, NPlus offers standard and customizable business services including:  Custom tailored network and data solutions  Complete Asset Management with managed logging of equipment in and out of the facility  Managed Private Cloud(s)  Business Continuity Services (emergency office space and proactive disaster recovery) Amenities Not only does NPlus provide the best possible environment for customer equipment, it also provides fantastic amenities for our customers themselves, including:  Parking and receiving  Meeting rooms  Visitor workstations  Testing and staging area  Client lounge with Kitchen  Gym/’de-stressing’ area  Lockers  Washrooms NPlus Service and Product Pricing NPlus has developed a ‘Best Value’ pricing model offering single cabinets, medium and large private cages with all ancillary services including, additional bandwidth, additional power, virtual services and custom actions as required. All pricing is based upon monthly charges (where applicable) and requires no long term commitments. Colocation Packages Data Centre Space Internet Bandwidth Bandwidth Transfer Cap Redundant Conditioned Power Remote Power Cycle Smart Hands On Site Support Static IP Addresses Monthly Charges Setup Charges 1 Rack (42U) 10Mbps Unlimited 10A Yes 0.5 Hrs 2 500 - 8'x12' Cage 10Mbps Unlimited 60A Yes 1 Hrs 4 3,000 - 16'x16' Cage 10Mbps Unlimited 120A Yes 1 Hrs 12 5,000 - Additional Internet Servcies 10Mbps 150 - 100Mbps 15/Mbps - Special Requirements TBD - Additional Power 1A (120V) 25 - 1A (240V) 50 - Additional Support Smart Hands Support 40 - Port Monitoring 40 40 Virtual Servers Basic Virtual Server 40 40 Standard Virtual Server 80 40 Delux Virtual Server 100 40 Additional Power (120V) Managed Network Services are available by request 100Mbps Connection billed at 90% usage 10Mbps (Unlimited Transfer) Additional Power (240V) Physical or remote, client directed technical support (0.5 hour units) 4 CPU, 8G RAM, 2TB Storage 2 CPU, 8G RAM, 2TB Storage 1 CPU, 4G RAM, 1TB Storage Network traffic and specific port moniroting services