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What's Your Knack?


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The story of a very cool startup that could change how you get paid to do what you do best. Created by Bruce Kasanoff, author of How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk, available here:

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What's Your Knack?

  1. First in a series (maybe) of formerly topsecret ideas that could make your life waaaay better.
  2. What were you born to do?
  3. Stick it to The Man?
  4. Find shipwrecks?
  5. Save the planet?
  6. Sadly, many people go through life without discovering their true talents. Just as sad, some cannot find ways to support themselves with the talents they want to use.
  7. Their strengths are simply locked away, unused.
  8. What a waste of human potential!
  9. This company is using games to change all this…
  10. At least that is the concept. Knack is still in beta mode.
  11. Knack says their games can unearth strengths like these…
  12. …and also like these.
  13. If this is true, being the good-looking muscular guy in the Hiring Jungle may become less essential.
  14. You may no longer need to interview your way past this guy.
  15. You will still need to prove you are a hardworking and positive human being…
  16. But it will be easier to be discovered for your innate abilities, otherwise known as…
  17. …your knacks for doing certain things very, very well.
  18. Pay attention to Knack, and other companies that want to change the way that people discover what they were really meant to do…
  19. Because “bored beyond belief” is no way to go through life.
  20. This public service announcement has been brought to you by Bruce Kasanoff, who helps companies develop great new ideas, and then spread them. Find Knack here. All images from Shutterstock
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