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The Secret of Finding Talent


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To find great talent, look past your own biases. If you recognize that we all wrestle with this limitation, please consider Liking and Sharing this simple reminder. Learn more at

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The Secret of Finding Talent

  2. I do not know what talent looks like. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  3. I cannot judge talent by mere appearances. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  4. When someone walks in my door, I try VERY hard not to judge. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  5. It can be almost impossible to be objec?ve. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  6. But s?ll I try. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  7. Last week, I hired an ar?st in Hong Kong. Last month, an entrepreneur in New Zealand hired me. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  8. They both could be robots, for all I know. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  9. (my new client?) Tinkerbots/Flickr
  10. A guy named Dan Jones created all these images. I have never met him either. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  11. This I know for certain: our biases are our worst enemy. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  12. We each have many blind spots. They stop us from using the strengths of people who don’t look, sound or act like us. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  13. We view life with goggles ON. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  14. We are so stuck in our beliefs and aRtudes, WE might as well be robots. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  15. So we play the same “movie” again and again. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  16. The True Reality is that you can change your reality. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  17. You don’t have to act like a robot. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  18. You can embrace talent in many forms. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  19. You can stop labeling others. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  20. You can be the glue that holds great people and possibili?es together. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  21. Get unstuck. Tinkerbots/Flickr
  22. Bruce Kasanoff is a speaker and ghostwriter. His credo is, “Be generous and expert, trustworthy and clear, open-minded and adaptable, persistent and present.” Bruce speaks and writes about ways to bring out the talent in other people. He has spoken at numerous corporate events, at universities, and for many professional associations. Learn more at Employee engagement | customer engagement | Motivation | work-life balance | Training | Speaking