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No Elevators Day Social Media + Communications Guide English


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This guide will help you to reach and attract your target group to your event! Have a look at it and learn how to increase the number of participants during your No Elevators Day 2019 on 24 April.

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No Elevators Day Social Media + Communications Guide English

  1. 1. Social Media and Communication s Guide 1 Social Media & Communications Guide
  3. 3. SPREAD THE WORD! By joining in - or stepping up - as an organiser of a No Elevators Day activity on 24 April 2019, you will be involved in a global volunteering movement and demonstrate just how easy it is for people to keep moving during a busy work day! It is important to highlight the fact that the size and dimension of your No Elevators Day event totally depends on your needs and motivation, and can range from simply taking the stairs and sharing your photo on social media, to organising a flagship event in an iconic building in your city, with press and local celebrities in attendance. *NowWeMove is the biggest community campaign in Europe promoting physical activity and sport. The campaign is bringing together the sport for all sector alongside numerous other sectors to tackle the physical inactivity epidemic across Europe. OVERVIEW 3
  4. 4. REACH OUT AND MOTIVATE PEOPLE TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP Promote and speak about #NoElevatorsDay online and offline: get active on social media, create and share your events, give reasons for people to climb the stairs, invite your friends and colleagues, etc. Be a Role Model and demonstrate that being physically active is as easy as taking the stairs and encourage people to join in! This communications guide will give you inspiration for promoting your event and the associated campaign in a creative way. Get new partners on board, reach more people and connect your efforts to a bigger movement that is fighting the physical inactivity crisis. Generate positive PR and visibility for your organisation or your needs, and involve opinion leaders in what you do. Every little step counts! So even if you only climb the stairs with your colleagues and share a photo on your social media, you are playing an important role in spreading the message #TakeTheStairs! You are only one step away from making a big difference! WHY THIS GUIDE 4
  5. 5. GET PREPARED AND LET OTHERS KNOW ABOUT YOUR PLANS DOWNLOAD our free resources, get inspired and translate the messages according to your needs. REGISTER your event on the official website and make it visible. FOLLOW us on our social media channels, JOIN the Facebook Group and RE-SHARE updates about #NoElevatorsDay. HOW TO PROMOTE BEFORE 5 ENHANCE your event with our Fundraiser and LIFT Challenge! ADD activities according to the needs of both you and the target group. ANNOUNCE your participation, TAG your friends and share why you #TakeTheStairs on #NoElevatorsDay. PROVIDE the date and location of your event, the actions that are to take place, and facts about stair climbing to GET people excited by showing how easy it is to take the first step.
  6. 6. CELEBRATE NO ELEVATORS DAY WITH YOUR COMMUNITY AND HAVE FUN! REMIND your community that No Elevators Day is coming! (1 week/1 day before... and of course on D-day!) HOW TO PROMOTE DURING 6 ALWAYS USE #NoElevatorsDay and #TakeTheStairs. Let’s CREATE A BUZZ! EXPLAIN what actions you have planned for the day. ORGANISE challenges on your event/social media channels. How many stairs/steps can you climb in one minute? INVITE your participants to share pictures as proof! SHARE pictures, videos or GIFs of your event/participants/impressions/backstage on your social media channels. We will cross-post them and share them with our communities. HIGHLIGHT the positive reactions of people taking part of the initiative on the day. MAKE A LIVE VIDEO and FEED of your social media stories, with your friends/participants/ volunteers taking the stairs.
  7. 7. LET’S PROMOTE A MORE ACTIVE LIFESTYLE ALL YEAR LONG BY CHOOSING THE STAIRS INSTEAD: NO ELEVATORS DAY IS JUST THE BEGINNING THANK people for their participation/support and invite them to continue to take the stairs. USE motivational cards and posters to remind people how easy it is to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle! MENTION a @RelatedOrganisation (e.g. Ministry of Health, etc.) that would be interested to know that taking the stairs is your creative way to help defuse the inactivity bomb. PUBLISH a short summary of your event with pictures/videos and numbers (how many people have participated, how many steps have been climbed, funny stories, etc.). > > > THE SOONER AFTER THE EVENT, THE BETTER! We really appreciate your feedback! (What you liked, what you didn’t like, recommendations for the future, etc.) HOW TO PROMOTE AFTER 7
  8. 8. EMPHASIS ON INFORMATION AND ENGAGEMENT On 24 April, we #TakeTheStairs to step towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. Join us on #NoElevatorsDay. Do you work in a busy office building? Or encounter elevators at your university or another public space? Opportunities to participate in #NoElevatorsDay are all around you – Find out how you can join this 24 April. In our modern societies, technology has made it easier for us to stand still. Health problems caused by sedentary behaviour are now making us rethink our lifestyles. The way we spend our days needs to change. Join #NoElevatorsDay to tackle the inactivity crisis! DOWNLOAD OUR FREE-TO-USE VISUAL RESOURCES: SOCIAL MEDIA COVERS, PROFILE PICTURES, MOTIVATIONAL CARDS, NOMINATION CARDS LINK TO ADD OR/WITH BITLY: KEY MESSAGES FACEBOOK 8
  9. 9. EMPHASIS ON CALL TO ACTION There is no elevator to success - you have to #TakeTheStairs. Take that first step today on #NoElevatorsDay The entire world is climbing the stairs on #NoElevatorsDay. How many stairs have you climbed today? #TakeTheStairs If I could, I would climb to the moon. Instead, I will #TakeTheStairs this #NoElevatorsDay. The greatest journeys start with single step. Join us on #NoElevatorsDay Small steps make big differences. On the 24 April, I/we will #TakeTheStairs for #NoElevatorsDay. How about you? No time for activity? Your opportunity is now. #TakeTheStairs on #NoElevatorsDay It’s the first step that counts. #NoElevatorsDay In 2019, #NoElevatorsDay is going global. Let’s #TakeTheStairs together. VISUAL CONTENTS FREE TO USE: SOCIAL MEDIA COVERS, PROFILE PICTURES, MOTIVATIONAL CARDS LINK TO ADD OR/WITH BITLY: KEY MESSAGES TWITTER 9
  10. 10. EMPHASIS ON MOTIVATION If I could, I would climb to the moon. Instead, I will #TakeTheStairs this #NoElevatorsDay. Join us on 24 April 2019 for #NoElevatorsDay and step up for the cause of movement. Small steps make big differences. On the 24 April, I/we #TakeTheStairs for #NoElevatorsDay. How about you? No time for activity? Your opportunity is now. #NoElevatorsDay It’s the first step that counts. #NoElevatorsDay Climbing two flights of stairs a day helps you to loose 2,7kg per year. #TakeTheStairs Love your butt and thighs and #TakeTheStairs #TakeTheStairs and kill more calories than by just walking! When you take one step, you are using up to 200 muscles! Take the first step today and join #NoElevatorsDay Your heart will love you if you #TakeTheStairs and pass on the message for #NoElevatorsDay VISUAL CONTENTS FREE TO USE * : MOTIVATIONAL CARDS KEY MESSAGES INSTAGRAM 10
  11. 11. EMPHASIS ON INFORMATION #NoElevatorsDay is all about creating new perspectives: climbing stairs is one of the easiest ways to transform our busy work days from passive to active. #TakeTheStairs #NoElevatorsDay has been created to highlight a simple way for busy people to add physical activity to their day: #TakeTheStairs instead of the elevator. How active is your company? In 2018, #NoElevatorsDay had activities held on 4 continents. Help us make it 5 in 2019 and support an international movement that is aiming to defuse the physical inactivity time bomb for free. With #NoElevatorsDay, celebrate a global physical activity initiative and be part of a network of 4000+ MOVE Agents worldwide. By joining in, or organising your own #NoElevatorsDay activity on 25 April, you will be involved in an international movement that shows how easy it is to get moving. How could your organisation motivate its employees to become more active? Check out #NoElevatorsDay. DOWNLOAD FREE-TO-USE VISUAL CONTENT: SOCIAL MEDIA COVER LINK TO ADD OR/WITH BITLY: KEY MESSAGES LINKEDIN 11
  12. 12. MAP your potential supporters. THINK about their audience and other matching synergies! Are they already following you and vice versa? How can they help you to promote your No Elevators Day event? GET CONNECTED with the global No Elevators Day event! DEFINE what you need from your supporters. Share your initiative? Support for the No Elevators Day campaign? Coverage of your event on their channels? What can you OFFER to them in exchange? > More visability and a connection to a global campaign with thousands of participants. > Their logos on your No Elevators Day Resources How to ESTABLISH first contact: > by email > by private message in social media > reacting to their activities > tagging them? HOW TO INVOLVE POTENTIAL SUPPORTERS 12
  13. 13. MAP influencers in your social media channels: Do you already have their contact details? Who is their audience? What do they specialise in? How can they help you promote your #NoElevatorsDay event? Knowing what kind of influencer’s profile you need will help you to promote your event: which social media channels are they using? Which language do they use? Which of their channels is more popular/most followed? DEFINE what you are expecting from your collaboration: To promote your #NoElevatorsDay event? To raise awareness about the health benefits of taking the stairs? To encourage more people to join your No Elevators Day event and therefore increase it's impact? REACHING influencers on social media is easier if you are both from the same country. They can be athletes, ambassadors of physical activity on social media, companies you are working with, partners, people with a large audience, stair-taking enthusiasts... The selected influencers will be more keen to join the cause if it’s easy for them: access to a place with stairs, being active already in this area, etc. HOW TO INVOLVE INFLUENCERS 13
  14. 14. FOR SOCIAL MEDIA AND WEB USING social media cover profile pictures motivational cards gif / mascot elements email signatures html web banners and stickers motivational posters (editable) pvc line and media kit (on request) USE/SHARE/COMMENT/TAG/PRINT RESOURCES 14
  15. 15. Follow #NoElevatorsDay on social media! 15