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Noyo Spanish Adjectives - Free Spanish Teacher Tool


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This specific unit covers adjectives for novice Spanish students. Provided by Noyo ( as a supplemental classroom tool for Spanish teachers that use our iPad or Android based tablet software for vocabulary acquisition.

Any teacher who purchases one copy of Noyo or adds it to their list of suggested class room tools may use these materials.

We encourage you to e-mail us at if you use the materials. If you modify them to make them more useful, we will repost them.

Designed as a supplemental vocabulary builder for learners in their first three years of Spanish language study, Noyo’s “picture-perfect” tablet app for the iPad and Android tablets combines engaging graphics, high-quality audio from a native speaker, and intuitive navigation to transform vocabulary learning from tedious chore to laugh-out-loud fun.

The Noyo Spanish vocabulary-building system links images and sound with memorable scenes and characters, brought to life by our team of talented artists. Students interact with nearly 200 lively, custom-illustrated scenes by tapping on individual items to access audio and written translations of each word. Featuring eight separate vocabulary units packed with friendly characters, entertaining scenarios, and focused assessment questions, Noyo is an enjoyable and effective learning tool at an incredible value.

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Noyo Spanish Adjectives - Free Spanish Teacher Tool

  2. 2. NOYO TERMS AND USAGE  This content is eligible for use for any Spanish teacher, tutor or other instructor in the US that uses Noyo’s tablet applications as part of their curriculum  If the teacher purchases a Noyo license for themselves, any student, or their class, or add Noyo apps to a recommended study tools list, they can use this content  Content may be modified under a copy-left agreement (all revisions must be submitted back to be shared by the entire Noyo community). E-mail for PowerPoint file  Add links and description of Noyo, copy to other
  3. 3. Limpio - Clean Sucio -
  4. 4. Pequeňo - Small Grande -
  5. 5. Delgado - Skinny Gordo -
  6. 6. Fuerte - Strong Débil -
  7. 7. Triste - Sad Feliz -
  8. 8. Corto - Short Largo -
  9. 9. Seco - Dry Mojado
  10. 10. Nervioso - Nervous Divertido -
  11. 11. Blanco Negro Azul Anaranjado Amarillo
  12. 12. Verde Morado Café Rosa Aqua