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This Is How You Get Attention


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It is better to be an expert than say you are one. Images by Kris Klop: Created by Bruce Kasanoff. I help clients be clear, credible and compelling. Please follow me on LinkedIn or visit

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This Is How You Get Attention

  1. This Is How You Get Attention
  2. If you want to grow your career
  3. Pick a direction and focus on it day after day after day
  4. Imagine, for example, that you like to photograph airplanes
  5. Focus on details that others miss
  6. Get people to see things in fresh and useful ways
  7. Don’t get trapped by success
  8. Keep experimenting
  9. Never stop getting better
  10. At first, it may seem that no one notices your efforts
  11. Be expert and persistent… and make it easy for others to find you
  12. Warning: persistence always takes a long time
  13. These pictures prove that persistence pays off, because now you know who Kris Klop is.
  14. Credits All images by Kris Klop Clear Sky Photography Created by Bruce Kasanoff