Pivot Yourself! (reader comments from LinkedIn)


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To find huge success, startups pivot. It's time for you to adopt the same mindset. Read my article on LinkedIn, then join the discussion: http://goo.gl/FxVCQ6

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Pivot Yourself! (reader comments from LinkedIn)

  1. The Most Insightful Reader Comments (so far)
  2. Tracy Wiese Partner at 3.2.1 LLC “The mental image of a ‘pivot’ that popped into my head is of a person in a lunge position, with one foot in the current spot just long enough to establish the new direction well, then off she goes!”
  3. Harley Dell President/CEO at Results First “The first step to Pivot failure is thinking I know how to solve someone else’s problem without considering what they think the problem is. Talk to everyone about your passion and listen.”
  4. Marina Hart Manager - Recruiting & Business Development at Technosoft Corporation “Remember that pivoting yourself only sets your sights on a new direction, you must still take the steps (or leaps) that are necessary to move from point A to point B. Pivoting is the first step, not the end result.”
  5. Russell Faust In permanent beta: learning, improving, evolving ... “As technology, robotics, off-shoring, outsourcing, and crowd-sourcing continue to evolve, those who are ‘successful’ in this environment must be able to reinvent themselves constantly; to learn new skills; to expand their networks; to start ‘new careers’ ... to pivot.”
  6. Theresa Merrill LinkedIn Marketing Trainer | LinkedIn Expert | Speaker LinkedIn Profile Writer | Social Media Coach | Social Selling “To grow, and uncover new opportunities, you must connect with people outside your immediate circle of friends.”
  7. David Williams, PMP, CSM Versatile Senior Leader - EHS and Operational Excellence “You can't gather the information you need or conduct the necessary experiments in your own head - you need outside input.”
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