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Umrah and hajj packages UK


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Umrah and hajj packages UK

  1. 1.  If you have low budget you can perform Umrah through our three star Umrah packages.  These Umrah packages provide you basic accomodation facilities.
  2. 2.  4 Star Umrah packages provide you comfort and convenience as our promise is to provide good services with in your budget.  Upto two children can stay free in these packages.
  3. 3.  5 star Umrah packages provide you luxury and facility.  In these packages you can choose 5 star hotels according to your choice.
  4. 4.  2 week short plan of hajj we provide you this service also.  This package is very good in cost.
  5. 5.  Depending on the size of family there are countless options.  You trust is best place with us, as we are the most experienced Umrah agents.
  6. 6.  In these packages you will not go to azizyah and directly shifted to hotels.
  7. 7.  Last 10 nights of Ramadan in Makkah and Madinah a blessed journey  Rates are very good and economical.
  8. 8.  We can tailor any type of packages for you for December 2015.