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The Electron app communicating with the browser

The presentation slide for the Electron MeetUp in Tokyo at 11/6/2017 ( )

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The Electron app communicating with the browser

  1. 1. The Electron app communicating with the browser TRIDENT Inc. Nozomi Ito
  2. 2. About Me p Nozomi Ito p TRIDENT Inc. CEO p Magic Pod n Mobile app test automation service using deep learning
  3. 3. Magic Pod Electron Browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc) Device Communication Communication
  4. 4. Why Electron? p Browser cannot communicate with Device p Win/Mac/Linux cross-platform support is required p Test tool “Appium” is based on Node.js n Can be combined to single executable p Electron is trendy n Attractive to many potential collaborators
  5. 5. Other cross-platform app tool p C# (Mono or Xamarin) n I once encountered many troubles.. p Java (Swing etc) n I don’t feel it is cool p Qt, Delphi, etc n I feel few developers use them p Go Lang n GUI development library seemed still weak n But I expect its future
  6. 6. My impression about Electron p Advantage n Plenty of features (Signing, Auto update, Proxy, etc) n Node.js has various npm libraries n We can use the latest JS syntax without being annoyed by the browser-compatibility (Especially async/await) p Disadvantage n File size becomes too big (due to Node.js + Chromium?) n Difficult to hide the JS code from the users n Go lang GUI may resolve these problems someday
  7. 7. Browser-Electron communication Electron BrowserDevice USB Cable Custom protocol HTTP & WebSocket
  8. 8. Custom protocol Electron <plist> … <key>CFBundleURLName</key> <string>magic-pod</string> … </plist> Enable magic-pod protocol in info.plist setting file for the app (The case for Mac)
  9. 9. Custom protocol Electron Browser Invocation <a href=“magic-pod://connect-device”> </a> app.on('open-url', (event, url) => { … // Event handler })
  10. 10. Demo
  11. 11. Thank you!