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Spread of test automation and Selenium community in Japan


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Presentation slide for the award ceremony for Rakuten Technology & Innovation Awards 2019 (

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Spread of test automation and Selenium community in Japan

  1. 1. Spread of test automation and Selenium community in Japan Nozomi Ito @ito_nozomi
  2. 2. What is test automation? p Manual test n Human manipulates the web browser p Selenium automated test n Test program manipulates the web browser Selenium Tester BrowserManipulate BrowserManipulate
  3. 3. What is Selenium? p World’s most famous browser testing tool p Open source
  4. 4. Date back to 2012 p I established test automation company “TRIDENT Inc.” p I wanted to make Selenium popular, but: n Small number of Selenium users in Japan n No Selenium community in Japan
  5. 5. 2013 My first challenge – creating community p Still no Selenium community in Japan p So, I launched by myself! p Soon 100 members joined the web forum Nikkei XTECH (2019/11/4)
  6. 6. 2014 p Our first meet-up happened p Selenium creator, Jason Huggins, came to Japan! Publickey (2019/11/5) Publickey (2019/11/5)
  7. 7. 2015-2017 p Periodical meet-ups p 3 Selenium committers came to Japan! (2019/11/5) (2019/11/5) (2019/11/5)
  8. 8. Community members p Gradually increased Meet-up Forum (Google Group) Chat room (Slack) 1st (2014.1.18) 193 - 2nd (2014.10.18) 340 - 3rd (2016.2.6) 439 139 4th (2016.12.18) 484 246 Now (2019.12.4) 532 617
  9. 9. My second challenge – SeleniumConf p Request of having the global Selenium Conf in Japan p Lots of uncertainties n Can we attract enough sponsors and attendees? n Who takes financial responsibility? p With the backup of ASTER, our planning had started! Google Groups!searchin/seleniumjp/Selenium$20Conf%7Csort:date/seleniumjp/xHJS8nlzUms/tvnNPLBQBQAJ (2019/11/5)
  10. 10. 2019.4 SeleniumConf Tokyo p 430 attendees from 26 countries p 16 big company sponsors p Great organizing team! flickr (2019/11/5) flickr (2019/11/5)
  11. 11. 2019 SeConf gives me new opportunities p Selenium Community Kansai branch has been launched p Speak at international conferences n AppiumConf 2019, TCSE 2019, RTC 2019 Connpass (2019/11/5) flickr (2019/11/5)
  12. 12. My next challenge – AI x Test automation p Overcoming remaining difficulties of test automation by AI technology n Set up complexity (especially for mobile) n Scripting difficulty for non-programmer n Maintenance cost
  13. 13. My next challenge – AI x Test automation p Magic Pod ( AI-powered readable script Zero set up for mobile AI-powered self-healing Coming soon
  14. 14. I believe this challenge will change the landscape of Japan’s (and global) test automation again!